Bill Warner

There is an enormous irony contained in the Boston Marathon bombing. When the jihadi Tsarnaev brothers carjacked a Mercedes, it had a Coexist bumper sticker.

The Coexist bumper sticker is the religious symbol of the multicultural crowd -- you know -- all religions are the same. Well, the leading symbol of those who want to Coexist is the star and crescent Islam. And exactly how well has Islam coexisted with all the others? What kind of neighbor has Islam been over history?

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Islam is introducing Sharia into America under the guise of religious freedom. We are told that Sharia is religious law and, therefore, we should not worry about it. This is, at best, a half-truth.

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Estimated 270 million killed by Jihad and counting.

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Sharia, the Islamic legal code, is devoted to regulating the life of Muslims in every detail --- sex, food, art, business, education, prayer, manners, speech and how to think and not to think. All aspects of life---religion, politics, ethics, culture---are within the bounds of Sharia. It is the operating manual for a complete civilization. And the civilization of Sharia is not just different, it contradicts our civilization.

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Ali Sina, Abul Kasem, Robert Spencer, and Bill Warner et al. top the list alongside Bin Laden and Mulla Omar...

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