I am a bit late in reading this wonderful book by M. A. Khan. The book "Islamic Jihad" is a giant step by the author, and it can be summarized by one word: "Masterpiece"!

This book has taken a unique look at Islamic history from the birth of Islam to the present, which is nothing but Arab imperialism in the garb of a religion. The name, “Islamic Jihad - a Legacy of Force Conversion, Imperialism, and Slavery”, is highly appropriate & justified for this book. All the different chapters have been described very eloquently, adequately, impartially, yet in brief manners, and relatively unbiased. The author has brought the Islamic historical truth from the mouths of many highly reliable referees, including Islam's historical intellectuals (like Al-Beruni, Ibn Battutah), who accompanied those ancient Arab invaders/brigands, or came as travelers, or those, who worked as secretaries of the Royal Courts of the Sultans and Emperors (Hasan Nizami, Amir Khasrau, Ziauddin Barani), and even the rulers themselves (Sultan Firoj Tughlaq, Emperor Babur and Jahangir) -- who witnessed and recorded the horrific incidents that were the norm in those days of horrendous Muslim cruelties, especially in the Indian Subcontinent, and other South East Asian territories.

Among the various pertinent chapters, the most vividly described chapter is the “Islamic Slavery”, which most modern people are quite ignorant about and will enlighten them about how Muslims were the forerunners in the ancient slavery business. When comes the subject of human slavery, the modern world will only talk about American slavery because that is the only history of slavery they know about. Surprisingly, the history of American slavery is almost nothing when compared to Islamic slave-trade, which was a made super-attractive and profitable income source for the marauding Arab jihadi invaders. Although, human slavery was a common practice of all ancient civilizations, the Arab-Islamic civilization had thoroughly institutionalized the enslavement of defeated non-Muslims everywhere they went. These invading Arab Muslims practiced this in inhuman slavery of human persons very extensively, and of course, by the holy decree of the Koran given by the Merciful Allah of Islam. Slavery was so rampant during the entire period of Islamic imperialism that this inhuman enslavement was established as the most common profitable and halal business in all parts of the Islamic world.

The birth of the famed Arab “Harems” (prison-camp for young women) was most likely the ultimate byproduct of this heinous human slavery. The number of war-captives, predominantly young beautiful women, used to be so large in supply that every Arab King, Generals, Arab sheikhs, affluent Muslims needed to maintain a Harem to accommodate the large numbers of enslaved concubines they used to receive from invaded lands.

The most important and highly intriguing history is: Islam actually was able to establish a wide-spread slavery business, which involved even many European white people who were captured by Arab raiders and their proxies from Europe, and brought to the Arab world as slaves. This slavery and concubine business was made so lucrative that even the European Viking plunderers joined into this immoral and unethical human slave-trade; they used to raid and capture beautiful and young white women from European villages for selling them as concubines (very high in demand for the Arab Harems) to Arab traders. Before the Europeans started engaging in slave-trade for supplying them to North America, Arab Muslim enslavers had established themselves as the vicious slave-hunters in Africa and elsewhere. European traders obtained their supply of African black slaves from these Muslim slave-hunters and sent them across the Atlantic. Sanctified by the Koran and initiated by the holy Prophet Muhammad, slavery, in reality, never stopped in the Muslim world until Western pressure suppressed the practice. Yet, slavery still exists in different forms in many Muslim nations today, particularly in Saudi Arabia, Mauritania and Sudan.

This book is a must read for those, who have limited knowledge about Islam’s past, and especially, those who want to know about unknown chapter of Islam’s expansion of slave-trade over vast parts of the world, and the role of this mighty tactic of Islamic enslavement of the defeated non-Muslims in their unconditional conversion to Islam to swell the Muslim population.

This eloquently written book must be read by all Indians, especially all Hindus and Buddhists to know how their ancestors were brutally attacked, subjugated, massacred, enslaved, and many of them converted to Islam to save their lives. I am totally convinced that the majority of today’s Muslim populations in the Indian Subcontinent are the descendants of enslaved innocent Hindus or Buddhists by Islamic invaders and rulers.

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