Ironically, honorable Muslims are the worst Muslims; for, they give a bad religion a good name and aid in its continuation. The survival of Islam would be a terrible calamity to befall humanity. These harsh statements are hard facts that the 'good Muslim' ought to consider deeply. This series of articles will attempt to shed light on this reality.   [read in Bangla]

Those folks, who consider themselves to be good Muslims, must be troubled witnessing the constant horrors being created by their co-religionists. Muslims are now commonly viewed by non-Muslims as a dangerous segment of the population, who hold very strange views of the world and their fellow humans. Those non-Muslims, who are well-versed in Islamic theology and the ambitions of the Islamists to institute Sharia law, are right in being mistrustful of the Muslim population.

The horrific state of the Islamic world and the dysfunctional behavior of their co-religionists should awaken the 'good Muslim' consider whether there is something intrinsically wrong with Islam. The 'good Muslim' must ask themselves why their brethren behave so violently toward each other and toward non-Muslims. It should make an honest person wonder whether Islam is truly what it claims to be. It is worth considering this question rigorously, since so many lives are at stake.

We know from Islamic history, and by looking around the world today, that Islam is evidently not a religion of peace. The talk of Islam being the religion of peace is just talk. Islam has long proven itself to be a religion of violence and hatred that commonly inspires its adherents to commit acts of obscene bloodshed and intolerance. In light of all this, it seems that those, who proclaim themselves to be Muslims, would be wise to reexamine the claims of their religion.

Islam has historically created undemocratic societal structures, which are steeped in nepotism and tyranny. Where Islam is the law of the land—that is, lands ruled by Sharia law—it has been devastating to the well-being and civility of its citizenry. Without doubt, Muhammad has betrayed his followers leaving behind an unjust religion (an obvious example being inferior status and rights of women to those of men) producing an untenable mess. It is futile for Islamic apologists to attempt to deny these statements, as the facts speak for themselves.

We know that Islamic terrorism is the result of Muslims acting upon Islamic doctrine. The adherents of no other major religion attempt to settle their real or imagined grievances with such consistent acts of savage violence as do Muslims. Both the Quran and the Sunnah obviate the fact that Muhammad himself was a terrorist, a mass murderer and a robber, who urged his followers to conquer the world by any means necessary. He claimed that this is what his God, i.e. Allah, demands to be done. This Islamic supremacism is sheer barbarism and insanity. Truth be told that radical Muslims are only following in Muhammad’s footsteps and acting upon his commandments.

Though the 'good Muslim' prefer to acknowledge only the peaceful and sane Islamic traditions, the time has come for them to abandon this infantile approach and to stop overlooking the truly dark contents of their religion, and what it demands of them and its negative impact upon humanity. The time has come for Muslims to take off their blinders and to embark upon an objective and critical examination of Islam. The evidence will unmistakably lead them to conclude that Muhammad was a full-blown madman, who deserved to be recorded by history as nothing less than the most notorious criminal and deceitful human being to have ever lived.

The question at hand is whether decent folks, who currently call themselves Muslims, are willing to continue compromise their integrity by practising and promoting Islam, despite knowing many of its horrors. Many educated Muslims are now beginning to realize that adherence to Islam cannot be justified and are discretely walking away from it. It has become clear to them that the founder of Islam, Muhammad ibn Abdullah, was just one more charlatan, who fabricated a religion—a religion, based primarily on fear, hatred and violence, and a most violent one at that.

Islam should rightly be abhorred by all persons of conscience. The 'good Muslim' must decide whether they want to live a lie and go down the dark path of Islam, or make the courageous decision to abandon it entirely and help expose it for what it truly is. It is time for the good Muslims to come to the realization that Muhammad’s Islam, taken in totality, amounts to a colossal fraud and a terribly harmful ideology.

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