While every time Muslims engage in a horrendous violent act in the West, deceptive Islamists quickly call interfaith dialogue to divert attention from the real issue. The latest terror-plot in New York by four converts to Islam is a litmas test for such deceptive Islamists...

On May 20, 2009, four young men from Newburgh, New York, were arrested by FBI on the charge of a terrorist plot to blow up two synagogues in the Riverdale section of Bronx, as well as to shoot down military aircrafts in Newburgh air-base.

The four men—James Cromitie, Onta Williams, David Williams IV and Laguerre Payen—had all converted to Islam, while in prison. It has been widely known for some years that the Islamists are vigorously proselytizing petty criminals in prisons in America and elsewhere in the West. In fact, prisons have become the most fertile ground for Islamic proselytization in America today. Muslims in general are very proud and happy that Islam is the fastest growing religion, notwithstanding the fact that lots of criminals are joining their fastest religion.

Litmus Test of conversion

However, this write-up is not about the Islamic conversion euphoria, but to prove that true Islamic teachings are the magical ingredients (drug) for turning simple men to deadly terrorists. No other religious teachings can do what can Islam! Islam is unique in this respect.

Take the latest case of four young converts. Born in Christian family (Roman Catholic), they all converted to Islam in prison. Though, these young men have criminal past, they, by no means, were terrorists, wanting to cause massacre of women and children, or kill American soldiers by shooting down military aircrafts. Most of all, they were never engaged in jihad against the western infidels over their sheer sympathy toward Muslims of Afghanistan, Pakistan or Iraq; before embracing Islam, they never had an ummatic jihadi (global jihadi) mentality to wage war against their own nation and people. But soon after they converted to Islam (from Christianity), they were transformed into prime cadres to become deadly terrorists. Within a short period of brainwashing by deceitful Islamic Imams, they were motivated and ready to commit this horrific act of terrorism against their own people, whom they used to honor, and, perhaps, loved before converting to the Islamic cult.

Conversion to Islam works like a lethal carcinogens (cancer-causing chemicals), which cause deadly cancer if injected into animals. It can be concluded with good deal of confidence that, had these four young men converted to Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism or Hinduism etc., they would never have engaged in such horrendous plot against their own country. I can bet million dollars to this claim. Once more, Islam, indeed, passed the Litmus Test to become a proven terrorist religion on earth.

Of course, this is not the first time Islam passed this Litmus Test; it has happened numerous times throughout the world during the last decade. Amongst Islamic terrorists around the world, several dozens of the prominent and deadly ones have been converted Muslims. A few such names are: American Talibans John Walker Lindh and James Uzzama, Shoe-bomber Richard Reid (UK), American dirty bomber Jose Padilla, and American al-Qaeda Adam Gadhan—they are all Muslim converts. Do you remember convert Adam Gadhan, 32, from California, praised the 9/11 attacks against his own country, and later threatened to destroy America coast to coast, if Americans don’t conert to Islam en masse?

While religious belief-systems work like infectious virus, which I call “faith virus”, they have different characteristics; they are not the same. Islamic faith-virus is the most virulent and lethal of all. Take this example: suppose you have a sample of 40 converted westerners into different faith-viruses: 10 each to Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Most likely, you will find one to a few of the 10 Muslim converts turned, or willing to turn, to terrorists and suicide bombers in the cause of Islam; you won’t find the same amongst others. This is because, converted Muslims, turn to Islam impressed by the true teachings of the Quran and Sunnah (Prophetic traditions); they became Muslim by the book, and more radicalized (read: purified) than those, who are Muslims by birth only!

Ummatic viral infection: Islamic brotherhood

Islam is the only religion having the conception of global brotherhood or Umma. A Muslim, by the teaching of the Quran, is a brother to another Muslim only and vice-versa, not to a Hindu, Christian, Jew or infidel. Muslims are even forbidden to wish well for dead infidels: “And never (O Muhammad) pray for one of them who dieth, nor stand by his grave. Lo! they disbelieved in Allah and His messenger, and they died while they were evil-doers” [Quran 9:84].

Therefore, after their conversion to Islam, these four young ex-Christians instantly become member of the Umma, and brothers of Muslims, whether from Arabia, Afghanistan or Pakistan. Their old ties to America and its infidel people became instantly invalid. You hear exactly that from Said Onta Williams, one of four converts involved in the N.Y. plot. He said to his uncle Richard Williams:

“You can’t tell me anything about the Muslim religion because they’re my supporters and they’re my family and in fact, they are more of my family than you.”

Onta Williams would never have said this to his own blood-linked uncle before his conversion to Islam. Onta just followed the Quranic dictum in Toto! Quran asked Muslims to go even against their own father, mother, brother and sisters in order to protect Islam.

Why it always happens to only Muslims converts?

It is because Islam is not like another conventional religion, namely Christianity, Judaism or Hinduism. Islam is rather an imperialistic Arab ideology, a violent cultic faith, with uncompromising allegiance to the Islamic Umma. When Muslim Imams/Islamists deceitfully claim that ‘Islam or Koran does not allow killing any innocent human being’, they lie through their teeth to fool westerners: this is a very clever and effective ploy of deception. These deceptive Islamists will never explain to you who, truly, are “innocent humans” in Islamic teachings. They will never tell you that only Muslims are the innocent in the eyes of Allah; all non-Muslims are dreadfully guilty, and enemies of Allah (Quran 98:6). Islamists will never disclose this ‘actual Quranic truth’; and, by not clarifying the Islamic meaning of “innocent humans”, they readily cheat and fool non-Muslims big time!

Allah never accepts any other religion than Islam (Quran 3:85). The basic ‘mantra’ of Islam is the divine dictum of ‘Kalima Tyyaba’, which says: “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger”. The very theme of Islam is: Allah is the sole creator of everything on heaven and Earth and Muslims are His only legitimate and righteous people. Remaining all other people (Jews, Christians, Hindus etc.) are simply infidels and hated by Allah. Therefore, in their hearts, Islamists do not recognize any other God or Gods, period.

That is the basic reason why most pure Muslims do not respect other religions; instead, they have ambition to eliminate those, and establish Islam as the sole religion on earth, created and owned by Allah. This is what Holy Quran repeatedly affirms, and pure Muslims, like Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda Jihadis as we as most gullible Muslims, do believe this in their hearts.

Today, Islam is the only religion that largely forbids the free practice of other religions in its midst. Saudi Arabia, the cradle of Islam, never allows the practice of non-Islamic religions. On the contrary, Saudi Arabia is spending tens of billions of petrodollars for spreading Islam all over the world, including America, without any obstacle from western nations. Mind that, this is not an aberrant “radical idea” as the westerners mistakenly like to label it, but the real Islamic belief as per the Holy Quran and Sunnah. This was the basic reason why the Prophet of Islam declared war against his former polytheistic coreligionists of Mecca and Arabia, and relentlessly fought at least 78 battles killing thousands of unbelieving pagans.

Therefore, unbelievers—namely Idolaters-Hindus, animists, polytheists, Buddhists, and all people of the Book, namely Christians and Jews—are not at all “innocent” in Islam; they are prime enemies of Islam. In this modern age of Islamic Jihad, orchestrated by Osama bin Laden and like-minded Jihadi groups worldwide, Islamists see the West, in general, and Israel and America, in particular, as the prime enemies of Islam. To these militant Jihadis, it is alright to kill all non-Muslims in order to coerce them to Islam or subject to Islamic rule. Islam is the most violent and intolerant religion existing on earth!

The Deception of Inter-faith Dialogue

After the latest arrest in New York, Islamists immediately called for an “interfaith dialogue”. These so called “Inter-faith meetings and congregations”, that mushroomed after the 9/11 attacks, are nothing but deception of Islamists, to avert repercussions against Muslim immigrants of the West, as Muslims engage in treacherous plots and terrorists activities one after another. This, in fact, is a historical technique of war widely practiced by Prophet of Islam and his followers to fool the infidels since the 7th century. The Prophet had said: “war is a deception.” The present-day Islamists also employ the same technique of deception. Whenever, Muslims are arrested for terrorism, or caught red-handed for hatching a terror plot, cunning Islamists will immediately come out in force, and beat the drum saying: “Islam has nothing to do with terrorism. Quran never allows killing any innocent human, Islam is a religion of peace!” Muslims in general will mostly deny or repudiate that true Muslims can engage in terrorism. Others will call interfaith dialogue to dispel the infidel’s misunderstanding about Islam, as well as, likely negative repercussions. This is only a ploy to cover up the real face of Islam, to fool western media and useful idiots.

And as usual, right after latest arrests in New York, CAIR and other hypocritical Muslim Imams called for an inter-faith meeting in NYC. CAIR also released a press statement to denounce religious hatred orchestrated by those four converted Muslims. CAIR applauded the FBI, the New York Police Department and other law enforcement agencies that took part in foiling this dreadful conspiracy of mass destruction. A mullah, Imam Souleimane Konate Masjid Aqsa in Harlem, stated: “We are here to condemn this act of terrorism because the act does not have anything to do with Islam. Islam is based on peace, tolerance, brotherhood and love.” He added: “You must learn Islam from the right source. The Koran gives no permission to kill in the name of Allah.”

Is that true? Islam is a religion of peace and harmony? There can be no lie bigger than Imam Konate’s statement: he would easily defeat Gobbles, the greatest liar in history. Fact is: the Quran is replete with Allah’s clarion calls to kill and maim non-Muslims. Read this essay, Islam is a Manual of Terror, to understand what I am saying here.

See the level of these taqiyah (deception) artists’ dishonesty. Allah forbade Muslims even to pray for dead non-Muslims (Quran 9:84)! In fact, there is a mandatory supplication, which Muslims must recite as they hear news of the death of a non-Muslim, urging Allah to throw the dead infidel to the pit of hellfire. This is the mindset of devout Muslims, but they will play their ‘cheating art’ of Islam’s alleged tolerance of living with non-Muslims; they will lie and cheat 100% in these so-called inter-faith meetings: a mockery and deception to fool the gullible westerners in the guise of inter-faith meetings!

These deceptive Muslims are actually following the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad. The Prophet did exactly the same in his life-time: when he relocated to Medina from his hometown of Mecca in 622, he fooled the affluent Jewish tribes there in the name of “peace treaty” with them, which was only to buy time to build up his support and power-base, which he achieved by luring the poor vagabond Bedouins with booty (spoils of wars) from his holy wars. And when he, thus, gained enough strength, he attacked those affluent Jewish tribes with full force. Between 624 and 627, the Prophet exterminated the Jews from Medina by exiling or killing them en masse, and enslaved women and children (Islamic booty), and occupied their lands and properties. The pious Muslim immigrants are trying to employ the same technique today in their adopted western countries. While true Muslims can no way respect or tolerate another faith or unbelievers (Quran: 3:85, or ask the Saudis), which the radicals do, the deceptive tacticians use the card of false Islamic tolerance and respect for others, which will remain the strategy until Muslims gain enough strength in their host nations.

As it is difficult for westerners to understand the Muslim mind, many readers may find it hard to grasp what I say. Only ex-Muslims like me, who understand the mindsets of Islamists, can tell for sure what Muslims are after. They will continue playing this nonsense “inter-faith dialogue” game to fool their host nations, and when they have grown in number as they breed at high rate, they will change the name of the game; they will show their real face.

The ultimate goal of the modern-day jihadis is to convert, and bring entire mankind under the fold of Islam, the “Only true religion of Allah” [Q 8:39]. That is why, Islamic terrorists get silent “nod of consent” from the wider Muslim community, while deceptive Islamists try to downplay it and engage in the “interfaith dialogue” game to buy time. The articulate educated Muslims have two-faces: to western media, they profess, as though, they oppose terrorism, but in private, they all espouse global dominance, whether achieved through ‘violent jihad’ or any other means. This deceptive game to fool others is allowed, indeed prescribed, in Islam as discussed above.

Cunning Islamists like Imam Souleimane Konate will continue fooling Jewish and Christian religious leaders and other ignorant westerners by calling useless inter-faith meetings, but, at the same, they continue teaching numerous hateful, coercive and belligerent Quranic verses and Sunnah (Hadiths) that breed Islamic terrorists: they will never proscribe those teachings, or forbid Muslims not to learn those.

As per the Quranic teachings, Muslims generally consider western life-style immoral, and abhorrent; they can not assimilate into western life for their belief in Islam. Instead, they solemnly expect and wish that, sooner or later, their western hosts will start emulating the Muslim life-style, thus, fulfilling Allah’s wish to turn the entire world to Islam—the only true religion.


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