Taking lessons from our past mistakes, we must catch the Islamic demon by its horns and have it buried forever. Failure to do so may turn out to be the cause of the Armageddon, a possibility that we must avoid by any means to ensure our safety as well as the safety and well being of our future generations...

The history of our world is replete with stories of aggression, war, death and occupation by one mighty country or power of another weak country or nation. The conquerors of the yore committed all the horrible atrocities either to increase their wealth or to enlarge their empires. All of them were Pagans, Zoroastrians or Christians. The Jews of Canaan and the Pagans of the Arabian Peninsula are, conversely, not known to have invaded other peoples' territories either to acquire wealth or to expand their lands; rather, they survived with whatever they possessed or whatever resources they were able to generate with their own ability, and within their boundaries.

Among all the conquerors of the yore, the Christians were more considerate towards their subjects than the Pagans and the Zoroastrians. We can draw this inference from Sura Rum, or The Roman Empire of the Quran.

This Sura refers to the conflict that had taken place between the Byzantine Emperor Heraclius and the Persian King Khusrau Parwiz (Chosroes 11) in 614-15 A.D. The loss of Jerusalem by the Byzantines to the Zoroastrians made the Meccan Pagans very happy, as they were pro-Persians. Finding the handful of neo-Muslims of Mecca distressed by the defeat of the Emperor Heraclius, Allah consoled them through the following verses of the Quran:

The Rome Empire has been defeated – in a land close by; but they, (even) after (this) defeat of theirs will soon be victorious -within a few years, with Allah is the Decision, in the Past and in the Future: On that Day shall the Believers rejoice – (Quran; 30:1-4).

Allah promised the Muslims that the Roman Empire, under the Emperor Heraclius who, I assume, was a Christian, would triumph over the Persians in a few years' time, thus giving them an opportunity to rejoice his victory over the Fire Worshippers. Allah kept His promise and helped Heraclius defeat the Persians at the battle of Issus in 622 A.D.

Allah's promise to help the Romans against the Persians arose, presumably, on account of two reasons: (1) They were Ahl-al Kitab (People of the Book) and (2), they were kind and generous to their subjects. Had the Romans lacked in these two qualifications, I do not believe Allah would have helped them against the Persians, nor would He have asked the Muslims to celebrate the Romans' victory over their Persian enemy.

But what had made the Muslims, under the leadership of their pious and Allah-fearing Caliphs, all of whom had inherited the mantle of the Prophet Muhammad, to conquer the lands of the non-Muslims? Did they conquer them for spreading Islam, or was it for a different reason? Let us spend a little time, and space, trying to find out the fact.

Ibn Ishaq, one of the biographers of Muhammad, named approximately 70 Muslims who migrated, between 621-22, to Medina after being instructed by him for the same. Most of the immigrants were men and they were not skilled in anything other than serving the pilgrims, who came to Mecca, and in domestic duties of their masters. Consequently, when they reached Medina, they found themselves in great financial hardships, as none of the Medinese employers found them suitable for employment. Muhammad solved his and their problem by making them beg in their newly adopted city.

The life of the Muslim immigrants from Mecca changed after they were able to defeat the Meccan Pagans at the battlefield of Badr. Their success gave them, and their leader Muhammad, the confidence that if they continued to plunder their enemies, who consisted of the Meccan Pagans and the Medinese Jews, it would not only provide them with their sustenance, it would prove instrumental in bring them prosperity as well.

Having seen the benefits that Muhammad's expeditions against, and the plunders of the Jews had brought them during his lifetime, his successors, following his footsteps, continued to plunder other nations by embarking upon expeditions against them. Immediately after becoming the first Caliph of Islam, Abu Bakr launched his expeditions against Syria, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen and Iraq etcetera. These expeditions were not intended to convert the people of those countries to Islam, but to plunder whatever wealth they had at their disposal.

These plunders not only changed the lives of the common Bedouin soldiers of the Arab land, these also turned their leaders into some of the most outrageously voluptuous and extravagant humans on earth. Along with using their military power, the Muslim leaders also used their religious authority, as it is envisioned in the Quran, against the non-Muslims of their domains to extract from them as much tax as it was possible. This they did not to improve the economic conditions of the Muslims at large, but to enhance the degree of their own comfort and pleasure.

Those of the non-Muslims who could not afford to pay the extra tax converted to Islam to save their lives. Others became Muslims because that was the best way to assimilate themselves into the new order of life, which Muslims invaders had imposed on them and their countries.

But even after ruling almost one-third of the world for almost 1100 years, Muslims failed to develop a viable and practical economic system of their own; this being the result of their not only damn-the-people attitude but also because of the reason that, until recently, most of the Muslim leaders, including the caliphs of the past, had been almost or fully illiterate. They did not know how the economic policy of a country, let alone an empire, should be formulated and steered. The net effect of their failure to devise economic policies for their empire is visible even today: most of the Muslims remain abysmally poor, a condition that has forced many of them to migrate to non-Muslim countries where they expected to earn a living for them and their dependents.

Though by migrating to foreign lands, many Muslims have been able to overcome their lingering financial difficulties, but their presence in the mostly Christian-dominated lands has created immense problem for their hosts as well as for their civic laws and social discipline and cohesion. Some of the reasons that have been working behind this problem are as follows:

Muslims are forbidden by their Holy Book from living among, and mingling with, the Jews and Christians, lest they themselves become followers of their faiths. This scriptural instruction as well as the teaching of the Muslim preachers has succeeded in the past to keep the immigrant Muslims isolated from their non-Muslim hosts; they are going to keep them at a distance from the followers of other faiths in future as well.

Muslims' isolationist attitude towards the people of other faiths, particularly towards those of the faiths of Hinduism, Judaism and Christianity, has always prevented them from integrating themselves with them and their cultures. This has happened in the past; it is happening even now and it is expected to happen in future as well.

Muslims' failure to integrate themselves with the people and the cultures of other faiths they themselves have willingly and voluntarily chosen to live with due, mostly, to their own economic compulsions, kept them in the past, and is still keeping them, tied to the lowest step of social and economic ladder of the countries they and their children and grand children, born in them, have been living in for a number of decades.

Muslims' unwillingness to integrate themselves with the people of the countries they have become residents or citizens of, and the consequential economic deprivations they have been inflicting upon themselves thereby, has always remained a source of discontentment among them. For their conditions - social and economic- Muslims are never known to have blamed themselves; rather, they have always held their adoptive countries responsible for their plight. This they have been doing with a sinister and ulterior motive.

Muslims are not supposed to live under an un-Islamic government, nor are they permitted by their religious scripture to recognize the territorial independence of non-Muslim countries, as, according to their religious doctrines, the entire earth belongs to Allah and the Muslims are its true and legitimate inheritors. Imbibed by this teaching of their faith, Muslims have often used their self-created economic conditions either to break their adoptive countries into pieces or to keep their governments in disarray and turmoil by organizing destructive movements against them. A few examples are given hereunder to substantiate this point.

(A). There are about 20 million Muslims living in China today. Although all of them are native-born, yet they find themselves at odds with their Buddhist, Christian and Atheist fellow-beings. The question is why?

The reason lies in the Islamic doctrines and dogmas. These prohibit the Muslims from patronizing or following the social customs of the non-Muslims, whom Muslims must eliminate in order to cleanse the earth of all evils the non-Muslims allegedly create on it, even if they are their parents, siblings, wife and children.

Since the Chinese Muslims have been having difficulties in carrying out their religious obligations freely while living in the midst of the Buddhists, Christians, Atheists and others, they campaigned for and succeeded in converting Xinjiang Uygur, where they are in majority, into an Autonomous Region for them. Here they live and govern themselves according to the dictums of their faith; secular laws followed by the rest of the Chinese populace having become, for the Muslims, a relic of the past.

The Chinese government cannot ask the Muslims of the Autonomous Region to obey its secular laws, for, doing that would mean handing them a ground, which they, in all probability, are likely to use for setting up a Muslim state of their own on the land they live on now, thus creating a serious security problem for the rest of the Chinese territory. Muslims have divided India; they would keep on trying to divide world's other non-Muslim countries as well, until they are able to turn all the earth's Dar-ul Harb, the non-Islamic states, into Dar-ul Islam.

(B). The Philippines is nation of 88 million people. Over 80 percent of them are Roman Catholics and only about 5 percent are Muslims. Most Muslims live in the region known as Mindanao. Muslims want Mindanao to secede and become an Islamic State.

The Philippine Muslims want to turn Mindanao into a Muslim State because of one primary reason: They have been finding it difficult to follow their Islamic laws and traditions while living with the Catholic Christians; this despite the fact that all the Muslims are native-born. The fact that they were born in the Philippines is not an important factor as Islamism is to them, for their religion encourages them to shun the non-Muslims and to live in a state of their own, hence the Philippine Muslims' attempt at dividing their place of birth into two states, one of which should belong to them and the other to the enemies of Islam.

What has been happening in France at the time of writing this article is a clue to what we may call the Muslims' plan, designed to test whether or not the French infidels are prepared to resist them before embarking upon massive and forceful movements to de-stabilize their government and then to force it into granting them autonomy in the region they have been living for generations. Most of them are Muslims and they came to France from North Africa to earn a living and to build a future, but on their own terms. Dictated by their religious indoctrinations, they not only refused to integrate themselves with the culture and traditions of their adoptive country, they even encouraged their progeny to keep themselves aloof from the rest of the French society. This they did to maintain their Islamic identity as well as to keep themselves insulated from the influence of a culture and tradition that they always believe can be practiced only by the enemies of their Allah (God).

France's social welfare system has also helped its Muslim population with what they have reduced themselves to. France grants financial support to its citizens, whether they are living in it legally or illegally, from their birth to death. Instead of using this generous welfare system of the country for their economic and social advancements, they used it to keep themselves within the fold of their Islamic beliefs and practices. Since the financial support given to them by the government was enough for them to carry on with their Islamic lifestyle, they never tried to prepare themselves, and their offspring, to take on the challenges and the arduous responsibilities without facing which, no nation or society on earth is known to have ever achieved prosperity and happiness.

Finding themselves unfit for the French society, Muslim immigrants cordoned themselves off from the rest of the country. Their enclaves became almost autonomous; herein they live according to what they believed is in their best Islamic interest. It is said that in some of these enclaves, "it is possible for an immigrant or his descendants to spend a whole life without ever encountering the need to speak French, let alone familiarize himself with any aspect of the famous French culture" (Amir Taheri; a French author of Iranian descend).

The recent death of a Muslim youth in one of the Muslim enclaves gave the Muslims of France an opportunity to test the French government's will to defend its territorial integrity. The success of their present intifida (rebellion) aimed at establishing Islamic rule in France would give them the impetus and courage to accelerate their movement not only in France, it would encourage other Muslims, living in other non-Muslim countries of the world, to launch their movements there as well.

Most of the French leaders have failed to grasp the Muslims' intention, except its Home Minister. Terming, albeit belatedly, the immigrants (read Muslim immigrants) as rabble and scum, he has decided to expel those of them who would be found guilty of inciting the present rebellion against his government. This is a wise decision which, if implemented, would help France not only to preserve its territorial integrity, it would also teach an important lesson to other non-Muslim countries of the world in avoiding destructions that are likely to befall them should they continue to permit their Muslim populations to destabilize their nations with their rebellious and secessionist movements.

In the timely action against the Muslims lies the safety and the wellbeing of the world. Efforts to appease them in the past have not only failed, these also emboldened them manifold. Taking lessons from our past mistakes, we must catch the Islamic demon by its horns and have it buried forever. Failure to do so may turn out to be the cause of the Armageddon, a possibility that we must avoid by any means to ensure our safety as well as the safety and well being of our future generations.

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