Zakir-NaikZakir Naik, a medical doctor by training, is the founder of the “Islamic Research Foundation”  (IRF ) based in Mumbai, India and is a popular Islamic preacher. His preaching of Islam focuses on the peaceful, noble and scientific nature of Islam. He is very popular among Muslims all over the world. received the following email as part of a chain message from M. Ali, an Indian Muslim, which exposes Zakir Naik's lies, fallacies, deceptions and greeds:

From: M. Ali

Assalam o Alaikum,

The reason why I am writing to you people is to enlighten you a bit.

When I read a conversation between Munir Qasim and Ali Sina, which happened in 2005, I realized how vulnerable and untenable Islam is so that the people like Zakir Naik and others who are self-proclaimed ‘scholars’ of Islam – and who are no more than idiots – make such silly demands that to debate them one has to gather “ten thousand” people and debate them face to face instead of over the internet.

How Ridiculous!

Debating over internet is far cheaper and more sensible, people can have ample time to research, give references and prove their arguments; while face to face, there is no time to give references, offer refutation, or cross-examination of some illogical arguments, which is the main intention of the people who support for discussion in the flesh (as well as making money from the debate of course!). I read there that Zakir said that he “didn’t know” who Ali Sina is. The Islamic apologists are big time liars, dishonest people who, to benefit only themselves, are pushing Muslims ever more into darkness and ignorance.

Naik never wrote directly to Ali Sina but was listening to everything quietly as a “lurker” on Ali Sina’s websites.

Ali Sina is fighting for the betterment of human beings and Naik is selling people’s faith for his own gain. He has employed his sons and daughter in the same shameful practice. He taught his progeny how to perform this charade, how to mug up on a few of the verses and deliver them without sense (or shame), how to gesticulate to fool people who are already nuts and how to fascinate brain numbed people. Zakir Naik is a showman, a buffoon, Shame on you Zakir Naik! Shame on you!

For example:

How did Naik know that a swine invites his friends to mate its own mate? did any swine you or you were interested in wanting to sleep with a sow and her husband (the bore) declined to permit it? Do swine marry? Did your prophet say that they marry?

Now I understood what you did in your empty clinic when you would sit idle, you observed what all the pigs were doing, who is inviting whom and who is mating with whom.

When Naik could not succeed in the medical profession he opted the profession of lies. He should be tested for his knowledge of basic science; I think he can’t even pass that. And that idiot talks about Evolution and Darwin in front of illiterate Muslims who don’t even understand ABC of science. He has sold your soul to Satan and have earned a lot of money through chicanery and Sophism.

The Lecherous Rascal Sheikhs of Arab are funding to IRF and others for the spreading of Islamic Imperialism through the illegitimate income of Hajj which prophet Muhammad fix for lazy Arabs, so that they can eat without effort the income of Haraam – and today oil income gives them yet more for which they need not lift a finger.

If the Islamic apologists are right then they should not be making such excuses and persist in the insistence for face to face debate, rather Naik should accept internet debates.

But this never happened. Many a times, Naik said in his videos that he is zero in Islam. Then what is he is good at? At lies, dishonesty, chicanery and charade?

Naik is in no way even close to Ali Sina. Even the pet-dog of Ali Sina would vanquish him easily. I could challenge Naik for a face to face debate as I live in India but I know that’s useless as everywhere Mullahs are hiding themselves from debate with people.

Ali Sina has already caught Zakir with ‘his pants down’, even Zakir knows this well and that’s why he doesn’t have courage to debate, he has even reduced his seminars and lectures.

Today if people like Naik try to come on the stage, thousands of people in India have prepared a nice spicy dose for them. Thousand more like Ali Sina have emerged and millions more would do after reading websites like FFI and Islam-watch et al. Remember, the age of enlightenment has come in the wake of mighty internet.

Zakir was successful, it is just a psychological weakness that people want to listen and believe in what they already believe and are willing to believe, but if people would love truth no matter how harsh it is, instead of believing whatever they wish, Zakir would never be successful.

I know, he has accumulated a lot of money of Zakat, Fitra, and Qurbani’ and through largesse.

You idiots will pay for it in this life only, don’t assume that if whatever your prophet said is not true then there is law of Karma (law of return) that is not working in nature.

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