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Progress in the Battle against Islam: 'Islamic Jihad' in Bangla

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The surge of popular revolutions in the Middle East points to a gloomy, even frightening, prospect. Yet our battle against Islam is quietly scoring points, one at a time -- the publication of "Islamic Jihad" and essays of our writers in Bangla in Dhaka, for example. Our messages have started penetrating into the Islamic heartlands...


[Abul Kasem's review on Bangla edition in mukto-mona.com]

Dear friends and supporters,

What rings through my book 'Islamic Jihad', which might have sounded overly alarmist to some, it seems, is becoming a reality in the Middle East and North Africa—except that it's happening a bit too soon even to my own anticipation. There are many well-meaning souls amongst us, who are being optimistic about the successful and popular revolutions in that part of the world. But under the ongoing surge of Islamic fundamentalism, such optimism seems to be a willful disregard to reality. My own belief is that: The entire belt of Islamic nations in that part of the world (and eventually possibly beyond) would come under somewhat uniform Muslim Brotherhood kind of regimes, the tentacles of which has reached Europe and it's becoming increasingly hard to fight it there.

Amidst this gloomy prospect, I have some good news for you too:

  1. A publisher in Bangladesh has translated and published my book, Islam Jihad, in Bangla.
  2. The same publisher has also published a few more titles in Bangla with translated articles from islam-watch.org and faithfreedom.org (contain articles of our authors Ali Sina, M. A. Khan, Alamgir Hussain, Mohammad Asghar, Ayesha Ahmed, Mumin Salih, Tanvir Kami et al.). I'm including a few cover-images of books, sent by the publisher, which our Bengali readers may be interested in.


(The books can be ordered from the publisher: Ba-Dweep Prakashan, Concord Emporium, Kataban, Dhaka).



astikota-nastikotar dwandwa
Author: Alamgir Hussain
Authors: M. A. Khan, Ali Sina, Ayesha Ahmed, Mumin
Salih, Tanvir Kami

In sum, it's been a satisfying progress in our battle against Islam—given our limited resources and inputs. Our voices have started penetrating into the Islamic heartlands. And as I tour the internet, I can see a deluge of ex-Muslims from all over the world queuing up to join the Atheist/Skeptic club. A true revolution for the liberation of men and women in the Muslim world will start with Enlightenment about Islam amongst Muslims, and it's looking a real and near-future possibility. What we need is patience and perseverance to keep our battle going.

Additional note:

Our contributor Syed Kamran Mirza, while visiting Bangladesh recently, picked a Bangla edition of Islamic Jihad and sent me the following comment on it:

…I read first 3 chapters of your great book while in the plane and I can tell you this -- your book is one masterpiece of job exposing Islam. This book will open anybody's eyes wide-open, who reads it.

And a few recent reader comments on the English edition of Islamic Jihad:

1. Allan Hansen:

Dear M.A. Khan. I am now reading your masterpiece: Islamic Jihad. It's the best I've read since Why I am not a Muslim (Ibn Warraq, 1995).

I am trying if I can persuade a Danish historian, journalist, writer and president of Freedom of Speech foundation, Lars Hedegaard, to translate your book into Danish. Lars Hedegaard is the translator of Why I am not a Muslim.

2. Steven Simpson

I read your book recently. It is a masterpiece. I took it out of the library, but I have decided that I must buy it. Like "Why I Am Not A Muslim" it is a seminal piece of work. Indeed, I will put both books together to form a secular "Holy Bible" on the "Religion of Pieces."

3. Manipadma at amazon.com

Good review of a large subject spanning many countries. Great work by M A Khan. Wish the book talked more about India the only land not completely converted. The barbarism in this subcontinent is wrongly shrugged under the carpet behind myths like sufism, freedom from caste and racism.

4. Goddess101 at amazon.co.uk

This book had me reading it intently from the very start. I enjoyed the chapters on Islam in India. And I believe it is true. The history of Islam and its adherents throughout history is discussed thoroughly, and fairly, taking into account all sides of the argument.

A MUST read. This book is all the more important in the world with what's happening today.

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Good job
written by Rationalist , February 13, 2011
Good job, keep it up! We must eradicate Islam at any cost.
written by Reed Wilson. , February 14, 2011
Rationalist. You write " We must eradicate Islam at any cost".

At any cost!! Do you really mean it?

It reminds me a joke that some fanatics say we can sacrifice our lives for honor of Muhammad. They kill others instead of laying their own lives.

The killer of Gov. Salman Taseer first insured his own security before shooting him.

We must eradicate Islam at the cost of Islam.
No stakes:)
Islam is Islam
written by Tanstaafl jw , February 14, 2011
In over 1400 years, Islam has killed over 270 million people.
written by Hanuman , February 15, 2011
Very good news.

The truth shall conquer!
written by russ , February 15, 2011
And around 10 million,and counting, of their own.
Best Wishes
written by Simple_Logic , February 16, 2011

M.A khan & Others

One Day u will succeed. Inshahallah
written by Kapil , February 16, 2011
Please help me download the book!
to Kapil
written by M. A. Khan, editor , February 16, 2011
Which book are you referring to? Download from where?

You can send an email through our "contact us" form.
written by Kapil , February 17, 2011
Mr. Khan, I want to download your "Islamic Jihad" and also "The Illustrated Biography of Prophet Mohammad". These are priceless treasures which exposes Islam.
written by M. A. Khan, editor , February 17, 2011
These books are not available for downloads from open sources. There are e-books available from publishers, which you can buy. If you have technical or any other kind of difficulty in getting a copy, you should write to to us through our contact us page (not here): http://www.islam-watch.org/ind...&Itemid=64
yahoo manager
written by yahooy , February 20, 2011
Dear Khan.

All you are telling is the Lies that people like you are commong to persuade those who are sick

islam will win as it did always and there is no need of you like. The middle east will be the middle east and there will be no single one like you who can tell ISLAM
to yahoo manager
written by M. A. Khan, editor , February 20, 2011
"The middle east will be the middle east and there will be no single one like you who can tell ISLAM."

This quote of you just prove that what we say and think of Islam (of course of Quran, hadith, sira) is the true, not lies.
There is Hope for Bengali speaking Muslims who wish for Freedom
written by Muhammad Jaahil , March 03, 2011
Any particle will be in an agitated state until it returns to its undisturbed, natural state of harmony (which is the core of every being).

The ultraviolence seen in Bangladesh and other converted lands today is a result of the agitation produced in people’s minds due to conversion to a foreign way-of-life [Arab].

When Bengali-speaking people return to their true intrinsic state of Dharma, they will find their peace that is at the core of their hearts.

Until then, the violence will continue… just like a ship battered by a storm that is brought about by foreign winds churning up the water into gigantic waves.

When the foreign Arab winds subside and go away, then the storm ceases and the water becomes still and attains a calm state of being (that is its harmonic state).

May the Formless ('Niraakaar') Ishwar (God) empower the people of Bangladesh to throw away the shackles of 'Arabic Imperialism' and emerge free.

Shanti (Peace).
About a traitor
written by Shihab , June 16, 2011

You are nothing but a traitor who can't even live his life without an Islamic name . You think you can harm us then remember the devil, christians, jews, hindus & all those spineless forcess tried it year after year and they failed . We are, were and will remain as the best religion . So keep trying losers .
I like it
written by shamsul , September 11, 2011
I support this kind of book writing. I think this kind of book should be freely downloadable for us. we can not buy this book from bangladesh. but I want to read it.
i want tose books..how can i get
written by samrat , October 13, 2011
i want tose books..how can i get
books from Dhaka
written by M. A. Khan, editor , October 13, 2011
The Bangla books can be purchased from publisher shop in Dhaka (address: Ba-Dweep Prakashan, Concord Emporium, Kataban, Dhaka).

If anyone want the English version of Jihad, it can be ordered from Amazon.com. If you want the PDF copy, write to us via our "contact us" form.
Book "Islamic Jihad" in French??
written by henri , November 30, 2011
have you a french translation of "Islamic Jihad"? when not, I could do it for you... I am now helping "http://www.postedeveille.ca" for translations into french (referenced as "henri")...
Good luck to you.
Henri, from Paris, France
@Henri, on translation of "Islamic Jihad"
written by M. A. Khan, editor , November 30, 2011
Dear Henri,

To my knowledge, no one has undertaken the translation in French. If you want to do the translation, you are most welcome.

You may write to me through our "contact us" page.
written by manoj,hyderabad , December 10, 2011
That rump entity breakaway territory of India that calls itself Pakistan needs to be invaded and occupied by either the Hindus or the Christians though it is primarily the responsibility of the Hindus because it is they who allowed the territory to break away and become a center for global terror. We are engaged in a generational conflict in the war on Islam, and like the Hindus have been fighting the Muslims for over 1000 years. Hindus and Christians are natural allies. We need the support of the Hindu religious and political leaders to isolate and destroy Islam from the region. By defeating Islam militarily we can compel the Muslims to accept Hinduism. But this news is a disappointing to say the least! If THIS is the way the way the Hindu leaders compromise and betray the cause then all we can say is we Christians remain committed to carrying forward our cause without their help. We had high hopes from Mr.Modi. Earlier his fight against the Muslims was unrelenting and he had our admiration and respect.. Now he seems to be succumbing to the general compromising attitude adopted in the sub-continent. India allows bits of its territory to break away and become failed states and hotbeds of terrorism. its fights inconclusive military conflicts with its own break away rump entities ; the last being in 1971 when it occupied its own former territory renamed it as Bangladesh and then promptly let it go to become yet another failed state. None of the Hindu leaders not even the religious ones call for the re-integration of these break away entities; none of the Hindu political or religious leaders call for uncompromising support to the USA in its war on Islam. None of the Hindu leaders (not even the great warrior Guru Tackray )congratulate us Americans in our victories against Islam and great battles we fought such as at Falluja in Iraq or in Kandahar delivering a heavy blow to the Muslims. We fight alone and unaided but we want the goodwill and love of the Hindus because their fight is our fight.We hurt when brave committed crusaders like Guru Tackray, and Mr Modi are silent and ambivalent in their support for the USA. But our fight goes on. We will soon be driving to the and lean over to shake Mr. Modi's hand

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'Islamic Jihad' in Bangla
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