I can not be the only one who feels that we live in a very special time of human history. Our generation came to existence as the human civilization reached unprecedented levels of sophistication on all fronts of human achievements. In our time, people enjoy healthier and longer lives thanks to advanced medicine, which eradicated many killer diseases that took the lives of millions in the past. In our time, we refined our moral values. Slavery, which was a perfectly acceptable practice in the past, is now outlawed by all nations, who came together and introduced the human rights declaration.

In this special time of human history, we enjoy luxuries that were beyond the wildest dreams of the mightiest emperors. For thousands of years, human imagination couldn't come up with better than the magical flying carpet as a means of fast and comfortable travel. Compare that to the comfort and speed of air travel in our time, which is available to all! For thousands of years, the mighty Kings had to rely on human messengers to deliver their messages to their subjects. It was a slow process and only delivered the messages to “some” of the subjects. In our time, even children can send messages that can be delivered instantly to all people all over the world.

Even the capabilities and imaginations of gods proved to be no match to our technological might. When Allah, the most famous god of all, provided a means of transport to Muhammad, he used a winged animal, ‘Al buraq’ to transfer his distinguished guest from Mecca to Jerusalem and then to heavens. How does that compare to our luxurious air travel? When that same god wanted to pass his most important message to mankind, the best he could come up with was the ‘word of the mouth’ technology using Gabriel and Muhammad’s mouths. How does that compare to our high speed Internet and mobile communication?

Throughout history, literacy rate was consistently low even in the most civilized societies. Education was an expensive luxury afforded by the privileged few. Nowadays, it is mandatory to all and we print more reading material in a day than what mankind managed in its entire history.

The virtues of our civilization are mind boggling to say the least; one could write volumes about it. It was not an easy achievement but we did it, thanks to the sacrifices of our fathers and grandfathers who struggled and fought hard to make it happen.

Our civilization is not the creation of a single nation or a single generation. It is the aggregate summation of human experiences and wisdom that accumulated and evolved over thousands of years. Of course, it will continue to evolve but it does seem to have reached a stage of some maturity in our time, especially in the Western countries after the WWII.

I often wonder: How would the future generations think of us and how would they refer to our time? How would we be remembered in the distant future?

This unrelenting question bothered my mind for decades. At the beginning, I felt proud of our era and our achievements and was confident that the future generations would be proud too. Nowadays, I am not as confident and would not be surprised if the future generations refer to our time as the dark age of human history.

We received the house in good shape but we are set to deliver it in ruins.

I am afraid the West seems to be the main culprit responsible for this tarnished future image of mankind. The civilisation was mainly under their custody and they had the moral duty to protect it for the future generations. They did not only fail to protect this civilization but also actually turned against it, and abandoned it as a crippled prey waiting for the barbarians to make their kill.

This is not unprecedented. Civilisations often ended at the hands of the barbarians.

It never happened in the history of mankind that any generation had it so good. This generation of westerners did not even have to go through any trouble to bring about this high level of sophisticated luxury. They came to life and found it ready made for them on a silver platter for the ultimate indulgence. They only needed to look after their rich inheritance, but they didn't.

It is obvious to all that out of all ideologies in the world, Islam is the only one that actively seeks the destruction of the western civilization. Muslims believe that Islam is the only enlightened religion and all other beliefs and ideologies are serious sins. From the Islamic point of view, the western civilization is deemed to be more sinister than others because of its brilliance, which tends to put Islam in the shadow. They openly describe the western civilization as a heap of ignorance, or “jahylia” that is not worth any respect or care. Western civilization, according to devout Muslims, must go to the dustbin of history and must be replaced by Islam.

To make the irony even more striking, Muslims are generally open about their intentions, which should make it easier for the westerners to see and understand but they prefer to remain in denial!

It is often said that the unlikely things can happen and they certainly did in the case of the West.

When radical Muslims started to knock the doors of the West, they were too insignificant compared to Western nations, who were at the peak of power. However, the radical Muslims knew that Western nations lack the survival gene and were too soft to turn them back. Radical Muslims were spot on! In fact, they were so sure of the West’s weakness that they did not even practice their usual skills of deceit, known as ‘taqyia’. They made it clear that they were jihadists, interested in spreading Islam and its law (Sharia) to rest of the world. It is ironic that radical Islam became a significant power only with the help of its victims - the westerners themselves. The rise of radical Islam could have been stopped years ago without firing a shot—just by introducing a few logical changes to the law, basically by applying common sense.

There was a time when northern Europe was heaven on earth; it was an example of success, peace and luxury. Sadly, heaven turned into hell the moment they opened doors to Muslims. With rising crime rates, alarming rise in reported cases of rape and establishing some ‘Islamic no-go areas’, Northern Europe now lives under the grip of fear. Once a beacon of freedom, they have now lost their freedom of expression, the salient mark of democracy and civilization, in favor of appeasing their Muslim enemies. The Europeans are in a state of hopelessness as they feel they were let down by their ruling political elites and, at the same time, lost their freedom to talk about it!

A few weeks ago, a British soldier was murdered and beheaded in broad daylight on a busy street in the town of Woolwich in London. The Muslim murderers, with blood on their hands, had the guts to speak loudly and proudly about the murder and threatened to commit more such murders. I read the news of the murder in mainstream media a few times and no where Islam was mentioned. Only in the evening I read the true story on FFI website. The mainstream media made an enormous effort to conceal the association of Islam with this grotesque terrorist act. The Muslim well-being and image was the media’s main concern. As usual, the possibility of a backlash was highlighted from the beginning. Muslims have been committing terrorist attacks on the West on regular basis since 9/11 with no backlashes at all, yet their safety and well-being is all that matters to the Western media and governments.

These westerners did not only open their countries to their enemies but also embarked on a project to undermine the very civilization that placed them at the top of the world.

Armed with arrogance and undeserved confidence, they turned against their traditional values. The concept of the family as the building block of the society suddenly became a backward convention that had no place in the “civilised West” of our time. They are no longer interested in raising children of their own—it is too expensive, too demanding and may spoil the holidays. As a result, ethnic Europeans have become an endangered species that is threatened with extinction because of their low birth rates. In Europe, children are often raised in dysfunctional families and become vulnerable to fall victims to Islamic predators, who deliberately target them, rape them or convert them to turn against their own societies. The irony is that the westerners often fall in love with the Muslim societies because of the family bonding and values, which is precisely what they destroyed in their own societies.

The politically correct education system lost its character and purpose. University campuses became recruiting grounds for Muslim radicals, who brought with them their backwardness to replace the once highly respected academic traditions. It is a disgrace that the richest universities in the richest countries in the world sell their academic independence to virtually illiterate Arab Sheiks and name their departments after them!

It is disappointing that westerners turn away from scientific departments preferring to obtain degrees in subjects that some may consider not worth studying at all. I was told that Muslim students make up about half of the students in British medical schools.

It must have escaped the notice of these ‘civilised westerners’ that when the West made its way to the top, it did so because of its excellence in science, technology and manufacturing. No nation became great because of its excellence in fashion design, sports or music. However, it is always those great and successful nations that tend to produce the best athletes, artists and musicians.

This generation of westerners had the opportunity to spread civilisation to all corners of the world. They had the opportunity to eradicate ignorance and backwardness once and for all. Exposing the reality of Islam is all that is required to make Muslims leave it in millions. Being a fierce enemy of the civilised world, Islam should have been confronted and defeated, not tolerated and supported. Defeating Islam is defeating darkness and backwardness and supporting it is giving in to the grip of the dark ages.

I am afraid the West has always been supportive to the backwardness of Islam. America’s relations with Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have never been less than excellent since the creation of both countries, which always enjoyed generous western support. The same is true for the Muslim Brotherhood movement. I think that says it all!

Our generation had a choice: to stand up for civilisation and enlightenment or to let the backwardness and darkness of Islam prevail. They chose the darkness, and this is how we will be remembered.

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