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Five Things Islam Is Most Afraid of?

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Muslims fight against Hindus in India, against Buddhist in Myanmar/China, against Christians in Europe, North America and elsewhere. They fight against Jews in Israel. They also fight with each other or within the community in countries where they are the majority. For example, in Pakistan Sunnis have been conducting a bloody war Shias and Ahmadiyahs. There are also Baluch-Pashtun war in Pakistan, Sunni-Kurdi war in Iraq and Turkey, and so on.

In sum, all over the Muslim world, there are disharmony and violence. But why? Why there is no peace in Islamic Countries and societies?

What is the reason behind their fighting with each other? In Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria etc., they are killing their own people. Why there is so much violence?

There are five main reasons, which Islam is afraid, namely (1) Nationalism, (2) Feminism, (3) Modernism, (4) Democracy, and (5) Secularism. Violence in Islamic societies emanate from fear of these things.

The main aspect of Islam is: it’s an Arab organization and its 260 tribes. The tradition of these tribes are coalesced into Islam. As a result, Islam became monolithic tribal religion. This structure of Islam contradicts with these five things that Islam is afraid of as mentioned above.

Nationalism: Islam has its own Nationalism, i.e. Arab Nationalism. The Quran written in Arabic, for the Arab people. God selected Arabic only for transmitting his message, He appointed an Arab man as the prophet, Allah’s house (kaaba) is located in Arab land, and all Muslims pray toward that House. That is, all Muslims bow themselves toward the Arabia in their surrender to Allah, a God of the Arabs. By embracing Islam, Non-Arabs automatically become slave of the Arabs. This establishes and expands the Arab imperialism in the form of spreading Arab Nationalism. That’s why Muslims has only one nation, one Ummah. They put Islam above their own country.

Nationalism puts nation first and then religion, race or culture. But due to the fact that Arab Nationalism is interwoven with Islam, Muslims find it difficult in their own Nationalism above their religion. Due to Western influential and intervention, the Muslim world today is divided into many nation states. As a result, they have Pakistan Nationalism, Bangladesh Nationalism, Afgan Nationalism etc. But if a Muslim believes in his own nationalism, he disbelieves in Arab Nationalism, i.e. in Islam. Hence, Muslims are generally uncomfortable with local nationalism. They find local nationalism is a crime against Islam. Pakistani Nationalists questions why Pakistanis have less respect for their own country? Why they are listening to Jehadi in the name of Islam, who came from Outside? Why Muslims cannot be nationalists and put their national interested above everything?

When the state of Israel was created in 1948 according to UN Partition Plan (Res. 181, 1947), the whole Arab world declared war against Islam and the entire Muslim world supported the war, simply because of their belief in Arab nationalism. And Israel, a small country, could effectively fight against joint assault of Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Iran etc., and defeat them—because they are nationalist, they love their own country. Since Muslims do not their own nationalism based on their solid local interest, they have less love for their own country, that makes their dedication and resolve to defend their country weak. They love only their religion, and consequently Arab nationalism. They united only for Islam, not for their own country, that is why they were defeated.

For nationalist, the soil of their motherland is most sacred, which is their own Qibla (direction of prayer). But for Muslims, only the soil of Arabia is sacred, Mecca in Saudi Arab is the sacred Qibla. Due to this, Muslims love Arab land more than their own country. This ideology contradicts with Nationalism in every country. They find local nationalism a challenge to Islam, and the pious among them find nationalists as an enemy of Islam and fight them. As a result, you see no peace in Islamic countries. Islam stands in the way of nationalism, and solid nationalism is key to peace and prosperity for a country.

Feminism: Slavery of woman is a part of Islam. They treat woman as a domestic animal. Indeed, Prophet Muhammad compared women to domestic animals, donkeys and dogs in the hadith. Their belief is: women have no soul. But to tremendous pressure from humanists from around the globe, they denied it. Muslims don’t allow women into Mosque, because they fear Islam will loss its fighting spirit, and it will become a sophisticate religion. Women generally dislike violence. If women are allowed into mosque, hardcore Islamist imams cannot give hateful sermons and incite Muslims against non-Muslim. If women are allowed access to mosques, the ideology of Jehad will be neutralized, no one will be ready to die for Jehad. Women won’t allow their sons to become jehadi and die prematurely. Jehad is the central pillar of Islam, which spreads terror in people. And this terror is a foundation of Islam. If Islam’s foundation is vanished, Islam will vanish too. That’s why Muslims are afraid to feminism.

So, Muslims use a simple ploy to prevent woman from becoming an important social force by asking women to wear hijab/burka as a religious requirement and keeping them indoor. Hijab is a symbol of slavery. It stops the development of personality of a woman, thereby prevent their empowerment. This also hampers their economic independence. If woman become empowered, they will stop their children from becoming terrorists.

Feminism opposes the slavery of woman. It demands the personal development of women on equal basis with men, and professes women’s economic and social independence. If socially and economically independent women won’t allow their children become terrorist. Muslim communities cannot live in peace until they treat their women equally in all social and religious spheres.

Modernism: In a dynamic world, every good custom falls to disuse with time. For society to move forward, change is inevitable. But the Quran impose a divine and eternal blueprint on Muslim societies, rejecting any change. Islam’s divine structure does not give equal status to woman at their Mosque and in many other social issues and functions. Devout Muslims see change is against the Quran. So, they oppose Modernism. Modernism demands changes, as there is nothing final in the world. Devout Muslims oppose changes. As a result, Muslim societies suffocate in the ghetto of Islam. They lose dynamics for moving forward. Lack of education, lack of charity, lack of family planning, and lack of catching up with the real world etc. leaves them in stagnation and poverty.

Muslims want to conduct their life on basis of Sunnah (tradition) of Muhammad, the apostle of Allah. Yet, they accept loudspeakers, mobile phones, computers, TV, Car, bus, Airoplane, Govt. Schemes, Currency etc., which were absent in the days of Muhammad. But they refuse to become modern in respect of women and lifestyle, because it is against Islam as per their view. They are afraid that modernism will kill Islam. Modernism, thus, is an enemy of Islam, and should steer clear of.

Democracy: Orthodox Muslims demand Sharia law for governing Muslim societies. This law was the constitution of Arabia during Muhammad and the Khalifas of Islam. The Sharia constitution is anti-democratic, anti-humanist. It is a biased system of law and insufficient in governing modern societies.

For example, punishment for theft is cutting the hands of the thief in Sharia law. Who is the thief? Any person can be set up to be thief by someone due to personal enmity or political rivalry. For this, the accused, although innocent, has to suffer such extreme punishment. There cannot be impartial justice under sharia law. For example, one Muslim may have four wives. And when one wife makes mistake, he can punch her. But since sharia professes equal treatment to all wives, he must punch his remaining three wives too.

Any person can be trapped into defamation of the Quran under the sharia law. Many incidences of false defamation are happening in Pakistan. So many examples can be given.

In democracy, law and justice lie in the hands of Government and Judiciary. But in Islamic country, law and justice are in the hand to Imam, kazi. They issue fatwa. These fatwas are against democracy. Only under democratic system of governance, proper justice can be established, not under fatwa or Sharia. But imams and kazis, afraid of losing their power and violation of Islamic supremacy, are opposed to democracy. They feel that they will become irrelevant in democracy. So, they find democracy as a threat to Islam. In other words, Islam is afraid of democracy.

Secularism: Secularism professes the separation of state and religion. Secularism opposes the influence of religion on the governance of state. Secularism does not oppose religion, but denies religion a say in governing society. State should not be religious.

Secularism stands in the way of implementing sharia law in society. This is because Secularism opposes the inequality between men and women, between Muslims and non-Muslims. But Islam or Sharia law discriminates against women, subjugates them to male domination, and marginalizes non-Muslims in society, which are against Secularism. As a result, Islam and Secularism cannot coexist. In sum, Secularism is a mortal threat to Islam and Muslims are duly afraid of it.

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written by Fineliving56 , December 16, 2012
Good Article … Clear and precise

Islamic world has no peace and it will never do... unless they let go of Islam as a way of life

Islam is built on total control and extreme jealousy for what it owns … non of the five point Annad brought can be will coexist with it … as Muslim advance, Islam will have to be squeezed out to be replaced with freedom and democracy for all equally .

One part I had a question mark I like to ask you about :

You said '' since Sharia professes equal treatment for all wives, he must punch his remaining three wives too ''

Did you mean '' punish'' … not '' punch ''

And if it was punish … can you provide an Islamic background for '' punishing all four wives for the fault of one wife '' because I do know of such aspect of Muhammad history !

I know about the incident when Ayshia was hit by Muhammad on her chest because a mistake she had done, but I have not read about him punishing all his wives for her mistake ?!

Thank you
Good article
written by Worldpeace , December 16, 2012
This is a good article and is spot on on Islam's numerous phobia. Islam is just an anachronism in the 21st century, that is, if it had ever been anything at all.
One more thing to add in Feminism
written by Infidel and More Proud , December 17, 2012
Afraid of education of women and marrying non muslims
written by vbv , December 17, 2012
Good article. True , islam is totally incompatible with modern world. It belongs to the stone age , or rather more appropriately the desert era of backwardness, stagnation and barbaric outlook.
also free speech
written by why zee , December 17, 2012
i would like to add that islam is deathly afraid of free speech because only this allows the truth about this horrible ideology to be told to people before it is too late.

political correctness in western society is a suicide play, and certain segments of society are falling all over themselves to support their "right" to criticize judaism & xnity without limits but for some reason are demanding that islam & mooselimbs have holy cow protected species status.

why is this ?

why is islam so afraid of free speech ?

why can't the truth be told about mohamhead the pedophile psycho lunatic 7th century murdering warlord ??

mooselimbs go apoplectic at any criticism of themselves, islam, allah, koran, shariah, mohamhead, hadiths etc etc and of course, consider the FACTS about this horrible ideology to be criticism

in theory the pen is mightier than the sword, but for sure in the short term this assertion is debatable...
Islam is another word for violence!
written by Kafirwala , December 18, 2012

It is said that Mohammed and the Ist khalifa Abubecker were slow poisoned to death. The IInd, IIIrd and the IVth khalifas were brutally murdered. That is the history of Islam, history of violence and bloodshed. In all muslim countries, the hapless non- muslims are targeted for extreme violence, atrocities and persecution. Day by day, their no. will dwindle and when there are not enough of them, these barbarians will indulge in violence among themselves. They just cannot live without violence. That is what we are seeing today. The only solution is the annihilation of Islam from the surface of earth. The earlier means that much atrocities will be less.
angel and sinner
written by Bawa Daal , December 18, 2012
This article is a clear piece of shit projecting sole hatred of the writer and an attempt of showing her/his alliance with shia and ahmedies. Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H stated clearly in his last address that no arab is superior to ajmi and vice versa and the yard to measure superiority was taqwa or believe in God and taking care of human rights. Culture changes Country to country and place to place, many fights are fought for own survivals and not purely in the name of religions. During first and second world wars all nations didn't have the same religions or sectarianism. Quran only tells about the boundaries to follow not to follow any culture. Arabic was the mostly understandable language of the time. You might complain too why sun rises from the east. Arab remained land of Prophets in that era. Women were given honours proved in many books in Islam, women used to be taken on buggies carried on by men Sorah Noor gratify the dignity of woman and a man equally.
Why zee
written by Fineliving56 , December 19, 2012
You ask …. why is Islam afraid of free speech ?

To be able to have and want free speech … FREE mind is need it …

Muslim's minds are not free … it is tide up in chains of Islam .. the chains became part of their body and mind, they got use to them, they think harsh chains are silky pillows .

Muhammad perfected the best formula to keep Muslims in chains through his Quran .. 1) ignorance 2) fear 3) sword …

He still can have his hold on Muslims all these years and still years to come … but not all of them .. not quite … his formal might have worked in old age … but the new age has the best invention in the world ..the internet.

written by bakr , December 19, 2012
Good Article Indeed.
Islam/Muslims are also afraid of Polio vaccines
written by Infidel and More Proud , December 19, 2012
the future of pislam
written by Skippy , December 22, 2012
if you want to see the revolution gradually building against the pig men of pislam...

this is their true fear, women hahahahaha
written by Skippy , December 22, 2012
this from ex-muslims explaining the thought processes of the pislamic mind
they'd have to fear this because it shows the blind loyalty and non-thinking it takes to remain a mus-tard
this is to fear, this is hope
written by Skippy , December 22, 2012
To Skippy
written by Archpagan , December 22, 2012
Many thanks for providing a very interesting link. Mainstream media always try to suppress such happenings in the Muslim country out of fear. It is quite an apocryphal to me. Women took lead role in the French Revolution, firmly establishing secular values all over Europe. I hope this internet revolution will finally spell the doom of the evil called Islam.
address on facebook
written by Skippy , December 22, 2012

anyone interested, check them out
World Peace
written by Alpha , December 26, 2012
Islamic radicals & Zionists are equal.

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