Alexander Maistrovoy

Not only are they ignorant of themselves, they cannot avoid falling into a ditch or stumbling over a rock in the path (perhaps they are bleary-eyed from studying or just absent-minded); yet they claim to know about abstract ideas, universals, separate forms, primary matter, quiddities, and different modes of being – objects so phantasmal I doubt Lynceus himself could make them out.” -- Erasmus, In Praise of Folly (Folly, 56)

"The Peace Process" fell back into coma before coming out of it. No one except Obama and Kerry, of course, expected a different outcome – a miracle of sort.

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The nations of the former Soviet Union experienced the grim consequences of social experiments on their own skin. Western Europe is next.

Marxist dogma suggests that "national question" should be resolved by

  1. "erasing national differences" and the affirmation of internationalism and
  2. the artificial implantation of language and culture of the carrier of the "progressive ideology".

According to Lenin, "international culture of the global labor movement" should be solely based on the great historic culture of Russia.

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For the Arab governments, Israel in, Palestinians out in the quiet...

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Military adventure is often the best option for a despotic regime undergoing fiasco.

“The people crave for the destruction of Israel”. This was the slogan of thousands of Muslims who joined a massive demonstration in Al-Azhar Mosque – the spiritual bastion of the "Muslim Brotherhood" in Egypt. It was the first mass anti-Israel demonstration organized by the "Muslim Brotherhood", the party of Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi. However remarkable this event was, it went nearly unnoticed in the mass media.

Although the official reasons given for organizing the event were the detention of Jerusalem Mufti in Israel and the IDF airstrike in Syria, any other minor event could have been a valid motive.

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Waves of Islamic fundamentalism have engulfed Russia. And Kremlin continues to woo the Islamists with Hamas among them.

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