Let us celebrate the concept of "free will" and embrace enlightenment and freedom of the human mind as our basic rights and stand united against spiritual terrorists, who aim to enslave and subjugate the enlightened humanity...

"Religion" creates the ‘disease’ and then provides a 'cure' which, in reality is no cure at all…!!! But it serves as a placebo designed to keep the human mind enthralled to the same shared ideology for all eternity, if possible if we have free will.

If we have free will, then we are also free not to believe in the male Jewish-Arab God/Allah or Jesus in the first place …without risking eternal hellfire or any other sadistic punishments by the megalomaniac and tyrannical Almighty.

We can be free not to believe in some hallowed god person, separate and apart from his wretched creations, but, rather than, to perceive the entire cosmos as solely divine and mystical...

Out of our free will, we can choose not to harm other sentient beings (and even humans), regardless of what their religious leaders beckon them to do... We can choose to reject being part of a herd of panicky sheep that turn into raving wolves when it benefits them.

Out of free will, we can be "free agents", who do not belong to religious cult-beliefs of any sort... Indeed, without "God's famous plan", we can be free to create our own visions of life, one of a world not divided by such spurious creeds based in myths and patriarchal belief systems, used to justify racism and sexism…

With our boundless free will, we can create a harmonious unified humanity. Free of from all ‘god-addictions’, we can be free to indeed just to be ...human!

It is time for the world to wake up to these monogamous manipulations of both the history-hungry political leaders and the religious zealots on this planet Earth... When it comes to politics and religion, the fanatics’ religious audacity in either arena will always interpret incidents in a light, favorable to only themselves, at the expense of the naive and uneducated followers...

It is easy for a person in hindsight to construe a world event in a manner to fit his or her compelled belief-system, and it is even easier for politicos, priests or government agencies to create history in order to suit their provocative thoughts or even prove their chosen faith, creed or party, to be ever righteous.

Whatever the case may be…, the world suffers from it, because of such fabricated and puffed-up renditions of reality, which are exploitative, and, repeatedly, lead to bloody discords and warfare.

There can be no peace on Earth, if everything is constantly being viewed through the muddy, murky lenses of belief-systems, and these belief systems as they apply to "religion" are no different than their selfish greed of power and lusts.

It is our destiny to become more universal in our perspectives and behavior, perceiving the cosmos as one, yet filled with unique and marvelous creatures... And this prophecy must come true, or we will face an apocalyptic nightmare of our own makings, the so-called “End Times” also laid out in the Bible/Quran/Torah, as a blueprint in ‘Revelations’ that far too many millions of people are enthusiastic about bringing to pass.

As they are currently presented ...many religious holidays are just plain bogus celebrations, in that they do not really represent the days sacred to God. There are many people, who can see the ethnocentricity and the bigotry involved in these festive holidays; however, even they may go along with them, perhaps, thinking that if there is at all an anthropomorphic deity somewhere "out there", they may also be able to win points in his holy Book of Life and Death. Let us develop or re-develop truly our universal holidays not based on how many other cultures we have trounced, or how many people we have slaughtered, or even the day "our Lord" was viciously murdered or our prophet suffered martyrdom, or some other such violent and life-denying thing. Let us abandon such ugly concepts and instead create beautiful celebrations of humankind, the rest of the natural world and the awesome vastness of the cosmos since the origin of their creations.

As I wonder:

Why would God create human beings in this manner?

Why then does the all-powerful Lord of the cosmos need to engage in the human sacrifices in order to fix his creatures, which are poorly created by him in the first place?

Can the Almighty not just snap his fingers and change humanity, forever?

If mankind's so-called original sin is removed via a mystical and supernatural scapegoat ritual—i.e., the sacrifice of Jesus—why cannot some other mechanism equally as supernatural be utilized …such as that ‘snap of the fingers’?

The Christian baptism, too, is supposed to remove magically the taint of original sin, but, as we can tell from the state of the world, this mystical mumbo-jumbo has little to no effect. If baptism were so effective, then, why to conduct a brutal, bloody and barbaric human-sacrifice ritual: murdering God as his own son?

To those who know the true nature and the potentials of the human being, this "born-in-sin" propaganda ranks as calumny, slander and libel against the innocent new-born—pure and simple. Human beings are not-born in sin; therefore, there is no need for a savior of any kind. It is by these crippling beliefs, in the first place, that humanity becomes sickened enough psychologically and spiritually in order to need a savior to fix it. In other words, the religion creates the disease and then provides a cure, which in reality is no cure at all. Instead, it serves as a placebo, designed to keep human mind enthralled to the same mystic ideology for all eternity if possible, while fervent believers bleat and wail about ‘witchcraft’, à la "Harry Potter" for example. The typical prayer-rituals represent mere voodoo and witchcraft itself, as the person, praying, is attempting to affect, supernaturally, some aspects of life, be it a global concern or a personal worry, such as the status of an "unsaved" loved one. In other words, a Christian, fervently praying for the soul of another, haughtily believes that he or she is "saved" and is superior in the matter of prayers, having a direct pipeline to the "right" God. Is there a difference between him/her and a Pagan or Wiccan—despite these fallacious claims otherwise—except that the intent of the modern Pagan or Wiccan seldom seems to be one of conceit and arrogance.

Our curiosity requires us to ask, why Muslims are praying five times a day: For world peace or for global domination, or to top the next guy over in a business deal?

What kind of God needs this sort of prayer several times daily? If God is omniscient, "he" already knows what we want and need. Praying to him becomes an exercise in futility, while a very potent form of mind control in essence.

If God were real and omniscient, this pesky behavior of his could be deemed obnoxious and disrespectful, unless this god is a giant sadist and egoist. “He” is in need of a constant exaltation, praise, groveling, and so on... In that case, however, such a creature could not possibly be considered as God. The bottom-line, then, is that praying for the sake of pleasing a god several times a day is completely unnecessary and useless. Indeed, a case could be made that such prayers are insulting and disrespectful to an omnipotent God, presuming that he needs it for either his egoistic purposes or because he is, in reality, not omniscient and therefore does not already know what we need of him. In this consideration, prayers would be ungodly and unholy, especially bowing several times a day.

People, who claim to be religious, often aren't! Such individuals truly believe that following some doctrine, dogma or egoistic self-appointed "agent of God" makes them religious, when, in fact, following anything, like a brainless sheep, represents the antithesis of a true religion. Not being able to think for yourself is not a mark of great religious piety, but a sign of being cut off from creativity, the potential for which we are endowed with. A person, blindly following the uncreative life prescribed by a religious doctrine, can’t get closer to the Creator, if he exists. Instead, he/she is, in reality, dead in the supposed Creator’s creative life-force, and, thus, stands apart from the Omnipotent…

In fact, not knowing yourself represents the unenlightenment; enlightenment is a potential every human is naturally endowed with. The whole point of life for us—which one may call religion—is become enlightened, awakened, and fully-developed individuals, who take responsibilities for themselves and do not pass it on someone else’s shoulders, whether a savior, messiah or father-god. A religion that causes one to become crippled, self-mortifying and self-deprecating is not a religion, but a system of controlling the masses through psychological deformation and retardation.

Despite the strides made in past centuries, the non-religionists, freethinkers and unbelievers still remain under constant assaults from these religious fanatics and maniacs, who, given a chance, would terrorize and enslave mankind. And they continue attempting to silence us with their holy laws, designed to make criminals out of innocent human beings, if we object to their archaic, brutal and backward religious doctrines: we would be butchered and slaughtered as a means for them to earn free tickets to eternal paradise.

The global political entity, called the United Nations, is currently being hijacked by such would-be spiritual enslavers, who want to outlaw "defamation of religion", and to silence such critics with "anti-blasphemy laws", straight out of the Dark Ages. For this reason, there is an urgency for us all, believing freedom and liberty, to stop our enlightened human civilization from falling to these plotters and manipulators of religious conundrums, who would subjugate us all. All freedom-loving member of our human family must embrace the enlightened ideas of our being, and stand united to make sure that our hard-earned spirit of freedom is not being stamped out by the agents of religious tyranny and fascism. Claim these liberating and free-thought concepts even as your right to religious beliefs, and stand up safeguarding your liberty, freedom and enlightenment for all by confronting the spiritual terrorists, the subjugators, take the basic human rights away from us, whether in the guise of deceitful religious or whatsoever.

There is strength in numbers, and we currently have the numbers to defeat the religious terrorists. So, let us use them wisely and with due haste. We must also do it using wisdom: while we should to be inspired to be passionate in defence against tyranny, we ourselves must not produce tyrants.

There is a feeling of urgency, in the works of many enlightened writers (who write and unmask the religious bigotries and intolerance of hatred of the unbelievers), to confront religious tyranny and spiritual enslavement, as millions of religiously deranged and God-obsessed individuals attempt to crush all aspects of the true human enlightenment and liberty, covering up and subduing all wonder, beauty and awes... If we do not cherish and uphold sacred these basic concepts and ideas of human enlightenment and liberation, we may, very well, find ourselves staring down the black hole of an impending New Dark Age. In the end, it is our sincere desire to impart a sense of delight in the celebration of life that will act as an antidote to darkness, the dire-straits, that lurk at our doorsteps.

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