A futuristic article on how President Ali Hussein of the Islamic Republic of America lead the 9/11 memorial in the year 2061...

In the year 2061, the President of the United States of America, Hussein Ali, delivered an uplifting speech at the 9/11 memorial service at the Cordoba House mosque in lower Manhattan. New York City mayor Mohammed Ahmed Abdullah, as well as many other dignitaries and a crowd numbering in the tens of thousands filling the surrounding streets with their prayer rugs, were there to listen and to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Sept. 11 tragedy. Below is the text of President Ali’s speech:

We stand here today just two blocks from the sacred Ground Zero, where 60 years ago on this day, three thousand of our fellow Americans lost their lives in a vicious conspiratorial attack. As we all know, this terrible crime was initially attributed to Muslims through the Zionist media, which, during those dark years, controlled America. However, after the Islamic party came to power and liberated this nation, we uncovered highly confidential CIA documents, which we cannot declassify for reasons of Sharia security, that proved what we all knew from the beginning: that 9/11 was a Jewish conspiracy aimed at defaming the peaceful religion of Islam.

The Islamic Party of America, thus, took it upon itself to correct this historical injustice against Muslims and Islam. That is why we ordered that all school books be rewritten to state the truth about the 9/11 conspirators and to set the record straight: that our honorable Muslim ancestors had nothing to do with terrorism -- which turned out to be a Zionist conspiracy. The Jews, who conspired against our prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, had been doing it to us again and again -- especially when it was they, who recruited Osama Bin Laden to work for the Israeli Mossad and the CIA.

The founder of this great mosque, Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf, peace be upon him, lies here in the Cordoba mosque with his loyal wife Daisy Khan. They had both warned the American public, over and over again, from ever blaming Islam for the 9/11 attacks. We remember their dedication to jihad in America and how they both physically tied themselves to the doors of the original Cordoba house project in 2011, when it was time for them to hand over the building to a new buyer. But with the grace of Allah, the new buyer was killed at the hands of the Mujahedeen, which was operating, of course, on the principle of Jihadi self-defense.

After the death of the infidel investor, Daisy and Rauf untied themselves and placed the first foundation stone for Cordoba. Their persistence, with the help of Allah and, of course, with the dedicated help and moral support of American President Barack Hussein Obama -- without whom the project would not have been possible. President Obama, peace be upon him, was able to put the 70% of American infidels opposed to the mosque in their place when they demanded that the mosque relocate. He, together with the U.S. media, made sure to silence the American kafirs from criticizing any aspects of Islam or, Allah forbid, demanding that Cordoba House be relocated. American bigots and racists were informed that they would be responsible for any deaths caused by rioting, burning and killing of Muslim jihadists in the streets of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. American citizens back then had to learn about Islam the hard way; about what happens to anyone, who stands against the Islamic march of jihad. The brave jihadists on the streets of the Muslim world, who were then misunderstood as savage rioters, were truly the asset of Imam Rauf in his determination and empowerment. Dedicated jihadists like Imam Rauf, working in perfect harmony with the rioters on the streets in far away Muslim countries, were all working for the same goal: the triumph of the Islamic Ummah. It is Allah’s will that now we have made, here any America, any criticism of Islam or Muslims a capital crime, punishable by death!

Imam Rauf was also the one, who planted the seed of Sharia, to save this great land of ours from its satanic man-made Constitution. Our school history books today have been rewritten to correct historical injustice perpetrated by Jewish propaganda against Muslims and to reinstate historical truths proving that it was Muslims, and not the Spaniards, who discovered America. Uncovering the documents proved that this honorable Imam's views were all true. Yes, Bin Laden was the creation of America. We, therefore, have this great man and his wife to thank for his vision in placing the foundation stone to the Cordoba House, today a 15 acre 9/11 memorial, right on top of Ground Zero.

America has no one else to thank but this jihadist Imam, who turned New York’s Ground Zero into a new Mecca for all Muslims to do pilgrimage. From where we stand today, we can draw a direct line from the groundbreaking at Cordoba House and the expansion of Allah’s word in America to the final passage of Holy Amendments to the US Constitution declaring the Islamic Republic of America on July 4, 2056!  On that day, through Allah’s power, we finally abolished the unholy First Amendment with its heretical license to speeches hateful to Allah, of un-Islamic conspiracy disguised as free association, and above all, the separation of religion and state. In place of this abomination now stands the new, glorious Holy First Amendment, whose simplicity belies its awesome power:

“There is no God but Allah, and Mohammad is his Prophet. There is no Law but Sharia, and all parts of this Constitution, which are found non-compliant, are hereby abolished and revoked. No law ever should supercede Sharia, the Allah's way.”

We also thank Imam Rauf that Jews are no longer allowed inside New York City holy grounds. One day, Allah willing, we will accomplish the Final Solution once and for all.

We have accomplished much, but there is still so much more to do. As we commemorate the evil Jewish conspiracy of September 11, 2001, the time has come to recognize that this designation is no longer necessary. We are not living in the Christian era. It is the era of Islam, the era of Allah. Today is the fifth day of the first month of the year 1484.There is no need to think of it any other way. Our official calendars and school textbooks will use Allah’s calendar exclusively from this day forward. There is no point to base our calendar on a lesser prophet than Muhammad.

We have renewed a nation, conceived in submission to Allah, and dedicated to the proposition that all men must confess the faith of Allah or face His justice.

Now that we are engaged in a great civil war, led by the breakaway so-called Republics of Texas, Georgia and Tennessee, which have deceived ten more, mostly infidel states to go along with them, testing whether that nation, or any nation, so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. A minority of remaining filthy infidel rebels insist upon continuing to desecrate this land. The Ground Zero, where we stand today, has become, in retrospect, a great battle-field of that war. We have come to dedicate a portion of that field, as a final resting place for those Muslims, who have given their lives to jihad for Allah’s cause so that Islam prevails. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do and continue doing jihad; a permanent holy war institution, internally and externally.

The crowd worked itself into a frenzy of chanting shouting “Allah Akbar, jihad, jihad; kill the Kafir, Cordoba! America! Cordoba! America! Cordoba! America! Allahu Akbar! God is Great!” The Mayor pronounced: “There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his Prophet! May Allah Bless the Islamic Republic of America!”

Some of my readers might accuse me of islamophobia; that at best, this futuristic story is a silly hallucination and at worst, an incitement to hate. But the only thing untrue about the fable is that it hasn’t come to pass…yet. Look at the history of Islam and you will find that this story has happened many times before. The above story is absolutely true in its depiction of the intentions and aspirations of political Islam and the methods by which they hope to achieve their goals. One only has to listen to and watch Islamic leaders speaking to their flocks TODAY in mosques, on TV and on the Internet around the world and in the United States, to see and hear real-life examples of these objectives and rhetoric. The question is not whether or not it is true, but whether or not they will succeed. The answer to that question cannot be taken for granted.


Nonie Darwish is President of FormerMuslimsUnited.org and the author of "Cruel and Usual Punishment; the terrifying global implications of Islamic law"

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