A German court ruled last week that Muslims have the right to have mosques at German schools. Hence, the series of Muslims infiltrating German courts continues. If things go on like this, Muslims, led by radicals, will, demographically and “democratically-legally”, take over Germany by 2070. They are exploiting religious freedom and terrorism to advance their agenda.

Bekkay Horrach, a Moroccan-German Muslim immigrant, now a Taliban terrorist in Af-Pak border region, posted several video-clips on the Internet from Wazirstan, Pakistan, threatening the German government to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan, or face “Jihad” in Germany, where al-Qaeda would activate its suicide and car bombers.

On the heels of this threat, a court in Berlin ruled last week that Muslim students have the right to have special prayer-rooms at schools. The plaintiff, a 16-year-old Muslim Turk and his defense lawyer, backed by all Muslim organizations, were thrilled by the ruling, and triumphantly claimed: “justice was done.” They hailed religious freedom in Germany, as well as the German constitution, which they, in fact, reject.

The judge agued that religious freedom entails "…not only personal belief but also practicing this belief in public."

The "Sate Council", the local authority in Berlin, rejected the ruling, and intends to appeal at a higher court. Some people, who attended the proceedings, told me: “Imagine if all followers of other religions; Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Buddhists, etc. demanded the same? Half of the schoolrooms would be turned into temples. This is bizarre!”

Even a Muslim protested against the ruling. He said, “Murat (the plaintiff) could pray at home after school. I know from experience that many Muslims, especially those bigots, pray only in public in defiance of other religions and not out of piety.”

A woman commented, “Does that mean that schools, which demand the same, would have bells and Muezzins calling for prayers?”

A student who attends the same school, (Diesterweg-Gymnasium) told journalists, “I know Murat (the plaintiff), he doesn’t pray. Very often he comes late to class, claiming that he was praying. The truth of matter is he was smoking.”

Critics of Muslims are generally muzzled and branded as “politically incorrect” by the German media and public figures. Thilo Sarrazin, a member of the German Central Bank Board, is one of those critics. He has spelled out what the majority of Germans would love to say, but dare not. It is politically incorrect to blast Muslims for wrongdoing.

In an interview with the magazine Lettre International, Sarrazin said that the majority of Turks and Arabs (most of them, 3 million, are Muslims) are unproductive and live at the expense of taxpayers. He demanded that such people be sent back home. He also demanded that those, who reject being integrated into the German society, must be asked to go back home. Muslim immigrants cost the state billions of euros annually.

In “Hart aber Fair”, a TV talk show, Sarrazin’s indignation was applauded by the majority of the participants and the public. Over and over again, when the German public is given the opportunity to express themselves, they do it bravely and oppose the apologists in the media and parliament, like members of the Green Party. The leadership of this party always finds “excuses” to accommodate radical and parasite Muslims.

More and more German universities are establishing institutes to train Muslim chaplains and imams to run the 2,700 mosques across Germany. One such institute is being established at Osnabrück University. I traveled to Osnabrück and spoke with the teaching staff of the institute.

“How about those atrocious passages in the Koran and Hadith, which incite to hatred, violence, and discrimination? Are you going to discuss them with your future imams?” I wanted to know.

Daniel, who does not want to be identified by his last name, said, “We’ll discuss these passages and hope that our graduates would not use them in mosques.” So, it is just a hope that Osnabrück would not help training the imams in extremist teaching of the Quran and hadith. But, from experience and numerous studies, I know that practicing Muslims subscribe to every word in the Koran and Hadith. These scriptures, they believe, entail the word of Allah and his prophet Muhammad, respectively. So, when these trained imams would be released, they would go on their own to preach hatred, violence, and discrimination that lies at the heart of sacred Islamic texts. I wonder how imam-training seminars in the heart of Europe will solve this predicament.

Anti-Americanism is rife in Germany. Der Spiegel columnist Gerhard Spörl describes Dick Cheney as a "leper" for "coining" the term "War on Terror". For Spörl, there is no terror in the world, it is simply “propaganda” led by Cheney. Spörl also claims that America is not interested in peace and democracy in the Middle East. It is fighting a war for oil. According to Spörl, Cheney and Bush provoked terrorism across the globe. Such propaganda goes in Germany, when Hamid Karzai, the Afghan president, said last week that his government and the NATO force are fighting not only the Taliban, but also more than 4,000 foreign terrorists.

I think that only when an egregious act like 9/11 happens in Germany, the German apologists might wake up and stop appeasing radical Muslims.

Germany is getting ready to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of Germany. No media and no political figures seem to recall that it was Ronald Reagan, who urged Mikhail Gorbachev to “Tear down this wall!” For some Germans, Reagan was also a “leper”.

The German media welcomed the biased Gladstone Report on the war in Gaza and described it as balanced. For almost a year now, the German media have lamented and shed crocodile tears for the Palestinians in Gaza. For the latest, Der Spiegel Online published a story of a Palestinian man from Gaza, who wants to marry a woman from the West Bank. The man has decided to smuggle her through one of those tunnels that Hamas uses to smuggle weapons into Gaza. Moral of the story is: “You see how cruel the Israelis are? They do not allow poor Palestinians marry in peace.”

What is needed for the West is to realize that Islamic radicals, inspired by Islam’s sacred texts and its history, are going to pose serious threats to their liberal-democratic society, whether through soft or violent guise. What is needed is get tough against this threat. I hope that Hillary Clinton on her multi-nation tour of Europe this week, give British Prime Minister Gordon Brown a piece of her mind on his supporting the release, from Scottish prison, of Abdelbasset Ali Al Megrahi, a thug who murdered 270 innocent people. She should tell Brown that, whether on “compassionate grounds” or oil-deal, released of such mass-murders only embolden Islamic radicals and terrorists that destroy Western society.

Historically Germans were often subjugated by biased individuals – against the Jews by Hitler, for instance – and eventually harvested destruction and misery. Now, in the 21st century, the biased are also in control: They control both the media and the parliament, and determine what is “politically correct”. The biased are slowly but steadily paving the way to radical Muslims to infiltrate the German society and eventually establish Sharia to realize their dream of turning Germany into a part of stone-age global Caliphate. In recent areas, Islamists have scored rapid success: demographically, Muslims is growing faster than non-Muslims, and institutionally, they have infiltrated the legal system and other institutions. In all this, the apologists have been of invaluable help.

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