Dr. Walid Phares

It is unprecedented in American counterterrorism annals: in one day, the nation was dealing with three separate jihadist plots to blow up civilian and other targets inside the homeland. Although the cases were addressed at different time periods by the FBI and other agencies, nevertheless, the thickening web of terror attempts breached the crossing-line of U.S. national security.

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Osama Bin Laden's latest audio-tape suddenly attempts to show the Israel-Palestine conflict as the main reasons for al-Qaeda's 9/11 attacks. Can you guess why this sudden change in tune???

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On the recent war in Gaza between Hamas, the cautious Jihadis, against the Jund Ansar Allah, real Jihadis, in whichn the latter was exterminated by Hamas. And what does it mean???

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Every time a liberal democracy was targeted by Jihadi terror – 9/11, Madrid's trains, London's subways, Holland's Van Gogh assassination, to all other terror-related arrests in France, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Italy, and Denmark – a similar question was repeated senselessly: "Why do they hate us?"
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The renewal of violence in the northern provinces of Nigeria brings this oil producing country to the brink of "Talibanization," threatening not only the precarious ethnic and religious makeup of the most populous African state but also the entire region, from Chad to Senegal.

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