Open house to render barbaric Islamic justice by the Taliban in Pakistan continues and widens...

“The smell of hatred spreads all over out of your spoiled poisonous words”

Taliban militants on Wednesday amputated the right hands of three alleged thieves in the volatile Orakzai tribal region in northwest Pakistan. They "arrested" Khaista Jan, Azam Shah and Razim Shah in Orakzai Agency 20 days ago on charges of theft, sources said. The militants freed the three men two days ago after chopping off their right hands. They described the ‘amputation as punishment meted out according to Islamic law’. The amputated men were taken to Kohat town in Peshawar-Pakistan and admitted to a hospital, doctors said. Hospital official Musa Khan confirmed the incident and said that doctors were trying to save the men's lives. Orakzai is the latest district in northwest Pakistan's semi-autonomous tribal area to have witnessed an anti-Taliban operation by the military, following US pressure to eradicate extremism.

Washington calls Pakistan's tribal belt the global headquarters of Al-Qaeda and the most dangerous region in the world. Militants in the area are believed to be fuelling the nearly nine-year insurgency in Afghanistan.


THE gruesome incident in which the Islamic militants (Talibans) chopped off the hands of three ‘alleged thieves’ in Orakzai underscores Taliban’s obscurantist agenda. The men, sentenced by a Taliban Shura ‘court’, said they were “innocent and had been targeted by the extremists because they hailed from the same area as a former commander who had parted ways with the militants”. This is entirely believable because the Talibans have physically punished people more to settle scores and terrorize the locals than to dispense anything close to what they perceive as ‘Islamic Justice’. As per the Taliban’s belief, -amputations, floggings, beheadings and other Islamic barbaric acts are acceptable forms of administering Islamic Justice. The Talibans play the part of judge, jury and executioner, highlighting the missing writ of the state in areas where such barbarity exists! Many such incidents are reported by the media have brought the Taliban’s brutal Islamic Punishments into the limelight… The most notorious of these was the flogging of a 17-year-old girl in Swat during the Taliban’s rule over the Swat valley.

While there is no doubt that these brutal punishments are unacceptable in a civilized society, one must ask what the world is doing to curb such barbaric practices that make a mockery of the principles of justice? The writs of the Pakistani government were never very strong in the tribal regions to begin with! But, with the spread of Islamic militancy, it has been eroded even more… This is widely ignored as Islam teaches this, and who’s government is it? It is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan!

‘Yes ISLAM…!!!

The Pakistan Army’s gains against the Islamic Militants (because America has voiced its’ concerns to eradicate Islamic Militancy) must be followed up with effective democratic civilian governance that provides for swift justice, as well as health and education facilities… Even, in settled areas of Pakistan where the process of justice is corrupt and slow, the Islamic extremists and its’ vigilantes are not prevented from taking the law into their own hands. The Talibans have made the civilians as hostage and prelude Koranic interpretations as God’s Law!

Abominable punishments handed down by the Islamic Jirgas (community of Islamic Elders) are not unheard of in this country. The state needs to urgently reform the criminal justice system and remove the Islamic concepts from Islamic Shariah. The Mullahs demand Islamic Justice and the population rightfully tags along them!

I was reading some Islamic Q & As where I happened to come across this:

Q. Is there any evidence in the Quran or Sunnah which supports the chopping of heads on Friday?

A. ‘We’ (Muslims) were instructed to carry out the cutting of hands or heads, stoning people to death, lashing, etc. in public and in the greatest gathering of Muslims, excluding the two Eids and Hajj, is on Fridays. It was the practice of the Prophet (pbuh) to gather as many people from the community to witness the implementation of the Islamic Shariah law. Executing the individual was not just punishment for that individual, but it was also awareness to the people what will happen if they committed the same crime - Bilal Philips.

Bilal Philips proclaimed that “the cutting of hands and heads, stoning of people to death, and lashings are only to be held on Fridays". Since public executions of Muslims are limited to once a week, the Islamic Circle of North America, (ICNA), has established the Muslim Alert Network, to fight against media reporting of Islamist atrocities in negative terms.

One of the distinguishing factors between Islamic Shariah (criminal law) and Western criminal justice is public executions. In the past, the west used to execute people and then they stopped. Afterwards they made an analysis that concluded that, the crime level didn't decrease due to executions, so there was no reason to bring it back.

However in Muslim societies, public executions do keep crime levels down and this is a fact. The barbaric justice is less because the unsettling fear which is used to create awareness of the harsh punishments (by Allah’s commands) will be implemented with out any challenge of Islamic law, where innocence is not heard or investigated but only what the Shura says is ‘good’!

It can be estimated that the population of Saudi Arabia is similar to the population of New York City, but the number of murders which are committed in Saudi Arabia in a year are less than the number of murders which are committed in New York City in a week. One of the key factors for this is the public executions. Indeed nowhere is the claim that "Islam is a mercy for all mankind" better reflected then in the Islamic Shariah Justice System, which only allots one day a week for decapitation, mutilation, stoning, and public lashing.

Philips’ extolled the low crime rate in Saudi society, noting that it had a population equal to New York City but had less murders in a year then NYC has in a week. He stated that "one of the key factors" for this was the Islamist practice of "public executions". Is this a wise justice of a civilized man? Can we accept the gullible justice? Can moral actions make religion a goal?

How sad when religion is based on fallacies!

To me religion is the problem here, a Stone Age mentality. Religion is just the vehicle they use to transport and package that of hate and discriminations. A convenience and a handy tool to input fear of God’s Wraths!!! Nothing compares to religion for massive reach, and relevance.

Pick any politician, singer or actor, many of them have mass appeal, but are irrelevant. The vehicle has to be religious to get your message out. The fact that they drive a particular car doesn't mean they believe in it!
To the Muslims, giving some one 200 lashes that tears open all the skin of the back and leaves the person, (more often than not), with a crippling effect, cutting off the hand of a thief, or stoning a woman half buried in the earth, or the beheadings are a form of entertainment that reaffirms their "Faith" in Islam and the Shariah..

Only a fool would remain a Muslim and that too be foolish enough to go to Mecca for the Hajj with that hanging over his head. Well, what can you expect from those insane megalomaniacs?

No! We are dealing with sick people who are as religious as pigs.  Congregate and Oink!

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