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Islam's Halal Sexual Practices

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Islam is the most fun-loving religion as far as sexual activity is concerned. No wonder that it is the fastest growing religion among sex offenders in western prisons...

Muhammad was perfect example of a human being whose life should followed meticulous demands the Quran:

33.21: Mohammed is an excellent role model for you to follow.

3.31: If you love Allah then follow Muhammad and Allah will forgive your sins.

33.36: Rules and examples set by Allah and Muhammad is binding to all Muslims: there are no alternatives.

6.33: Rejecting Muhammad is rejecting Allah.

Therefore, following sunna and examples of the Prophet (PBUH) is mandatory for Muslims. Following them prepares the way, if not guarantees, paradise, whereas rejection of them leads to hell. Thus, it is utmost important to study what sexual practices were carried out by him in his life so that all Muslims can practice those sunnas and follow his footsteps.


muhammad-gaySunan Bayhaqi and Al Halabi

According to this hadith, a  (gay) man named Zahir, who used to say, “The prophet loves me,” said that one day Muhammad crept unawares behind him and put him in a bear-hug. Zahir, alarmed, yelled, “Get off me!” After turning his head and discovering that it was Muhammad, he stopped struggling and proceeded to “push his back into the prophet’s chest.”

Sunan Bayhaqi, which traces to Sunan Abu Dawud (one of the six canonical hadith collections), has Muhammad lifting up his shirt for a man, who proceeded to kiss his entire torso, “from his bellybutton to his armpits.”

Tafsir of al-Qurtubi—an authoritative exegesis in Islam. Aisha said that, one day, while Muhammad was lying naked in bed, Zaid came knocking; Muhammad, without getting dressed, opened the door and “hugged and kissed him”.


Incest with daughters-in-law


Incest with daughters



Pedophile Muhammad

Aya of pedophilia

65.4: If you divorce your (child) wife before she reaches menstruation, the age her idda is three months.

Sunan Nasai Bk of Marriage, No 3256:

A'ishah said: The Apostle of Allah peace be upon him married me when I was six and had sexual intercourse with me when I was nine and I was playing with dolls.

Sunan of Bin Said, which records Muhammad saying: “I hugged so-and-so when she was a child and found that I greatly desired her.”

Musnad of Ahmad bin Hanbal, which records Muhammad seeing a 2-3 year old girl in her mother’s arms. Muhammad was so “impressed” by her that he said, “By Allah, if this girl reaches marrying age and I am still alive, I will surely marry her.”

/muhammad-aisha-pedophileEven babies are halal

Tehriro vasyleh, fourth edition, Qom, Iran, 1990:

A Muslim man can have sexual pleasure with a little girl as young as a baby. But he should not penetrate her vaginally, however he can sodomize her.

Sex with one-day-old bay



Consent of a wife is not the requirement in Islam.

Mishkat, Arabic edition; Babu'n-Nika, p. 671

"When a man calls his wife, she must come, although she be at an oven."

Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 121:

The Prophet said, "If a man wants sex from his wife and she refuse it, then the angels send their curses on er till morning."

Volume 7, Book 62, Number 122:

The Prophet said, "If a woman refuses to have sex with her husband, then the angels send their curses on her till she submits to him."


No less than 20 Islamic sources—such as the hadiths of Ahmad bin Hanbal—relay that Muhammad used to suck on the tongues of boys and girls" (Boutros)

A hadith relayed by Abu Hurreira (deemed an extremely reliable narrator), where Muhammad sucked on the tongues of his cousin (and future caliph) Ali’s two boys, Hassan and Hussein (Boutros).

Musnad of Ibn Hanbal: "Muhammad would not sleep until he sucked the tongue of his daughter Fatima and nuzzled his face in her bosom."



Ref: www.islamic-fatwa.net Question 1809 [After the permanent committee for the scientific research and fatwahs reference number 1809 issued on 3/5/1453 and 7/5/1421 (Islamic calendar)]

As for the prophet, peace and prayer of Allah be upon him, thighing his fiancée Aisha. She was six years of age and he could not have intercourse with her due to her young age and small size. That is why [the prophet] peace and prayer of Allah be upon him placed HIS [MALE] MEMBER BETWEEN HER THIGHS AND MASSAGED IT SOFTLY, as the apostle of Allah had control of his [male] member not like other believers.
(Source: http://www.sout-al-haqe.com/pal/musical/mofak...)


Prophet had nine wives when he died. Quran allows changing of wives at will. The only condition to change your wife is to let her keep what you gifted her (aya 4.20).


34 books, including the Tafsir of al-Qurtubi and Sahih Muslim, record that Muhammad used to fondle, kiss and have sex while fasting (Boutros).


Bukhari Volume 1, Book 6, Number 300:

Narrated Maimuna: Whenever Allah's Apostle wanted any of his wives during the periods (menses), he used to ask her to wear an Izar.

Sunan Abu DawoodBook 1, Number 0272:

Narrated One of the Wives of the Prophet:
Ikrimah reported on the authority of one of the wives of the Prophet saying: When the Prophet wanted to do something (sexual activity) with (his) menstruating wife, he would put a garment on her private part.

Al Suyuti wrote Aisha relayed that Muhammad said to her “Come here,” to which she replied, “But I am menstruating, O prophet of God.” So he said, “Expose your thighs”; she did so and “he proceeded to lay his cheek and chest on her thighs.”


Ahkam al-Koran (v.3, p.444) A woman declared that she used to bring water from a well that had, not just menstruation blood, but dead dogs, and all manner of filth, and give Muhammad to drink.

Sunan Abu Dawood Book 1, Number 270:

Narrated Aisha, Ummul Mu'minin:
One night he entered (upon me) while I was menstruating. He said: Come near me. I said: I am menstruating. He said: Uncover your thighs. I, therefore, uncovered both of my thighs. Then he put his cheek and chest on my thighs.

Abu Dawood, Book 1, Number 67:

Narrated AbuSa'id al-Khudri:
I heard that the people asked the Prophet of Allah: Water is brought for you from the well of Buda'ah. It is a well in which dead dogs, menstrual clothes, and excrement of people are thrown. The Messenger of Allah replied: Verily water is pure and is not defiled by anything.


Sahih Bukhari hadith (v.6, p.2744) relayed by Aisha where she said that, while menstruating, the prophet used to lay his head on her (naked) thighs and recite the Koran.

Bukhari, Volume 1, Book 6, Number 296:

Narrated 'Aisha:
The Prophet used to lean on my thighs and recite Quran while I was in menses.


Allah has allowed a Muslim man to derive pleasure from a woman in any way or form he wants.

2.223: Women are a tilth for you so go to your tilth as ye will.

Bukhari ,Volume 7, Book 62, Number 81:

Narrated 'Uqba:
The Prophet said: "you are given the right to enjoy women's private parts.”


Bukhari,Volume 7, Book 62, Number 48:

Narrated Hisham's father:
Khaula bint Hakim (who was prophet’s aunt according to Musnad Ahmed) was one of those ladies who presented themselves to the Prophet. 'Aisha said, "Doesn't a lady feel ashamed for presenting herself to a man?"


Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 24:

A woman came to Allah's Apostle and said, "O Allah's Apostle! I have come to give you myself.”

Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 54:

“A woman presented herself to the Prophet.”

Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 58:

Narrated Sahl bin Sad:
A woman came to Allah's Apostle and said, "O Allah's Apostle! I have come to you to present myself to you.”

CONTINUOUS ACTIONBukhari, Volume 1, Book 5, Number 268:

“Prophet was given the sexual strength of thirty men”.

Apostle could make love continuously to all his eleven wives in one night.


Islam allows sex with your slave girls and any one who agrees to offer herself with money (muta) (ayas 4.3, 4.24,23.6,33.50,70.30).

The History of Tabari, vol. 8, p. 29-30:

From his own slave girls Prophet gave his son-in-law, Ali a slave girl, Raytah bt Hilal to enjoy her at his will. He also presented Uthman b. Affan, his son-in-law, another slave girl Zainab b. Hayan, and bestowed another girl (name unknown) to his father in-law Omar Ibn Khattab. Omar gave that girl to his son Abdullah. Most of Prophet's other elite companions received slave girls as gifts.


The best “perk” of Islam is to kill an infidel and enjoy his wife and daughters.

Muhammad party, sex slaves

Ibn Hisham, p. 766:“Safiyah was captured in the Khaibar raid and was claimed by the apostle as his share of booty.. She was then seventeen. She was groomed and made-up for the Prophet by Umm Sulaim, the mother of Anas ibn Malik. They spent the night there”.

"Sirat e Rasulullah" by Ishaq, p. 464:

After 800-900 male adults of Bani Quraiza were beheaded in batches, and thrown in trenches dug in Madina, the apostle divided their property, wives and children as booty... He took Rayhana d. Amr b. Khunafa for himself.

Bukhari Volume 5, Book 59, Number 512:

Narrated Anas:
The Prophet had their men killed, their offspring and woman taken as captives. Safiya was amongst the captives, She first came in the share of Dahya Alkali but later on she belonged to the Prophet.

Bukhari, Volume 3, Book 46, Number 717:

Narrated Ibn Aun:
Prophet had suddenly attacked Bani Mustaliq without warning while they were heedless and their cattle were being watered at the places of water. Their men were killed and their women and children were taken as captives; the Prophet got Juwairiya on that day.

The History of Tabari, vol. 8, p. 29-30:

From his share of captive women, prophet gave his son-in-law, Ali a slave girl, Raytah bt Hilal to enjoy her at his will. He also presented Uthman b. Affan, his son-in-law, another slave girl Zainab b. Hayan, and bestowed another girl (name unknown) to his father in-law Omar Ibn Khattab. Omar gave that girl to his son Abdullah. Most of Prophet's other elite companions received slave girls as gifts.


Islam is the most fun-loving religion as far as sexual activity is concerned. No wonder that it is the fastest growing religion among sex offenders in western prisons.

Daily Record.co.uk,
Apr 7 2008,
Exclusive by Amy Devine

A pedophile has converted to Islam and changed his name behind bars. Paul Falconer, 40, now insists bosses at Peterhead prison call him Mohammed.

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oh f....this is a thermonuke bomb...alhamdullillaa
written by oh f....this is a thermonuke b , October 03, 2009
oh f....this is a thermonuke bomb...alhamdullillaahhhh
pls drop more thermonukes like this,i am sure islam will be destroyed soon.

i am ex-muzzie for many yrs from 1992.

i read chapter 2 and found allah made man from mud/drit [ a falsehood as man is evoled and proven ] and then asked his angels to bow to

bit iblis did not saying man is inferiopr,so allah put him out of jannat and said he will torbemt man as satan.

why the f a loving god wud punish innocent humanity for no reason,this was why i left islam.

but this is a real f-ing nuke man.

keep up the divine work.
written by Plain Talk , October 03, 2009
Why does the blame go to God? Put the blame where is belongs......man.

Why would mankind allow this? Many reasons, all not good.
Now I See
written by Truth Detector , October 03, 2009
I can now understand why rapists, murderers, and wife beaters serving time in prisons make the best candidates to Islam, and why Muhummad is their hero.
written by a guest , October 03, 2009
Islam Will Enter Every House in America
A growing number of Latinos have opted for conversion to Islam as a return to the roots of Hispanic culture. Across the country, their number ranges from 40 to 70 thousand.


read my blog, read how islam will win the
clash of civilization.

written by m.m , October 03, 2009
Ali Khalaf has given the referances from all the authetic books of Islam.Is there any muslim who can refute these referances? If any muslim could not,then their is no reason not to believe that muslims are brain washed and are brain dead zumbies.How they can believe to such a crap?Why don,t they ashamed to call the Mohd rahmat-ul-almeen?how he can be a human being?according the Hadiths he was a cruel person rape the helpless womens.Islam is curse upon the humanity.
written by Someone , October 03, 2009
You might wanna cite a source next time buddy. I really can't believe latinos of all people would convert to Islam. They have a rich enough culture as it is, and none of it is because of Islam.
written by JohanM , October 03, 2009
Islam is devoid of any spirituality. It is a total Male Oriented religion where all the booty goes to the man and women are just there to follow....
to anonymous
written by Plain Talk , October 03, 2009

Truth will enter every household in the world. A growing number of people are very aware and waking up.
Across the world, they number in the hundreds of millions.

Smell the coffee and abandon evil.
Read the signs.
Very well rounded man
written by George , October 03, 2009
I have to agree that prophet of islam was a very well rounded and very capable man. No wonder muslims rever nd love him so much and are willing to die for him.
written by Vijay , October 03, 2009
I loved the cartoons. Well researched article. I bet muslims will love it.
Need more references
written by Ref , October 03, 2009
Ali Khalaf wrote:
Sunan Bayhaqi and Al Halabi
According to this hadith, a (gay)
Sunan Bayhaqi, which traces to Sunan Abu Dawud
Tafsir of al-Qurtubi

Dear Ali Khalaf, you references are far from accurate and not enough to be considered as scientific prooves. You need to mention what is the complete title of the Islamic book(s), who published it, what year, what page did you quote, what is the number of the hadith, what is the arabic script of it, and how did you find the English translation out of it, etc.? If you want to attack Islam, your article and references should be bullet-proof.
written by Ali Khalaf , October 04, 2009
Bulk of quotes are from quran and hadiths which are available on internet. The remainder are from writings of egytion islam scholar Boutros . I agree that he mentiomed only the source and not further details but to most readers further details are of no help since those books are in arabic and are rarely available . Even if you disregard those not easily available sources and count only quran and sahih hadiths, Mo was a rapist, pedophile,polygamist, incestuous man who loved to fool around with mentruating women and drank water mixed with menstrual blood and filth.
Translations of Hadiths
written by Mamdouh , October 04, 2009
Islamic heirarchy prevented translating the details of life of Mohammed from classic arabic and only translated selected good hadiths . Only in late 20th century many were translated in entirety. Mohsin Khan and Siddiqui translated Bukhari and Muslim hadiths in entirety, Ibn Ishaq was translated by University of Oxford and Tabari was translated bu Univ of New York. A lot of hadiths are stll in arabic and untranslated. However a picture of Mo which is indicated by the ambiguos confused and and haphazard quran wihout chronology or context eavolved very clearly in hadiths and siras. Remember, all these writings are by believing muslims and must be heaviky biased in Prophet's favour. If he was this bad in the words ofbiased believers, imagine how worse he must have been in actuality.
written by vinod , October 04, 2009
Actually 6.33 says: We know well how their talk grieveth thee, though in truth they deny not thee (Muhammad) but evil-doers flout the revelations of Allah. (source skeptics annotated quran)

Could the writer of this article please explain why he thinks that 6.33 means: "Rejecting Muhammad is rejecting Allah."??? Because i find this particular verse difficult to understand and interpretate.

I looked up the other 3 verses and they seem to be more or less accurately translated on this website
written by Ali Khalaf , October 04, 2009
6.33:Literal translation is: it is not you that they deny, but it is the Verses of Allah that they deny. That basically means "rejecting Mo is rejecting Allah". If you look another similar verse , it says " Obeying Mohammwd is Obeying Allah "4.80

If you look at 10 translations at quranbrowser.com, you find some differences. I try to give the intent of the verse.
written by vinod , October 06, 2009
@ Ali Khalaf
Thanks for the explanation. I still think that verse 6.33 is not a great example because it is vague and difficult to understand (and the muslim apologists will exploit that) but verse 4.80 is very clear and a much better example, thanx for that.
stupid peole
written by filthy dumbass , October 07, 2009
obviously all you stupid people who left thier non educated ideas of what they think islam is needs to go and read the bible!!!!! and keep your filthy mouth shut on what you think religion is. so go and educate yourselves instead of reading pathetically written articles. forget AIDS researchers should find a cure for stupidity!!!!
Quran and Bible
written by John , October 08, 2009
Bible does not say Jesus is allowed to fuck all his many wives, slave girls,captured women, first cousins and any woman who offers herself to him like Quran says that Mohammed is allowed to do all that in aya 33.50.
References for French Kissing
written by islam makes me sick , October 29, 2009
Fantastic site. Thank you very much.

Please could someone post the hadith references of muhammad (may he be damned in hell for eternity), for the "French Kissing" section?

If the references in the haidths could be posted for atleast some of the vile acts below:

"No less than 20 Islamic sources—such as the hadiths of Ahmad bin Hanbal—relay that Muhammad used to suck on the tongues of boys and girls" (Boutros)

A hadith relayed by Abu Hurreira (deemed an extremely reliable narrator), where Muhammad sucked on the tongues of his cousin (and future caliph) Ali’s two boys, Hassan and Hussein (Boutros).

Musnad of Ibn Hanbal: "Muhammad would not sleep until he sucked the tongue of his daughter Fatima and nuzzled his face in her bosom."

muhammad the last prophet of aalah was free from sins
written by saddam , November 07, 2009
i dont think its true about gaiety in islam its totally haraam. concern books not this stupid site
written by ARMY OF JESUS IS ISLAM , November 12, 2009
written by abdul aziz , December 01, 2009
We believe that Islam is the one of the truth, and we must learn Islam totally (kafah).
Beware of zionist, the enemy of the world!
its a propiganda about islam
written by zulfiqar ali , December 05, 2009
you cant read properly about islam islam is the best religion i challenged you i prove this site is false and make for blured islam image i challenged all of you come face me if this is true you have no common sence your brains are stain boxes i love islam i love mohammad peace be upon him always understand bloody idiot.
Only Morons Would Believe Such Lies
written by Majed , December 17, 2009
I could not believe what I read on this idiotic post which I came across accidentally. All the lies spewed on this site are easy to identify and focus on myths about Islam and Mohammad. Any objective reader with a mind would dismiss this rubbish. Face it, Islam is the fastest spreading religion becasue of the simplicity of its message, the good nature of teaching, respect of elders, love for humanity and peace. Stop the lies and open up your mind. Other readers, you are much smarter than this. Do your own research and verify such lies. They are just that, lies.
Islam is the fastest spreading religion because of the simplicity of its message
written by Zeeshan A Khan , January 08, 2010
Islam is the fastest spreading religion because of the simplicity of its message, the good nature of teaching, respect of elders, love for humanity and peace. Stop the lies and open up your mind. Other readers, you are much smarter than this. Do your own research and verify such lies. They are just that, lies.
all references from SUNNI texts
written by h , May 20, 2010
u stupid jerk sunnis, the person gave all examples from ur books. valid references! i want to kill all of u...
written by Hina Afzal , May 23, 2010
Allhamdullah i m a MUSLIM.and m PROUD to b.y r u ppl after islam.and describin it in unpleasant way.the reality is nt wat the shitty things u hav written above.....AND U THNK U PPL WANT FREEDOM OF SPEECH......Y FREEDOM OF SPEECH FOR ONLY DESCRIBIN ISLAM...THERE R MANY OTHER RELEGIONS AS WELL......Y DNT U RIT ON CHRISTIANITY,BUDDISM.JAISM.HINDUISM....................U PPL R SIMPLYY NT SUPOSE TO DO DS....
written by Hina Afzal , May 23, 2010
u r simply changing the verses of Holy quran.......no matter wat u rit...evry 1 knows the truth......this is just becoz u ppl want to provok tthe MUSLIMS......and want them to fight.....
bt u ppl wont succeed
written by hassan , May 23, 2010
INSHALLAH on the day of judgement wn u ppl will b thrown into the fire of hell...THEN U WL GET TO KNOW WHO WS WRITE AND HOWS RONG.........
written by hassan , May 27, 2010
u ppl can do nthng xcept.BLAMING MUSLIMS.........HUH HUH......
Religious Expert
written by Kenny Duit , June 24, 2010
Islam is the fecal matter only fit for uneducated camel humpers.

Mohammad was a self-serving warlord who was gay and a pedophile.

Every muslim is a terrorist in their hearts.

Let's get together and drop a "Pig Fat" bomb on Mecca!

May the fleas of a thousand camels nest in your armpit and all your food be cooked in pig fat.
That is what happens to muslims in the USA. When we see a muslim ordering food, we rub pig fat on it.
You will all go to hell with pig fat on your lips and pig fat in your stomachs.
It exudes from your pours and you smell like the pigs you are!
written by Yasmine , July 05, 2010
Please stop this hate mongering most Muslims are ordinary people getting on with their lives and Mohammed was NOT gay, stop gay bashing and how dare you insult pigs! They are very intelligent animals.
Mohammed's incest relationship with his own daughter-in-law
written by Sunny , July 06, 2010

Not sure whether Mohammed was Gay or not; but surely he ended up marrying his own daughter-in-law, didn't he?

and he married her for what?
Big lies
written by Ishmael , July 17, 2010
Complete nonsence. I beleive those who wrote this article are paid well to spread false information about Islam. For those of you who don't know much about Islam; dont you be mislead by hypocrates and ignorants who wrote this article and publish this website. You better research for propper info about Islam on authentic websites like www.islamonline.net
this is false information
written by aaisha , July 22, 2010
this is total false information ,, muhammad peace be upon him was not at all the way that you have mentioned it ...
if anyone is interested please take reference from holy book and from muslims ... the information in this site is a desperate attempt to tarnish the prophet's image and ISLAM. i think if u dont like a religion then fine ,, done like it but doing such a thing is a very desperate attempt... i think watevr religion u r following... if u could have spent time finding facts abt that,,, it might have helped you ... if u believe in jesus or moses or budha or anyone else,,, i think none of these ppl used such ways of either promoting their doctrine,, neither they wud have set any such example.
plz people islam duznt promote homosexuality,, neithr incest ,, neither sex during pregnancy,, neither of any crap that is mentioned.
written by aaisha , July 22, 2010
sorry i said sex during pregnancy,, i meant sex during mensturation...
written by kate , July 22, 2010
this is such false information and truly a mixed up out of context and hap hazard information given.. Mohammad was not the man showcased here... im very shocked to see if some1 can really do this on purpose.. when i have seen and read that in islam women are treated with great respect and things like incest and homosexuality .... oh my god ...this is not atall the real islam n neither did Mohammad ever promoted such things....the authors should be ashamed of their work ... i would just say little information is dangerous..
written by nabeel , July 24, 2010
You are spreading absolutely wrong information, and misguiding the world regarding Islam. Muhammad (PBUH) was a very pious and modest man, and has never done any of these deeds. Your references are all false/
Please remove this false information, and ask for forgiveness to the Almighty ALLAH.....and save yourself from the hell !
stop shitting
written by islam , July 30, 2010
stop shitting which is coming out of your mind... actually u r those who have shits in there minds.. so they spread it out... MOHAMMAD P.B.U.H is the most pious and modest man.. this is the reason that Islam is entering in yours homes... and only ALLAH is the one who raises and give falls to people... u guys are non muslim... u are seriously the hell material.. and at the day of judgement u will have to pay for your sins.. this world is hell for muslims because GOD has heaven for them... and this world is heaven for u... because GOD has hell for u on the day of judgement... dont missguide others.. coz your missguidance doesnt works ...
written by islam , July 30, 2010
and who the hell are you to touch these pious books.. and if you had touched them.. kindly present correct information... Islam dosent allow sex during pregnancy and mensuration period.. and dont u dare to take the name of the pious HAZRAT AYESHA ... she is among the lady leaders of heaven.. May ALLAH rest their soul in peace in heaven.. and save their honor.. from these evil souls... actually they are depressed nation... every third person in their country is suiciding because of the burden of sins ... and after reading true Islam they are accepting it... thats y they used to shit out their depression..
You so don't know the final messenger
written by summer , August 05, 2010
Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah who came after Jesus peace be upon them both. Even if you try to defame Him ALlah is ensuring the growth of his piety and honest character and genuity.Good luck trying to destroy the Light of Allah and goodluck defaming his Pious messengers -you will end up where all the rejecters end up-in the pits of hellfire.
mohammad a great man??????/
written by gcr , September 19, 2010
All you who think Mohammad was such a great man, really fearful for you blindness. He was a great follower of Lucifer, the star of the morning, the angel of light.....the one who said he wanted to be 'like the Most High', so he made himself a counterfit 'god'. And Mohammad became his method of spreading falsehood in the world. Wake up and learn for yourself.
written by rational thinker , October 04, 2010
Where and how you people find time for these type of reserch and writings. If you(this website people both writers and supporters of this website) are finding time and means to do all this work then sure this work is being funded for spreading vested interests. Vested interests are always thoroughly biased against others. And there lies your credibility and that of your work.
Regarding the religions and prophets my take is "this universe creator or i may call it NATURE to be nuetral, has its own ways of propagating, spreading the message of Good and bad. We are in no way in control of it. We can write a thousand articles but the truth will always be the truth. That truth is Good will prevail over bad finally. I might be sounding utopian but i request you all to invest your time and effort in being good, if not to others atleast to yourself. Dont spread hatred, if someone is spreading it, you send the peace message to him. This is the real message of Human religion, Humanity.

Pls dont comment or reply ...i may never read it...
written by Muhammad Khan , October 09, 2010
In the Divine Religion of Islam (submission to one's Creator/Sustainer/Cherisher, in the way shown by the Prophet, to attain peace & tranquility) - in ISLAM - it is Prohibited to:

(a) look/gaze at any non-Mahram women (any women who is not a close relative to you). So, for any woman besides your mother, sister, aunt, etc - you must LOWER YOUR GAZE. It is forbidden to stare at them.

(b) Touch (sexually or non-sexually, even casually) any non-Mahram woman!

+ So watching porn constitutes a sin in Islam; sin after sin, after sin, after sin. * May Allah protect you.

+ Additionally, merely TOUCHING - not to mention "having sex" with - ANY non-Mahram woman, is a terrible sin in Islam. Whoever she is, Prophet Muhammad said, it would be better for you to be stabbed in the head with an iron needle than to touch a woman who is not your Mahram!

{And as for this minute issue of "masturbation", there is a great difference of opinion among the Jurists; but it is sufficient to state that the 4 agreed-upon Imams of this Ummah (Abu Hanifa, Malik, Shafi, Ahmad, have agreed unanimously that masturbation is PROHIBITED. Do not do it!}

* Thank you for reading,
With best wishes to see you succeed at the highest level,
Muhammad Khan
written by Rotislam , October 23, 2010
Yes, everyone Muslim sister from the age of 6 (Ayesha pbuh) must be covered in a black waterproof, & airless tent so that she would be safe from the prying eyes of every sexually charged & uncontrolled Muslim man.

Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) had 13 wives including his favourite Ayesha aged 9 when he was 53! All good Muslims should follow his example & marry off their 9 year old daughters to men aged 53!
Mohammed raped and kept slave women (what your right hand holds) Please dispel my lies by confirming that these are not in your 'Holy' Quran?

Best way to keep Muslims from non Muslim girls is to hold a piece of bacon in their mouth & in between their legs! I would like to see a brave Muslim forsake this, in order to have a place in Islamic Paradise where there are 70 Houris (young virgins so fair that heir bone marrows are visible) plus 2 wives = 72. These are the same hypocrites who want to cover all their women on earth in the cloth of death. Islamic Paradise is all sex, sex, sex!!

Go on; be a good Muslims & let the Zalimun and non believers have a good laugh at your stupid faith. Islam was designed around ignorant desert dwelling camel riders. Ask yourself...are you one of them 1400 later?
written by ananızı sikerim , October 28, 2010
orospu çocukları
Sadist website, lowlife. you should b ashamed of urself
written by unknown , November 01, 2010
I for one am familiar with the concept of Islam and have studied both the Bible and Quran and let me tell you from an unbiased opinion all your quotes have been thrown completely out of context and you have intepreted them to suit your view. With such a closed minded view you will never be able to understand the concept of peace in Islam. Im assuming your a Christian or a Jew, in that case. Did it ever occur to you the Bible cannot be word of God if for instance some sad men (with no surname) decided to rewrite it to suit them. In the Bible Jesus does not say once 'i am God, worship me'. For example in the prayer which im sure you are familiar with Jesus says ' Our father who art thou in heaven' Jesus DID NOT SAY my father!!! Educate urselves and stop dedicating so much time to other peoples religion. If u do not agree with it fair enough, but seriously dude! get a life!
senseless animals
written by abdul , November 25, 2010
@ mengkibol and others ..... U are so senseless dat u cant even do things on ur own...who told u wat u said is in the quran,which verse or chapter ?or do u tinks its like ur book wich ur paul & pope rewrites everyyear claiming its 4rm jesus...y do u reason just like an animal? Is quran ur old,new,paul,etc testament or what ? U beta go to dis verses of ur paul book to comfirm dat jesus never brought any religion like christianity...go to youtube to check ur dr campel vs dr naik and see how useless u guys are....and u the article writer dat speaks as if he was with muhamed...dont worry...u will meet him to know who is the best wen death sucks ur filthy ass......
written by smart guy , November 27, 2010
I've extensively studied Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism. out of all of these I've studied Christianity and Islam the most. Just this "information" you just put here on this ONE article sickens me, I have never read any thing that portrays as much lies as this. by just reading it once i have found 33 errors, and i would never want my eyes to lay on such lies ever again. why do you spread these lies? do you think you will bring the world peace by taking everything out of context, and making a group of people seem like devils? you should be ashamed of yourself. meet a Muslim face to face, and you will see that they fit none of these horrid descriptions your site portrays. NONE of these. congratulations for being the most bigoted person on this earth.

if i studied Christianity by just looking at the fundamental Christians, i could draw up such horrid conclusions as you. but no, i go further and deeper and go as far as to learn Arabic to study the Quran.

just read the Quran one time, and you will see the beauty of it. just because you read it in English does not mean you actually read it. the Quran loses so much meaning when it is translated.

"study the religion, not the people"

f**k u the writter of this topic
written by aliye , November 28, 2010
you are anti muslim&anti our respected prophet muhammad(p.b.u.h) allah curses u . allah gives u yur result u are the materilisti and falsy stupid one true is never hides
written by hasan , December 15, 2010
islam is a religion of peace and the things you are written are not correct.
jihaad means we can do any things for allah becouse allah is our creator and inshallah you people will face the curse of allah.
written by islam , December 21, 2010
most of these things have been quoted from hadith, which contain a lot of cock n bull stories. the best way to learn about islam is to read the quran without hadith and using basic common sense. you will see how foolish you have been by believing all this crap. see thefreemuslim.com to see how ali sina has been slaughtered.
f**k you
written by f**k , December 22, 2010
f**k you you f**king lien
Fact and fiction
written by John Cena , December 24, 2010
If any one of you want to know about the true picture of Islam just visit it..
f**k you all pepole
written by Faisal , January 02, 2011
i wii say only this

jusis alos messanger of god & Muhammad Was last messanger of God Man
you pepole are doing what is there any one who is proper Reader of Islam Even Kristhen

every should prayer

Raby Zerni Elmah
written by Humaira Nazeer , January 10, 2011
Assalamu Aalikum ,
I am Humaira Nazeer from Muslim family and I have completed my all Islamic study from Islamic Institution of Toba Tek Singh . Today I have visited your website.Its realy wonderful work.I have desire to become the part of your Organization . I am able to do translation work.If you have translation work this is my request kindly contact with me. I am able to do Translation and recording work in some Pakistani Languages.
Our National Language is Urdu and some other Provinces Languages. I do Islamic Translation work in Low and proper rates in Urdu, Punjabi , Sindhi ,Arabic and Saraikie.I am also able to do Recording work
I see on your site that you have working on different Languages in different countries.
Hopefuly you will Contact with me soon.
Humaira Nazeer
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
its all Rubbish
written by Adil , January 27, 2011
All Material you have provided in your arguments is colored, You have provided wrong translations of Qurani Aya's and Hadith.
Muhammad (Sallah ho alaihay Wasalam) 's being Prophet is announced in all earlier books, i.e. Bible, so how can you deny what is explained in your own religion.
i challenge u
written by md tanweer ahmad , February 03, 2011
if u people have real guts then come forward and face us.....u only know to write rubbish on internet.....u have no work....whatever written here is completely wrong.......stop these things otherwise it will never be profitable for u....understand..take these words seriously.....
written by Sehr , February 09, 2011
May Allah show u the right path and help your minds sickness. Its totally wrong to write about something for what U dont have a proof and Obviously somethin U have nothing to do with.
Image Reporter
written by Image Reporter , February 15, 2011
Images are gone from this article......
rubbish amy devine
written by Laeeq , February 24, 2011
amy devine sucks.u should not quote any hadith or phrase of Qur'aan out of context..every thing in this article is wrong n lie...ifu r personally derailed dont try to derail other people u sucker...u r slut...Mohammad (S.A.W)..ALLAH should punish u for the crap u have written...
All You are near to Hell - The Pigs Of Bitch & Donkey
written by Abdul K Siddiqui , March 13, 2011
I Think The designer,the developer and the whole team of this website are surely the citizen of Hell. I pray for their merciless killing. The people who comment against Islam And Prophet Muhammad PBUH, are doing Haraam and they should be punished by Islamic Law and Order.
Please don't accept or grasp these totally false statements
written by Abdul K Siddiqui , March 13, 2011
All you ,the readers of this harmful website are requested-don't follow these dangerous statements and blunders,as these are totally propaganda against Islam to make it spoil, but all the enemies of Islam must know that Islam is the Only true religion near Almighty Allah from beginning of universe to the end of living system of this world. Please if you want more information about Islam you should listen the voice of glorious Quran and do follow the sites like yanabi.com,Q tv,Peace TV,Madni TV,Minhaj.org,IRF.net,Daawte Islami,Darul Ifta,Quran.com,Islam.com and avoid this Garbage site as you have been made fool by the owner of this dirty website.

U may contact me at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it '> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
this is totally false!
written by shariff , April 12, 2011
this page is a work of a devil. don't be fooled by these fools who just want to destroy the only true religion of god which is ISLAM.
the true is that ....!
written by muhammad shoaib malik , April 20, 2011
This website developers are fool, stupid and some kind of examples of shaitans ....
their minds are in control of shaitan ....all the things which as they wrote , all are dirty minds ...there is no sense , i thing they all thought like kafir ....or might be they are non muslim....because muslim person is not they all going to be finish by azaab of god ,
and Prophet muhammad S.A.W is the only man who give us the right directions of ISLAM.
and i pray may ALLAH give them Hidayat.....
written by muhammad shoaib malik , April 20, 2011
because muslim person is not doing this kind of stupid things....and i pray this website will be distroy in few days >>>>>
لا تصدقوا
written by elsayedt , April 26, 2011
هذا ليس دين الإسلام
دين الإسلام يدعو إلى مكارم الأخلاق
لا تصدقوا هذا الموقع المضلل
Hellish conditions in Arabic countries now.
written by Peace on Earth , May 01, 2011
U people always give peace to yr prophet, why so many killings for his followers in Libya, Yemen, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and other Arabic countries, except Saudi Arabia. Where is the peace for these poor people now living in hell-like conditions ? Compare the peaceful conditions in Christian countries, like Europe and USA, and Buddhist countries, like China and Japan.
Muslims Can't Handle The TRUTH!!!!
written by Tomko , May 02, 2011
Post after post muslims try to deny the truth of this article. This information has been available for centuries and it comes from your own holy books, yet you still deny. I could have written this article years ago; none of this sick behavior of prophet mohammed is new to me or any one who has taken the time to study islam.

The old excuse of "out of context" or "bad translation" doesn't cut it any more. Arabic isn't THAT complicated and many Arabic scholars have contributed to the translations.

So don't try to feed us this BULL$HIT that mohammed was a virtuous man, because we all know what a sick pervert he was.
Face to Face?
written by Tomko , May 02, 2011
"meet a Muslim face to face, and you will see that they fit none of these horrid descriptions your site portrays. NONE of these."

Lara Logan met muslims face to face and look what happened to her. She was sexually assaulted by 200 men, vaginally raped by 6 brave muslims, and anally sodomized by up to 40 wonderful followers of mohammed. Mean while the other virtuous muslim men masturbated and urinated on her.

It would appear that if you want to meet a muslim face to face you nead to be armed and make sure you cover your ass while your at it.
ask your self this question
written by whatever , May 12, 2011
Hi there
is there anyone that can deny this fact.
@Tomko: can you tell. why the hell when any body in europe commits any crime. we will say (a french, italian whatever country guy) did it. we mention his religion only when he is moslem!!!!!. if you see its fair. just go on. then the 200 guys you are talking about. did anyone of them claimed he did that as a worship to god?? i will not mention what priests are doing in their church (you know what i mean :) ).
for people saying islam is male oriented religion: why 4 out of 5 people converted to islam are women????
Get yourself a brain.
just a point
written by me , May 12, 2011
for only descent brains
by pass your anger and try to leave some rational comments
ISLAM WATCH nothing but PROPAGANDA garbage for the scared.
written by No God but ALLAH & MOHAMMAD is his Messenger , May 16, 2011

DAMN SATAN for brainwashing the innocent who come to islam watch, and those who watch the propaganda media on tv. Jesus will return and ye shal see the truth. ALLAH is the Greatest and mohammad is his messenger.

*who sited with whom against jesus. Those who were,still are*


written by person , May 25, 2011
islam is one of the centre of terrorism
Jesus is...
written by Really Now , May 30, 2011
The Son of God.....John 14:6. I am the Way, the Truth, and the Light. No one can go to the Father without going through me."

Jesus Christ never owned any property, any slaves, any chattel, never wrote a single word down, never struck a person, never did anything other than preach a message of peace and love. Yet Christianity has the most adherents at over 2 billion world wide. It has grown from 1 million in Africa to over 300 million in less than 100 years. Mostly at the expense of the so called "Religion of Peace."

I feel sorry for Muslims who will never know or believe the truth. Nothing is more hostile to free speech than Islam as it fears the truth. It can't be anything but "insulted" by the truth.

Nothing like someone coming along 600+ years later to create a revisionist history. As St Paul said, in Galations 1:8 "But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let him be eternally condemned."

Talk about foreseeing the truth of the lies of Islam's Gabriel or Mormon's Moroni. Both Angels who deceived millions.....tragic.

Christ said there would be false prophets you can see them by what they produce. Converting people at the point of a sword is hardly worthy of God. He wants a free choice made, not a forced choice. What is a forced choice but a lie?

ugly faces
written by haseeb , May 30, 2011
may allah almighty put u on rite track....u can rite anything here but wat will happen one day wen u guys will be dead and will wake up on the final day.....can imagine ur fate...may ALLAH almighty forgive me n may wake me up on the final day near u guys....so that i can enjoy ur expressions.
dear muslims ....dont come into the trap.
Allah sucks my Bullah
written by Hyderabadi Haleem , May 30, 2011
And he likes it....
dont dare to say any thng abt ISLAM
written by mary , May 31, 2011
U N0N muslimsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
fire of jahanum is waitng 4 u
get ready to b burnt
Re: Mary
written by Tempest , June 05, 2011
After you!
Muslims in Denial
written by The MuslimShrink , June 06, 2011
Denial is a defense mechanism postulated by Sigmund Freud, in which a person is faced with a fact that is too uncomfortable to accept and rejects it instead, insisting that it is not true despite what may be overwhelming evidence. [1] The subject may use:

simple denial - deny the reality of the unpleasant fact altogether

minimisation - admit the fact but deny its seriousness (a combination ofdenial and rationalization)

projection - admit both the fact and seriousness but deny responsibility.

I hope this explains why the muslims refuse to accept the truth about their self declared prophet.

The MuslimShrink.
written by JJ , June 10, 2011
By following an evil man you are heading to hellfire.
Jesus is love and peace
written by lolo , June 10, 2011
Mohammed is a child rapist
Mohammed is abutcher
Muhammad a terrorist
Mohammed is a thief
Muhammad is an devi
دين الإسلام
written by Feker , June 11, 2011
This web wite is telling lies about Islam.
It is obvious that who wrote these lies is an ignorant about this wonderful religion!!
Islam will prevail as promised by Allah. Ignorants like the ones who supports this web site and these ideas will accelerate the dominance of ISLAM!
This is not Islam
written by This is not Islam , June 11, 2011
Plz stop this of u read the real quran u wud knw those other books just branch off and the original Quran is the truth our prophet (pbuh) was never like that
This not Islam
written by This is not Islam , June 11, 2011
Islam is the most beautiful religion and the prophet was a very good, wise, pious, religious man who was the messenger of god, so plz stop and get rid of this site and stop interfering with Islam u hv ur own religion thts ur choice if u want to convert that's ur choice.
written by hamizan slave of Allah , June 18, 2011
if you all want the truth... kill your self... you will find the truth... if you not brave enough to die, I suggest you to research al-Quran, hadis and asking ulama... insyaAllah, Allah will give the truth to you if you use your brain to think..
Islam is the only true religion
written by Saifullah , June 19, 2011
Do not accuse muslim without knowing Islamic religion, if islam is so evil, why would any european convert to islam...???? Yusof Islam, nicole queen, Ridley Yvonne... think about it...
Allah is the greatest
written by saima , June 22, 2011
u can't even imagine what u have reserved for urself for ur after life.......eternal fire.Allah has given u time otherwise if He wills to do it,He can turn u to dust this very moment,but He is very very tolerant.i hope i see u on the final day and then i wud be soooo happy to see ur plight
written by Cerebrum123 , June 22, 2011
I have been studying Islam for sometime and all of the above I have already seen in the Sahih Hadith or Quran with the exception of the one man being gay. I would like to know where that particular piece of information comes from. saima obviously you have great hatred for the people here otherwise you would have said that you would pray that they are shown the truth rather than say you would like to see them suffer especially when you can verify this information very easily. I would pray that you would find the truth as it is not Islam a loving God would not teach people to hate unbeliever's but to show them love and be an example of the correct way to live ,that way they would see the truth themselves and turn to it.
written by Not true , June 26, 2011
this is not true about islam..
stop laying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
written by lamia , July 07, 2011
islam will dominate the world soon you know that very well
so you try to disort it..........
islam is the most growing religion in the world..............
and muslims numbers increase every day............
please stop laying it will not help you because people aren't blind or with out minds
may Allah guide you to the right path www.islam-guide.com
holy shit
written by reality , July 08, 2011
I thought Malem was an idiot, these are the funniest posts I've seen yet,
MuslimShrink, you are a legend
hahahahha words fail me, deny deny deny but the truth is the truth
@ lamia
written by Cerebrum123 , July 08, 2011
Do some real research then come back and post. All of the above except the one about Mohammed being gay are commonly known by people who have actually done some research. BTW I would like to know the source about that particular person being gay comes from ,as I would not like to spread it around without verification. The Islamic "Allah" cannot guide anyone to the true path because "Allah" is Satan. You can see this clearly when ,and only when you know more about his character. He is Al-Makr which means "the deceiver". He calls himself this many times he also "Guides whom he wills ,and leads astray whom he wills". Make sure you are not being led astray by this evil being known to many as Satan.
written by reality , July 08, 2011
Hens lay, muslims lie
Religion of Lies
written by Muhammedsucks , July 14, 2011
So many mussies here r infuriated..... they r in denial mode. And r trying to use al-taqiyya as their defence. Because if they don't deny and don't lie Islam will die.

It was a barbaric cult in the deserts of Arabiia which even the rational arabs had refused it in the beginning and threw Muhammed out of Mecca for years.... Then muhammed became a GANGSTER and with his barbaric hooligans whom he had promised 72 virgins and unlimited sex and wine and meat, started raiding the civilizations..... It grew only by jihadi swords and NEVER by HIS crazy words. In his Gangster culture(Islam) woman is nothing but a sex object to be owned and herded by men!

There are many similarities btw Dawood Ibrahim, notorious gangster and the Gangster Muhammed in relation to sex, lies , murder, rape, hatred, violence and collecting ransom(=jizzya). Only difference is Dawood looks shockingly moderate when compared with Gangster Muhammad.
written by idk , July 15, 2011
im glad im NOT islamic
written by Malem , July 15, 2011
You should embrace the Quran, it might help in relieving the cycle of torment you are in at this time. I can see it in your writings, you know the inability to form sentences with more than 4 words, not being able to use nouns and verbs together, the endless verbiage about your lack of knowledge of Islam etc.. You can be helped, just open your eyes.
dick head
written by 123456 , July 16, 2011
how can you do that i hope you die little slat
written by 123456 , July 16, 2011
am joking
written by Jon , July 22, 2011
you are a wrong man in the world.
because u are continue say wrong and u r directly not accack on islam but indirectly accack on islam.

i know what is you do
but may allha give u puneshment of this to you
Actual Truth
written by Mister Right , July 25, 2011
Why all the arguing? These writings everyone's talking about, just like ALL religious text, are simply works of fiction. There is absolutely no such thing as a higher power. Heaven and Hell don't exist. All forms of religion are simply the product of man. Now if everyone would please just grow-up and think like mature, rational adults and stop believing in such foolishness, then maybe we can all live in peace.
written by Mister Right , July 26, 2011
It's been 24 hours since my last post and no comments. It seems as if though everyone has finally stopped believing in all the silliness. I'm very proud of each and everyone of you.
To Really Now
written by Yibel , July 29, 2011
Gabhriel is Hebrew for Man of G-d, a messenger from the true G-d YHVH. Why would the perfect book written in the perfect language (Arabic have within it a Hebrew word? The being that Muhammad claimed to have received messages from, Gibril, was more likely a jinn, a demonic being created from flameless fire according to the Qur'an, surah 55:16. The pagan arabs were a very superstitious people, and Muhammad retained their belief in jinn, think Aladin and his magic lamp, in his Qur'an. There are numerous references to jinn and their ability to mislead even prophets. Muhammad even was mislead by Shaitan (Satan) into writing the Satanic Verses about the three daughters of Allah, which he later changed. The ritual of throwing stones at Shaitan during the hajj was also retained from the pagan rite of throwing stones to chase away the demon jinn.
written by Ronald , August 02, 2011
Muslims, wake up. Muhammad was evil and so is Islam. Leave while you're still alive so that you may avoid the real hell after death.

Why I Left Islam - Wafa Sultan

This is the real sharia law of Islam - devout muslims must find it enjoyable to watch or else allah will punish him:

Why Attack Only Islam (from Iranian ex-muslim, Dr. Ali Sina)?

FITNA - Geert Wilders' Unedited Film

The Queen should sack those politicians that sold her country out to muslims immigrants

Islam: What the West Needs to Know

Jihadist whistleblower, Kamal Saleem, exposes whitewashing dangerous Islamism to UCLA audience:

If they want to immigrate to Western countries, they must leave Islam and be made compulsory for them to read Dr. Ali Sina's book "Understanding Muhammad".

Stealth Jihad employing Taqiyya (Quranic lies):

Petition to ban Muslim immigration:

Petition to ban Islam:
Shame on writers
written by T , August 17, 2011
May Allah gives you the right knowledge and show you the right path. if you'll continue with your false believes and ideas, you'll surely end up in hell!
malem are you here?
written by bundypig , August 17, 2011
would you give your 6 year old daughter to a 53 year old pervert to thigh til she was 9 and then to rape?
written by bundypig , August 17, 2011
you are a joke...bring your hell on me...it'll be heaven to us kuffrs
written by Mr. Right , August 19, 2011
Everyone keeps speaking of this Allah character as if he's real. You people need to grow up. It's all a fairy-tale. You are all arguing over lies created by man. LISTEN TO ME, IT IS TIME YOU LEARNED THE TRUTH. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A HIGHER POWER ..NO GOD /ALLAH, NO HEAVEN OR HELL. GROW UP AND ACT LIKE ADULTS! Wow that felt really good to get off my chest and do us all a favor, if you feel the need to condemn us all to Allah's wrath, please improve your use of the English language. Reading some of your comments I find hysterical, not ominous or threatening. Just so funny... learn the REAL truth.

Thank you and have a wonderful life.
@ Mr. Right
written by Cerebrum123 , August 19, 2011
Where is the proof that you have that God does not exist? All evidence points to the contrary Romans 1:20
For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.
The very fact that you exist and are intelligent enough to understand things when explained to you are direct proofs that God does exist. Everything in this universe including the universe itself MUST HAVE a creator. Nothing can just pop into existence by itself. At least not inside this universe anyway. God didn't just pop into existence either. He is eternal ,something that is very hard for our minds to fully comprehend. It is impossible to prove a universal negative ,and is therefore impossible to prove that their is no God. This is just simply your belief. You have no proof for this belief only blind faith.
written by Truth or Dare , August 19, 2011
Make sure you dont blow your dirk off in Jihad for you will enter heaven wound for wound and missing organ for organ. yes you can enter on stretcher or wheelchair whilst the non believers just walk past you. You will get 72 sisters in heaven for without the rod you will be just another women. Be careful that you dont end up on sme other jihadists pole for there will be no difference between you and the Gilmans.
Did I miss something
written by Mozlem , August 19, 2011
I read this site regularly. I also read all the responces in comments.
Is the observation correct that maximum number of muslims shouting and shitting thier pants is on this article.
Gues what Mussis are attracted to anything sex like flies on Mos dirk....
@Abdul K Siddiqui "The Pigs Of Bitch & Donkey"
written by Mozlem , August 19, 2011
Do us a favour we can stay on this hell of ours the earth. You are free to burst with anger and go to heaven.
Allah waits for you to make you his parrot.
By the way what are you doing on this sex article......
Allah is another name for Satan
written by Guy Macher , August 19, 2011
Allah, aka Satan, possessed the morally weak mind of the pervert Mohamed and recited the filth called the Koran which in Arabic means words of the deceiver.l No Muslim can honestly refute that.
written by Mr. Right , August 21, 2011
I respect that you have faith but at the same time feel sorry for you and all believers. By quoting religious text you fail to prove the existence of a higher power. This text was written by man. This only proves that man invented religion and god.
U ALL ARE LIERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
written by J.h , August 22, 2011
LA HOL WALA QUWATA ILLA BILLA HI ......... Everything said here is totally FALSE AND LIES ....... Our Beloved Prophet Muhammed S.A.W was the best man on this earth and he has enlighten us with paths which lead towards success ...... i cant curse you for doing this as even our Prophet S.A.W didnt when we was showered with stones by unbelievers like you instead he asked ALLAH to forgive them . MAY ALLAH FORGIVE YOU FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE !
written by Dwito , August 22, 2011
Boy, we are least bothered about Allah, the dog. We are rather bothered when your brethren will blow you up to him in mass prayer.
written by Mr. Right , August 23, 2011
Calm down. You really need to realize that all prophets are "false", including this Allah Guy. Your anger is so silly. I'm just amazed at the passion people feel for things that don't exist. Prophets have always been nothing but opportunists. They lie to gullible people and use their trust for personal profit. You should really direct your anger at organized religion and not at others that don't believe in this weird world of make believe. People, I implore you..please wake up before it's too late. Must we fight and kill over false idols? The world could live in peace without religion.
written by Mr. Right , August 23, 2011
I must correct myself, what I meant to say was your prophet mohammed. You refer to "him" as "the best man on earth". My question to you is, have you had the opportunity to meet this mohammed? Was he really that wonderful? Seriously, the best man on earth? Out of all the men on earth how many have you met? By percentage I'm positive very few. In fact you've never met me. Are you positive that I'm not the true Messiah? You can't be, therefore your statement is false.

Peace my friends.

This dose of reality brought to you by a true human being that is tired of the anger and stupidity that is forced on the world by the unfortunately misguided people.
written by Mr. Right , August 23, 2011
I think we'd all like to know what you are "doing on this sex article ".
"doing on this sex article ".
written by Mozlem , August 23, 2011
I look at latest commented and feed food to the fire.
written by Mr. Right , August 23, 2011
I completely forgot to mention one thing. This is strictly for your own credibility, the correct spelling is liars not liers. The impact just isn't there when people laugh while reading your comments.

As always your buddy......"Mr. Right".
@J.H. and concerns for your safety
written by Mozlem , August 23, 2011
Dear J.H.
Make sure you dont blow your dick off either in Jihad or by acts of of your Jihadists brethren.
Allah will take you to heaven wound for wound preserved in same condition.

So if you loose a limb or two houris can take you in on wheel chair or stretcher as your condition but....

If you loose your dick all you will get is musk dripping from the hole where once there used to be pole (dick).
All your houris will be so upset that they will go to other men for all you can do is stare endlessly.
It may still be possible that you may end up being allahs green parrot. This is worse situation for all you will be able to do is watch the endless orgy with no chance of partcipating. For there are no female parrot houris in heaven.

Your brethren may also start treating you as their Gilman so beware.
Do you realise there is not too much fun in being a martyr is it?

written by Mr. Right , August 24, 2011
That would be fuel on the fire, not food on the fire.

Have a great day, my friend.
I'm waiting
written by Mr. Right , August 29, 2011
I'm waiting for a response from anyone that I've left comments for. Your silence is very telling. My guess is that you've all realized that you have been lied to. Learn the truth. There is no allah and your mohammed was a liar, thief and child molester.

Peace my friends. Please accept the truth.
The truth being that all religions are wrong. There is no higher power. It really is time to grow up and accept reality.
Soon you will be destroy
written by Islam is great all others are fake , September 06, 2011
This site is sign of damaged for non muslim.hey non muslims you are very bad.soon you will be destroy any way.just wait when ALLAH will destroy you.!!!
@Soon you will be destroy
written by Mozlem , September 06, 2011
Waiting to be destroyed !!!......
Please pray to Allah to destroy this web site and all people
written by Mr. Right , September 07, 2011
Hey, moziem, what's up?
written by Mr. Right , September 07, 2011
Cheer up buddy. There's no need to be so gosh darn grumpy. :-)
written by Seth , September 14, 2011
You KAFIRS need not to bother about it because we Muslims don't f**k their MUSHRIK (I mean "pagan") mothers and sister and daughters. Their pussy (I mean "vagina") is NOT HALAL/LAWFUL for us. We know that our CIRCUMCISED COCK (I mean "Circumcise Long, Strong as Concrete Penis") HURTS their PUSSIES/VAGINAS which renders them useless.

Allah has created lawful pussies for us. So don't worry and let your daughters, sisters, mother sleep comfortably. We guarantee that the SCARING-COCK/PENIS of ours shall no more scare them in nightmares (night + mare (i.e. hard, long PENIS like that of a Horse))...

Our Prophet (peace be upon him) married Aishah (may Allah be pleased with her) when she was 6 years old but did NOT consummate his marriage with her. But when she was 9 years old i.e. when she attained puberty, the Prophet (peace be upon him) consummated his marriage with her.
[Sahih al-Bukhari, book of marriage, volume 7, hadith 18 - narrated by Aishah herself (English translation)]

So he was, actually, consummating his marriage with an adult, fully-matured girl which is COMPLETELY in ACCORDANCE with the Islamic Laws.

Aishah (may Allah be pleased with her) HAD the RIGHT even to NULLIFY this marriage if she DISLIKES it.
But she herself LOVED the Beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) and DID NOT WISH to have any OBJECTION.

Neither her parents had any OBJECTION.

And every Muslim CAN DO the same...

"O you who believed, you are NOT PERMITTED ti INHERIT WOMEN AGAINST THEIR WILL..."
[Qur'an, Sura al-Nisaa (4:19)]
written by Dwito , September 14, 2011
But she herself LOVED the Beloved Prophet............

Is that why she killed him by poisoning?
Seth or shit whatever
written by Mozlem , September 14, 2011
Puberty does not mean the girl is physically big enough to accept a horse cock is it. If that’s true then muzzi females must be having gaping vaginas if not boxes at best.

Prove that puberty also makes a female endowed as in having breasts and large pelvis plus a functioning vagina to be fu**able and to be a mother. Can you give me your 9 year daughter in marriage?
And as the wives of Mo were not allowed to remarry they had no other option to keep the arrangement of marriage otherwise they would have starved. How do you marry girls as young as one year old with their wish?

Muslims say it is the duty of men to please the women. How do you please a doll playing girl like Ayesha without breasts when she complained of pain during intercourse? Why did she complain?
to all muslims with love
written by vikash mishra , September 21, 2011
My muslim brothers and sisters, you are all crying foul. According to you what ever information is provided in this article is all wrong; than why don't you come up with the truth. I verified the many quranic verses and hadith reffered here and found them to be true. If you think truth is different; than come up with it. We are all here to find the truth after all. Please stop cursing and come with some strong arguments.
Maddammed is dead
written by Godhead , September 28, 2011
Muslims, the brainwashed one's are free to choose to follow 'the greatest deciever.' One cannot force a horse to drink water... However, maddammed drank dirty water and it made him mad.

Mad with women (sexually induced mad)
Mad with non-muslims
Mad in particular with the Jews

Followers of Maddammed are 'mad' at the free world...
written by Seth or cHRISTIAN-f****r , October 20, 2011

Why are bothering about?

There is a roverb in Urdu/Hindi:
"Agar miya-biwi razi toh kya kare qazi!"

i.e "If bride+bridegroom agree then what shall the qazi (marriage-maker) do..."

We are NOT allowed to give our daughters to Kafirs (Imean "Devils").

They are ONLY created for MUSLIM-PENISES to be f**kED by...

I shall inshaAllah marry my daughter if I have in future to any MUSLIM-PENIS to be f**ked by him and that also A "HARD-f**k" WITH CONSENT OF MY DAUGHTER...

Good by...

DON'T forget to lick my semen with your tongue...

Thank -u 4 licking it...

@Shet of Shit Whatever
written by Mozlem , October 20, 2011
I am a muslim. I wanna marry your 6 year old daughter.
You are all not educated!
written by AAA , October 23, 2011
Dear All starting from the 1st comment to the last comment to the owner of that website, to whom who are just living to make islam looks the opposite of its truth, to media, to the one who really want to find the truth,
If u want to know about something, then go read it urself & stop going after people own creations and words, while saying untruthful things & related to people like u, regardless their purposes,
Islam is based on one MAIN thing, which is the QURAN, just a simple book, that u will find it in all the countries of the world the same, not even a word different from a book and other,
Go walk on ur feet & reach a famous library & ask for a copy of the Quran, so if u want to know about Islam that real Muslims (surrenders) are claiming thats is the word of god, just read that book the same way when u buy a scientific book or any book that contain informations,.
If u want truth then this is how it works to find the truth in a world that is full of lies in everything around, and became a powerful source to people all over the world (Media) and people who talk after listening from different kind of media & make such a website,
Go get the Book & read it urself, so if u believe in god! when u meet him one day and he ask u how did u seek truth, did u even read the book that these people were claiming,.
The people who decided to post lies to public this way are just nothing but losted by the will of god,

Even before u go and by the book u want to know inforamtion about, sit for a moment & ask god to lead u to the truth he wants, say it from u heart, and shall he accept it & leads u, then no one can make u lost but him,

Islam is in the Quran (book) in the 1st place,. then a supportive quotes of Mohamed (pbuh) that was inspired in the 1st place by god to him, but Quran is not considered as inspired thoughts to Mohamed that he phrased it, NO, Quran from the begining to the end is Sent fixed from God & mohamed just wrote it down & not phrase it,

Peace be upon u all & from all of my heart may u all find a truth by Gods will,
Ask him to lead u from ur heart & take an action & go read the book & see if it says what is claimed in that Website.
written by M. A. Khan, editor , October 23, 2011
We have certainly done more study and research of the Islam's sacred text, including the Quran, and Islam's problem starts with the Quran itself. I invite you to read our author Abul Kasem's ebooks, based on Quran in the main, that are kept on the left-column of our website. You will be surprised to discover how deeply we have studied Islam and how trash the whole Islam thing is. You are invited to read those book and if you still think we no nothing about Islam -- start refuting them. If you can prove us wrong, we will close this site and re-embrace Islam.
what to make of Islam..
written by fire and brimstone... , October 30, 2011
well so much for good Islam that as to rule the majority of muslims would kill all unbelievers thats their indoctrinacion in action,now about Islam ,1,Kaaba is a shiva temple,hence the black stone which is phallic as was mohameds tribe believers of AL Uzza they went around the kaaba 7 times and nude ,7 times is the shiva ritual also its a black stone,2, mecca the kaaba fasting ramadan pilgrimage and the word allah was mohameds tribe idol ,Islam didnt ivent it,they stole it ,also here we have a religious contradiction,mohamed married shadifah in the hanifian law then isnt that a scarilage in Islam,also he hated jews and christians because they were the only educated persons who refuted his saying in the moment in medina ,also he spent 13 years ranting on like a fool,it was his treachoury that got him hoisted and the rest is Islam ,kill rob,enslave invent Mutah and child brides for old muslims ,like mohamed,also all this was reput 154 hundred years later,so who held the microfone while he spoke in a land of pagan illitrate people who wrote such a mixed up script ,copied haphazardly from the jews and christians of medina ,how can jews and christians be kaffirs born and bread in medina who were there before Islam ,any way I salute the brave and truth finding team of this site ,they are doing what is just ,I know muslims and if one thing stands out they are so hateful,even to their own women ,thats where we see the truth of Islam 50 percent of muslim just a nothinness no position no respectno power..a void of Islam shouting out when will we be equal in our own countries in our family and in the streets and work,yes now u new smart idiotic internet muslims are of very low knowledge another reason of Islam is the low level of intellegencia amongst them and the few they have are leaving them and only the empty heads curse and kill us here every day with the same silly language of fire and hell 1400 year old hog pog religion copied very badly...may there be sense and peace and non violence from the uneducated rabble..
what u wrote is false
written by gd2000 , November 03, 2011
that is not write in Al-Quran.. u doing fake to blame islam.. pointless.. u dnt read Al-Quran, so dnt u dare to speak like u know evrything.. hell wait u
i've study Al-Quran
written by peter , November 03, 2011
i've found that bible is nonsense compare to Al-QUran.. Subhannallah

written by jennifer , November 03, 2011
church became reach bcoz stupid people pay to church to wash their sins.. haha.. is that wrote in bible as the path to meet creater ?.. omg bible was lying, priest was lying, evryone was lying.. priest like sodomize kid bcoz they cannot married.. shame shame shame..
written by angel of darkness , November 03, 2011
sure it's was shame.......
bible ar kid story teller.. hahahaa
what a shame.. rule for stupid people
i laugh everytime read the bible, it is fag....... hehe.. rubish, put em in the dump because its wrote about dumb !
written by a Slave of Allah , November 05, 2011
this is all wrong and not true, Mohammad(PBUH) was not a rapest nor a pedophile he is THE greatest man that was ever on earth and he is still remembered through history, try to slander his name and see what happens, surely it will not be good
written by Crusader , November 08, 2011
Islam perpetrates and perpetuates the suppression
and oppression of women.
Please show respect up one another
written by Non biased , fair westerner , November 16, 2011
To the owners and supporters of this website I want to say shame on you!!

We have reached a time when the innocent becomes guilty and the good becomes the bad.

Firstly I have never seen soo much misleading and false information
U have so much rubbish posted on you should be embarrassed

No matter how much effort the lot of you will put in you will never succeed and I say that with full confidence and without any doubt.

The prophet and Islam is full of morals, respect, peace and dignity.
Islam was the first religion that gave women its rights.

I am a westerner and live with Muslims and I see non of the rubbishisleading information posted above. Why can't people just live in peace and harmony with eachother. Respect one another and that is exactly what Islam preaches.

Please people do your proper research and only from ligitimate non biased website to be fair. Stop writing posts and supporting this website because by supporting this horrible website the owners are laughing and making good money.
Non-biased fair westerner or an Islamic crook?
written by M. A. Khan, editor , November 17, 2011
You are lecturing us about where to learn about Islam and at the same time seem to know nothing about Islam. All the quotes and reference in this article are from the fundamental and sacred Islamic text, the Quran, hadith and Sira as well as books of Islam's highest authorities. But you seem to have no clue about the sources cited.

Or are you just feigning ignorance, being an Islamic crook? Whatever: the days of easily deceiving the kuffar is gone. The kuffars have started learning what Islam's sources/sacred books are, and have started understanding the faith right from there, just this article has illustrated.
I gave up Islam
written by ex muslim , December 04, 2011
I gave up islam after living in its hell and then reading about it. However, you need to be careful of not telling people about it as apostacy is punished by death, unless you live in a free country
written by khalid , December 05, 2011
i really want to know if is it haram or sin if i have sexual contact with my wife on her ass ? if it big sin then plz tell me what can i do do i have to marry her again??
written by Buddhu , December 15, 2011
Things happened some 14 hundred years back among the warring Bedouins of the desert of Arabia in a particular politico-socio-cultural backdrop. Muhammad was a human being. He acted and behaved as per the then prevailing norms and mores. You should not examine Muhammad from today's perspective. However, his claim of prophethood is too much to accept.
@ Buddhu
written by Cererum123 , December 15, 2011
The thing is Mohammed is being touted as the "perfect man" ,and that his life should be emulated by all of his followers because it is the best moral example for anyone to live by. Also I don't believe for even one moment that these practices were the social norms. He even broke the "do not fight in the sacred months" deal that all of the other tribes would even follow. Sorry I don't think a 53 year old man marrying a six year old girl and then consummating that marriage at 9 years old is normal in any society except current Muslim societies ,and only because Mohammed set the "example". Remember we aren't dealing an average historical figure we are dealing with a man who is followed even today by over a billion people.
@ Khalid
written by Mozlem , December 15, 2011
Mohammed told women is a vagina so you can go into her in any way. So mouth, ear, nose, vagina ass are all halal
Non-biased fair westerner or an Islamic crook?
written by Yibel , December 17, 2011
The prophet and Islam is full of morals, respect, peace and dignity?

Hardly. Consider the following:
Islamic martyrdom wherein those who “slay and are slain” in Allah’s cause are promised paradise Qur’an 9:111 which fulfills verse 9:5 and 9:29

Izharuddin or Death --- 'Whoever amongst us is killed (as a martyr, "be martyred ten times", "Mujahid") will go to Paradise' Sahih Bukhari Volume 4, Book 52, Number 72

61:9 ...that He (Muhammad) may make it conqueror of all religion however much idolaters may be averse" and 48:28 "...to proclaim it over all religion and 9:33 ...prevail over all religions 8:39 and 2:193 ...and religion should be only for Allah

So-called Honor Killings to offspring are allowed in Islam, Shariah Law o2.4 ('Umdat al-Salik o1.1-2.) Reliance of the Traveller

4:24 agree Mutually (Mu'ta marriage, temporary) - but for adultry then 24:2 flog each of them with a hundred stripes

Islamic Stoning to Death (Rajam) - Bukhari Vol. 4, Book 56, #829 ...The Prophet then gave the order that both of them should be stoned to death

9:5 (last dictated chapter of the Qur'an) Kill the unbelievers (Mushrikun) wherever ye find them.

A few more examples of the Word of the coward, lunatic sadist & misogynist Allah:

5:38 for (thieves) ... cut off hands
24:2, 4 for adulterers ... flog with 100, 80 stripes

5:33 (unbelievers) crucifixion, mischief in the land i.e. 7:103 ...those who made mischief ... reject Allah's signs (i.e. Quran/Islam, pay jizyah 9:29) 5:32 applies only to Children of Israel (i.e. Jews)

The Last Day will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them Sahih Muslim Book 41, #6981 - 6985

4:56 ...Those who reject our Signs, We shall soon cast into the Fire

8:12 ...I (Allah) will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve.

...Therefore strike off their heads (beheadings) according to Qur’an 8:12 and 47:4

...8:60 strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies, of Allah (i.e. Unbelievers 8:59)

4:34 ...beat them (women)
65:4 ...allows for marriage to pre-pubescent girls
4:89 ...Death for Apostasy

4:56 ...Those who reject our Signs (unbelievers, kuffar), We shall soon cast into the Fire: as often as their skins are roasted through, We shall change them for fresh skins.

Islam deserves criticism because of the logical consequences of its dogma, namely, that the murder of fellow human beings (non-Muslims) is to be rewarded with sensual pleasure in a hedonistic ‘Paradise’- a concept born in the fantasies of an Arab warlord some fourteen centuries ago.

Read the Qur'an. Islam plans to conquer and dominate the world. this is not a religion, but a political ideology and legal system that contols and dominates every aspect of a person's life and thoughts from birth to death. Read the Qur'an. Islam plans to conquer and dominate the world. Islam means Submit!
written by Scrutator , December 26, 2011
References for French Kissing
written by islam makes me sick, October 29, 2009
Fantastic site. Thank you very much.

Please could someone post the hadith references of muhammad (may he be damned in hell for eternity), for the "French Kissing" section?

If the references in the haidths could be posted for atleast some of the vile acts below:

"No less than 20 Islamic sources—such as the hadiths of Ahmad bin Hanbal—relay that Muhammad used to suck on the tongues of boys and girls" (Boutros)

A hadith relayed by Abu Hurreira (deemed an extremely reliable narrator), where Muhammad sucked on the tongues of his cousin (and future caliph) Ali’s two boys, Hassan and Hussein (Boutros).

Musnad of Ibn Hanbal: "Muhammad would not sleep until he sucked the tongue of his daughter Fatima and nuzzled his face in her bosom."

Is that the reason why Iranian ayatollahs "french kiss" and "tongue suck" young boys ?
written by Scrutator , December 26, 2011
this is false information
written by aaisha, July 22, 2010
this is total false information ,, muhammad peace be upon him was not at all the way that you have mentioned it ...

written by kate, July 22, 2010
this is such false information and truly a mixed up out of context and hap hazard information given.. Mohammad was not the man showcased here..

Aaisha & Kate,
Could you please explain the lament of a muslim wife as hereunder :-

These are all based on Quranic rules.

‘Freedom’ from London, U.K. writes

Men get 72 virgins in heaven and what do we as women get? Wined and dinned?

The fact remains that women in Islam are below men in every way. from inheritence to leaving the house alone.

We're always being watched, It is not to protect us, it is because a woman is a man's worst fears. If she were to lose her virginity, she would dishonour him, a woman is as valuable as her hymen. Don't you find that wrong; unjust? Men in Islam are constantly watching their women because they don't trust them.

Why is it that a man can marry up to four women? Why is it that a woman needs four witnesses to report a rape or her husbands infidelity?

Woman in Islam are just card board cut outs, there is nothing in the Quran about their sexuality or emotions, they are just seen as women who live at home to 'please', 'please' and 'please'!

Don't you feel insulted that a man can marry four women if he chooses? Don't you feel like a spare tyre? Because i certainly do.

Having my husband come from another wife's home, and entering me the way he entered her a few hours, minutes ago. It repulses me and it should repulse you. If not, then you are a disgrace to womanhood and frankly i pity you :( oh and in the Quran there is that constant mention of how there will be rivers and streams of water. This repetition of water is very clever of those Arabic men who made up the Quran, it is meant to be very attractive to people who lived in deserts (where the Quran originated from).
written by Scrutator , December 26, 2011
Aaisha and Kate,

Could you please explain the following discriminatory and oppressive rules against muslim women in the Quran ?

The truth is Islam oppresses muslim women, consider the following irrefutable rulings from the Quran:

1) A muslim male can marry up to 4 wives simultaneously, a muslim woman cannot have up to 4 spouses at the same time.

2) A muslim man can BEAT(SCOURGE) his wife on mere suspicion of rebellion, a muslim woman cannot do so to her husband, no matter how lecherous, tyrannical or unjust he is.

{NOTE: The wife does not need to go against Islam to get beaten, the husband needs only to SUSPECT rebellion on her part to give her a good thrashing ! Quran prescribes the steps before beating of a wife as follows: ADMONISH HER, DO NOT SHARE HER BED, INCARCERATE HER IN A SEPARATE ROOM & FINALLY BEAT HER !}

3) A muslim man can divorce his wife merely by uttering the word 'talaq' thrice, without assigning any reason for this ! The wife cannot divorce her husband in a likewise manner.

{I know Islamists will jump up and say the wife can go for a 'khula divorce' in a Sharia court, but it is a long winded and cumbersome process, where even if she wins, she loses custody of her children and any rights to the 'mehr' amount. KHULA DIVORCE IS NOT THE SAME AS THE TRIPLE TALAQ FACILITY ENJOYED BY MUSLIM MEN.}

4) A muslim man can marry a muslim, Christian or Jewish woman according to the Quran, but a muslim woman is only ever allowed to marry a muslim man.

5) From the deceased parents' estate, a muslim man inherits twice what his female siblings inherit.

6) In a Sharia court, as far witnesses go, a man's witness is worth twice that of a muslim woman.

7) A muslim can leave her house ONLY with her husband's permission, while the husband needs no such permission from his wife to leave home.

8) A raped muslim woman has to produce four male witnesses, otherwise she is accused of adultery/zina. Will a man ever rape a woman with four guys watching the proceedings ?

9) A muslim wife has to be ready always to provide "sex on demand" by her husband, no matter what the situation is !

10) According to the Quran, a husband must confine his wife inside a locked room for "lewd" behaviour till " she starves to death or Allah decides otherwise". Where does it say a muslim wife has the right to do the same with a cheating/lecherous husband ?

For more such discriminatory rules against the woman, refer to the Quran (explained in detail in the Hadiths).

And yet muslim men and and their supporters claim ISLAM RESPECTS WOMEN LIKE NO IN OTHER RELIGION !

If this is the sort of "respect" muslim women get from Islam, is anyone surprised they leave the faith in droves ?
written by Scrutator , December 26, 2011
Whenever a non-muslim tries to discuss rules emanating from the Quran in a calm, logical and rational manner, muslims call it RANTING and INTENSE HATRED AGAINST ISLAM !

Do pointing out well-known facts from the Quran equal showing intense hatred ?

Why do they say that ?... are they not normal human beings like the rest of humanity ?
written by reylair , January 04, 2012
I cant beleive there are Muslims in here debating this and stating its a lie lolol
NOPE its the turht and you cant handle it cause you know that you shouldnt be in ISLAM yes its discus ting isnt IT? well thats your prphet who did all these things and dont you dare deny it you hypocrites its in the Koran at least be freaking real about it you fake pieces of CRAP

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