Most people in the civilized world must have noticed that individuals who convert to Islam, and the ‘Muslims by birth’ who suddenly turn religious, develop new tendencies, such as:

* They turn against culture and life beauties, such as music, paintings, cinema and other arts.
* They adopt a serious life style, with less humor, jokes, laughs and other manifestation of happiness.
* They avoid life pleasures such as dining out in good restaurants (because they serve wine).
* They change their appearance to the worse; men develop what others see as scary looks that would fit criminal ( unusual clothes, bushy beards..etc)
* Women turn against their feminine instincts and do everything possible to conceal their beauty.
* Women voluntarily cover up completely, even in the hottest weather (and claim they feel perfectly fine despite all that smelly sweat). They also claim it was their choice (but we know it was the fear from Allah that forced them to do so)
* Women voluntarily seek to be oppressed, some may even arrange for their husbands to marry more wives.
* They become unsocial, especially with non-Muslims (for example on Christmas).
* Turn to violence.
* They preach hate and incite to murder.
* Become difficult to live with at home and in the society.
* Become difficult to work with.
* Turn against their societies with vengeance.
* Start to glorify crime and immoral practices by giving it religious labels, such as jihad and jihad marriages (aka prostitution).
* Believe in myths and act accordingly; they buy and drink urine and zamzam water for healing in preference to conventional medicine, until it is too late .
* They become less productive in the society as they spend more time practicing their demanding religion.
* They practice their rituals even if that involves subjecting others to inconvenience or risk, like when they block the streets to perform their prayers, or piloting a plane when fasting. They lie, sometimes without realizing, and insist that fasting doesn’t cause them any harm (as if their bodies have unique physiology).
* They denounce the law, all laws, in favor of the Islamic law, which puts them on a collision course against the land law wherever they exist.
* They become liars for the sake of spreading the big lie of Islam; just consider the thousands of youtube videos with plane lies in both title and contents.
* Join other like-minded Muslims to practice murder (labelled jihad).
* Develop sick and evil minds that get satisfaction through subjecting their victims to outrageous and monstrous methods of torture to the death, which they record on video to produce humanly unbearable scenes as a means of torturing the society.
* Once in control of their societies, they force them to adopt their psychopathic behavior, by forcing civilians to participate in their evil practices.
* Practice child abuse. They deprive children from the happiness of childhood by denying them ordinary toys and games. They force children to learn parts of the Quran by heart even though they don’t speak Arabic. They order children to pray and beat them if they don’t. They force young girls to cover up. They approve of child marriage and may force young girls to it.

The above is not meant to be a complete inventory; the list can still go on and on.

The above list is both frightening and alarming because it is real. There are no exaggerations here. Any objective observer can see it all with crystal clear clarity. Any of the above symptoms, on its own, can be an indication of a mental health disorder that calls for psychiatric evaluation and intervention. Western societies would do anything to eradicate any disease that causes only a few of the above symptoms. Similarly, they would ban any foods or drinks if found to give rise to them. Yet the same societies protect Islam and nurture it, allowing the above symptoms to persist and spread. I know it is a horrible thing to say, but this painful fact highlights how low the civilized world have reached. This is a reality that has been denied for so long because with denial nothing needs to be done, and Muslims won’t be offended.

Islam works like a deadly virus that affects the nervous system and controls the brain cells. Like other viruses, it may remain dormant for years, lurking around in the body waiting for the right conditions to launch its attack. The unlucky people develop the full blown disease early, while others may live long lives without ever progressing beyond the carrier stage. All those who believe in Mohammed and Islam are carriers, and potential victims, of the Islamic ‘virus’. It is important for the civilized world to understand how lethal Islam can be. It is easy to deal with the problem once there is a well to do it, and few changes to the law may be all that is required. However, if left for a longer time, even civil wars may not sort it out. You only need to look at the Middle East to see the future of Europe.

The fact that most Muslims do not actually develop the full Islamic disease is not an assurance to the rest of the society, because those people already harbor the ‘virus’ in their minds and things can get nasty any time. There is no shortage of cases where the perpetrators of terrorism were described to have been “perfectly nice people” in the past.

A society that allows barbarity to be practiced and flourish cannot continue to call itself civilized.


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