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The Story of Brutal Torture, Rape & Murder of Taraneh Mousavi by Ayatollah’s Thugs

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How the thugs of Iran's Islamic regime kidnapped this beautiful young girl from the street, and after brutal torture and rape, they sprayed her body with bullets and threw away the dead-body...


The 19-year old beautiful Taraneh was not shot with a single bullet to her chest as was the case with Neda Agha Sultan. There were no bystanders in the dungeon with a cell phone to capture the prolonged torture, rape, and sodomy of this teen-ager.Rape is a cruel violation of a helpless victim. In addition to the physical torment involved, rape reduces the victim to subhuman status. Under the barbaric rule of the Mullahcracy in Iran, however, sexual assaults have become instruments of policy for extracting false confessions, satisfying the boundless sadisms and sexual perversities of the jailers, punishing the helpless victim and leaving each of them with a sense of dehumanization. These horrors keep playing out, unabated, in the streets, prisons and dungeons of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

On June 28, 2009, Taraneh Mousavi, a young Iranian woman, was literally scooped off the streets without any provocation on her part and with no arrest warrant. This young woman was taken to one of the Islamists torture chambers where she was repeatedly brutalized, raped, and sodomized by Ahmadinejad’s agents and with the consent of the “supreme leader” Ali Khamenei.

Near death from repeated beating, raping and sodomizing, the fragile young woman, bleeding profusely from her rectum and womb, was transferred to a hospital in Karaj near Tehran. Eventually, an anonymous person notified Taraneh’s family that she had had an “accident” and had to be taken to the hospital.

The devastated family rushed to the hospital only to find no trace of their beloved daughter because, the gang of Islamic thugs, the foot-soldiers of Allah’s “divine representative” Ali Khamenei, decided to eliminate all traces of their savagery. These beasts of Allah removed the dying woman from the hospital before the family’s arrival, burned it beyond recognition and dumped her charred remains on the side of the road.

Taraneh means melody in Persian. According to her bereaved family and friends, true to her name, she used to sing with a beautiful warm voice and played the piano with skill. It is beyond imaginable cruelty to have her precious young life extinguished after an extended period of torture and rape.


Like Neda, another young woman, whose chest was ripped by the bullet of a murdering Islamist as she peacefully walked along with a throng of peaceful demonstrators, Taraneh’s tragedy gives a glimpse of the true face of Islamic fascism and its brutality. The Taranehs and Nedas of Iran shall remain as eternal testaments to the depravity of Islamic fascism and the horrors it has visited on innocent people. And these young victims of the Islamic tyranny are by no means isolated cases. Tragically, women as a gender bear the brunt of Islamic misogyny. Women are systematically exploited, maltreated and disenfranchised from their God-given rights.

How did Taraneh end up in the hands of the Islamist murderers? According to numerousreports, the 19-year-old Taraneh Mousavi, was among hundreds arrested on June 28, 2009 in Iran’s post-election aftermath. She was standing outside her school when she was arrested, along with a group of about 14 others, blindfolded and taken to an interrogation and torture center.

Witnesses present at the scene have reported that the basijis militia—hired government thugs–were giving the exceptionally beautiful Taraneh a particularly hard time. When the other detainees were allowed to contact their families and she was not, she sensed there would be trouble and gave her parents’ telephone number to a few of the women there who in turn contacted her family after being released.

Our great Zoroaster, the luminous ancient prophet of Persia, spoke of the ongoing battle between the forces of good under Ahuramazda—God, and the forces of evil directed by Ahriman—the Satan. Zoroaster warned us not to fall for the enticements or be deceived by the machinations of Ahriman. He further informed us that evil can be recognized by the deeds of its people; people who would oppose the precepts of Ahuramazda.

The savage Islamists killed the magnificent child-woman, Taraneh, after a long period of tortuous imprisonment and rape. By killing her, the agents of evil aimed to silence freedom loving Iranians. But assuredly they can never kill freedom. They only kill the body, but the spirit of freedom lives on.

According to the Islamic Sharia practiced by the Islamic Republic of Iran, it is impermissible to execute a woman if she is virgin. A handy excuse for the torture savages to satisfy their beastly lust by arranging a “wedding” ceremony before the eventual execution of the victim. The female prisoner is forced to consummate the “marriage” by submitting sexually to one of the chosen jail-keepers. A virgin woman gets forcibly raped before being hanged. This is yet another gift from Islam to humanity!

Lest reports of horrific mistreatment of innocent prisoners of conscience be taken as baseless rumors and innuendoes, in a letter dated June 12, 2009, a Presidential candidate, Mehdi Karoobi, explicitly states the violations. The letter addressed to the head of the Assembly of Experts on Leadership—the highest body of the ruling gang of clerics—Karoobi demands that an impartial commission be appointed to investigate the torture and rape reports of detainees, both women as well as men.

Mr. Karoobi writes: “I do not think that prisoners in the pre-revolution regime (i.e. the Shah’s) had seen or heard of such crimes. Some detained individuals have reported such savage rapes that have left the women victims with physical scars and ruptures in their reproductive systems. At the same time, young imprisoned boys have been raped in such atrocious ways causing them depression, physical and psychological pain, leading to their complete withdrawal from everybody.”

For the past 33-years, the Islamic Republic of Iran has been denying and violating a long-suffering people of all its human rights. The regime is guilty of beating, torturing, raping, and killing prisoners of conscience—political, religious, intellectuals, artists and others.

Women, chronically oppressed and denied their basic human and family rights, have been the ones most viciously abused by the Islamic system and its hired plain clothes and Basij members. To maintain its suffocating rule, the regime metes out punishments reminiscent of the worst governments in the annals of human history. Amputation of hands and feet, blinding of eyes, hanging, and stoning victims after perfunctory trials in kangaroo courts without legal representation is common-place under the terror rule of the Islamists

The Islamists’ ruling Iran—the curse of Allah—heartlessly hang gays on the grounds that same sex relationship is a capital offense according to the Islamic ethos. Yet, these same beasts gang rape innocent young men in their medieval dungeons, after having arrested them for participating in peaceful demonstrations.

The horrors visited on innocent Iranian detainees by the goons of the Islamic Republic with the consent of the head-criminal, Ali Khamenei, and the orders of the brutal “President” Ahmadinejad, make every decent human shudder with revulsion. It is sadly reminiscent of Nazi Germany. The Nazi’s use of piano wires for nooses to torment maximally their victims by slow death has been matched by the Islamist Fascists’ resort to sexual brutalization that eventuates in death.

taraneh mousavi

Freedom-lovers and decent humans like Taraneh and Neda, like millions of others, did not believe that a murdering Islamist Ahmadinejad was their President. They did not approve of his rabid attacks on Israel, demanding its eradication; they did not condone his largess on Islamist terrorists such as Hizbollah and Hamas; they did not want religious minorities, such as Baha’is, to be deprived of their rights of citizenship simply because they did not believe in his religious zealotry; they did not want to live as second class citizens because of their gender.

Tragically, there are people in position of power who turn a blind eye to these horrors with their sole concern for their own self-interests. When Robert Gibbs, former spokesman for the White House, shamelessly declares that Mahmood Ahmadinejad, the fraud, is the elected President of Iran, one wonders about Gibbs’ humaneness. How would Gibbs feel if Taraneh was his daughter and Ahmadinejad had her blood on his hands? Would Gibbs, or for that matter President Obama, call this murderer Ahmadinejad, a duly elected President worthy of shaking his bloodstained hand?

In short, the Islamic Republic of Iran represents devastation and death if not immediately disempowered by all people and nations that value the Universal Human Rights for all. It is timely to bring to mind the warning of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” The Islamic Republic of Iran is indeed a miscarriage of justice, a cruel repressive rule, and an imminent threat not only to Iranians but also to the world at large.

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written by Tanstaafl jw , February 03, 2012
Is a cruel import on the heirs of Cyrus the Great.
Islam, Women and Iran
written by Walter Sieruk , February 03, 2012
In his book FOR GOD OR FOR TYRANNY the former Muslim and jihadist, Walid Shoebat, who is now a Christian on page 270 wrote "The hatred of women in an Islamic society is so immense that even if a woman is raped, she is stoned to death." Furthermore, it's outrageous and absurd to punish a woman who was raped and not the rapist. Nevertheless, this does happen many times in Iran under the current Islamic regime as welll as in other Muslim countries.
To all this the Bible teaches "Acquitting the guilty and condemming the innocent- the Lord detests them both." Proverbs 17:15. [NIV]

Dr. Shoebat has his own internet site which is 'www.shoebat.com'
The story is a hoax
written by QLineOrientalist , February 03, 2012
Interesting that this story is being dredged up again.
There were three people who floated this story: Omid Habibinia, Reza Valizadeh, and Layla Malekmohammadi. The first recanted the story. The second has started peddling anti-Jewish conspiracy theories about Judeo-Masonic conspiracies propping up the Islamic Republic. In other words, he's a crackpot.

For more details on this hoax, please view my blog: http://www.qlineorientalist.co...formation/
o QLineOrientalist
written by Bijan Salehi , February 03, 2012
To QLineOrientalist

The Islamic terrorists in Iran also tried to make Neda's case a hoax. You Muslim terrorists will never give up. Take your garbage somewhere else. I have spoken to the family of this young woman and I know for fact that the story is real. It happens all the time in Iran. Everyone knows that.

For the past 1400 years, the followers of Muhammad have been raping Innocent boys and girls. Shame on you.

Bijan Salehi

posted by: To QLineOrientalist
The story is a hoax
written by 911Infidel , February 03, 2012
Yeah, that's what the Iranian regime says. I'll take Amil Imani's word over the thugocracy and regime plants in this country any day.
True story
written by Guy Macher , February 03, 2012
The story is undoubtedly true because Muslims ape the actions of a criminal psychopath. Mohamed would have acted exactly this way. No Muslim can dispute that.
Here is another case of rape in the Islamic Rapist Republic
written by Bijan Salehi , February 04, 2012
Ms. Maryam Sabri Talks About Being Repeatedly Raped in Prison(Engl.Subt.)

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ISLAMIC STATES: Islamic Republic of Iran....Rape and Torture for "Immodesty"

Story of Ms. Homaily, Torture and Rape in Prison of Islamic Regime
written by Bijan Salehi , February 04, 2012

Story of Ms. Homaily, Torture and Rape in Prison of Islamic Regime
Story of raped girl Arghavan and Rape Fatwa Ebahe (Engl. Subtitle)
written by Bijan Salehi , February 04, 2012

Story of raped girl Arghavan and Rape Fatwa Ebahe (Engl. Subtitle)

Rape in Prisons of Iran - Azar Al Kanaan (
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Rape in Prisons of Iran - Azar Al Kanaan (English- Part 1of 2)
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CNN Report Of Iranian Rape Victims
written by Bijan Salehi , February 04, 2012

CNN Report Of Iranian Rape Victims
Bijan Salehi
written by fineliving56 , February 04, 2012
Yes, all of these, you tube videos you have sited, are sold proof that the Internet is like millions of giant THORNS in the side of the body of Islam …piercing and bleeding the heart of it….
The atrocities done by Muslims in the name of The mass murderer Muhammad is all laundered for all to see …

We should thank the inventor of the internet every day … it is real miracle … I know it is for me
Law of Karma
written by Asian observer , February 04, 2012
These thugs and rapists will be revenged soon when Israel n US attack Iran. No one can escape the Law of Karma ( as mentioned in Buddhism ) = every action will have an equal n opposite reaction. You reap what you sow, as said in the Bible. They have incurred the wrath of the true God.
written by duh_swami , February 04, 2012
Even if that story is not true, there have been many similar cases that are true...And it is not just Iran...It's wherever Allah lives...
A testimony from an Iranian prison guard said in an interview, that one reason they rape condemned women and men, is to ruin their chances of getting into heaven after they are murdered...The final insult before death...I hate to burst any Muslim bubbles, but this is out and out evil...If Allah does not cause this, he makes no effort to stop it either...In fact he is quite willing for these atrocities to go on in his name...Fiend...
The story is still a hoax
written by QLineOrientalist , February 06, 2012
It is not a matter of taking the word of one set of liars (the Islamic Republic) over another liar. It's a matter of using your common sense and looking at the facts.

By the way, Amil, where did you get that this alleged crime was committed "with the consent of the “supreme leader” Ali Khamenei." That's a new one. Can you give us a link of where you got the evidence for this?

Just read the history of this hoax and see how the perpetrators of it have tripped all over themselves, contradicting each other at every turn.

Don't take my word for it, don't take Amil's word for it. Just read what the authors of this hoax said. Links to the original sources provided. http://www.qlineorientalist.co...formation/
QLineOrientalist is Islam appologits and pro IRI lobbiests (NIAC)
written by Bijan , February 07, 2012
QLineOrientalist is Islam and IRI apologist. Even Mr. Karoubi himself told this story plus many others. I don't know which one is worse, raping innocent young men and women by the IRI bassij elements who work directly under Ali Khamehni or propagandists who go around and call the work of Satan "Hoax." You be the judge.
written by duh_swami , February 07, 2012
Yes, I have been reading of these hoaxes for about twelve years now...Every day there are numerous hoaxes being generated by Jews and other kuffar, like reports of Muslim bombings, honor killings, hanging gays, stoning and lashing women, attacking Christians, amputating limbs, and accusations of rapes all over the place...All hoaxes, Muslims would never indulge in these atrocities, Allah and the Quran forbid it...Isn't that right QLineOrientalist?
QLine Orientalist
written by chilliwhack , February 07, 2012
Is this character the same as this a*****e?
Real name: Evan Siegel; Location: Brooklyn; Age: 57; Gender: male
Read all about this jewish appologist of the Barbaric Islamic Regime here:
written by Roya , February 16, 2012
One must ask why the Islamic terrorists are so worried about this story? Why IRI has sent its propagandists all over the net, denying the Killing of this young woman who was verified by former Majlis speaker, Mr. Karoubi and hundreds of other sources. Just look at what the ultra motives of IRI agents are here.

Go on the net and type Kahrizak prison. Then you will know everything you need to know about rape in the Islamic Republic government.

PS. To NAIC savages, you do not represent Iranians in the US. You represent the repressive regime of IRI.

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