Minorities looking for justice, as they pass their days in fear...

On July 25, Muslims attacked four Hindu houses and ransacked the local temple in the Charsindhu Village in Narsangdi District in Bangladesh.

Late on Saturday night, a group of armed Muslims attacked the local Hindu temple and four nearby Hindu homes, according to victim Onjoli Bormon.

Onjoli Bormon, belonging to minority Hindu community, said, “A group of armed Muslims came and attacked our temple, and as we ran to save the temple, the perpetrators attacked us and our homes.”

In the attack, five persons – Mr. Dirandra chondro Bormaon, Ms. Onjoli Bormon, Ms. Nioti Bormon, Mr. Hironi Bormon and Sunil Bormon – were seriously injured.

Some of them got admitted in a local hospital, said Onjoli.

According to locals, Muslims attacked the Hindus to grab a piece of land housing Hindu Crematorium.

Annie Halder, a Catholic human rights activist, said, “Attacks on different Hindu minorities are rising all over the country; this is really alarming. We highly condemn attacks the minority Hindu families.”

Local police said, “We are doing our best to trace the people behind this attack and already we have insure the security of the minorities in that area.”

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