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Commonality of Nazism with Islam and Sharia

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In the early 1930’s the 'free world' made the mistake of dismissing Hitler’s words as mere threats and ravings. Will the West make the same mistake when continually confronted with Islamic terror?

Since the atrocities committed on 9/11/01 by Middle Eastern Muslim terrorists in the name of Islam, people in the U.S. and West have debated whether Islam is “a religion of peace” or more of an all-encompassing totalitarian ideology cloaked in religious garb. Unfortunately, it appears that the Qur’an, Shariah, and the Islamic terrorist attacks of the last thirty years, indicate that Islam is indeed a totalitarian ideology engaged in an effort of world-wide conquest much like Nazism. The major difference being that Nazism was based on racial affiliation while Islam is based on religious affiliation.

The word “Islam” – contrary to popular belief – means “submission” and not “peace.” When Islam was founded by Muhammad ibn Abdallah in the 7th century, it conquered the Arabian Peninsula through bloody wars and conquests against fellow Arabs, and Jewish tribes. After the consolidation of Islam in Arabia, the Arabs quickly moved out to conquer the Persian and Byzantine empires, as well as parts of India, and subsequently Spain.  All was done under the sword or through discrimination. It was not done by peacefully proselytizing the indigenous populations.

A Brief Overview of Shariah

The holy book of Islam – the Qur’an – contains laws and commandments for the believing Muslim. It is also a book that is replete with references to war, conquest, and the treatment of non-Muslims.  From the Qur’an (primarily), and the Sunnah and Hadith (secondarily) came - amongst other principles - the exegesis (tafsir) and jurisprudence (fiqh) of how the laws, sayings, customs, and traditions of Muhammad were to be interpreted. Thus was born Shariah (meaning the “path”). Shariah is not a simple concept to explain (even by and for Muslims), but it can simply be equated with “Islamic law.”

Shariah dictates every aspect of a Muslim’s life – both private and public. It is a total system that not only encompasses the individual, but how the government should rule as well. Islam is therefore a religio-political entity and ideally guided by a caliph (“successor”) to Muhammad. However, the Caliph came to be something of a “supreme leader” as both the head of government and the head of religion. In short, there is no separation of “mosque and state” in an ideal Islamic setting.

While different schools of Shariah exist with various interpretations of the Qur’an, Sunnah, and Hadith, all see Islam and Muslims as superior to every other religion, and view non-Muslims as “dhimmi” (plural, “dhimma”) who are regarded as inferior to Muslims under Islamic law. It is the dhimma (namely Jews, Christians, and other monotheistic religions) who must pay the jizya and kharaj (poll and land taxes) because they do not recognize the Qur’an. They must also wear distinctive clothing (usually yellow for Jews, and blue for Christians.)

The Nazi-Islamic Alliance

During the 1930’s Muslims of all different nationalities (most notably Arabs and Persians) were very sympathetic to Adolph Hitler and Nazism. The reverse was also true. Hitler and Heinrich Himmler only had respectful things to say of Islam, and Hitler himself had said that it would have been better if Germany had possessed the “Mohammedan religion” rather than the “meekness and flabbiness” of Christianity.

At the same time, in the Arab world, Nazi-like movements began to spring up. There were the “Nazi Scouts” of Arab youth in British mandated Palestine (based on the Hitler Youth) the “Green Shirts” of Egypt, and the Syrian Social Nationalist Party. Even the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt was influenced by the Nazis in its political ideology, and many fleeing Nazis were warmly welcomed in Arab countries after World War II.

But Nazi ideology also had an effect in non-Arab Muslim countries, such as Iran. In 1935, Persia was renamed Iran (Land of the Aryans) and Reza Shah Pahlavi, the ruler of Persia/Iran had an open admiration for Hitler. There was also an Iranian Nazi party known as SUMKA with its own Nazi-like symbol. However, fears among the allies were so great that the British had Reza Shah deposed because of perceived German influence in Iran. Indeed, Churchill had at least on one occasion compared the Qur’an to Mein Kampf.

It was during this period, that the Mufti of Jerusalem, Amin al-Husseini sought out Adolph Hitler and other top Nazis in order to apply the Arab/Muslim “Final Solution to the Jewish Question” in the Middle East.  Hitler and Himmler were very receptive, and with the help of the Mufti, Himmler raised two Muslim Waffen SS divisions; one from Bosnia (Handschar, meaning “scimitar”), and one from Albania. There were also lesser known Waffen SS divisions made up of Muslims from the Soviet Caucasus. Hitler promised Husseini that once the Germans penetrated through the Caucasus, the “hour of liberation” for the Arabs would come.

How could devout Muslims ally themselves so willingly with a basically pagan, racist ideology like that of Nazism? The answer is simple. Nazism, like Islam, is driven by a dictatorial totalitarian system with a “leader principle” that divides the world into the “superior” and “inferior.” One can easily substitute the terms “Fuhrer, “Aryan,”  “Ubermensch,” and “Untermensch,” for “Caliph,” “Muslim,” “dhimmi,” and “kafir”. And there is also the concept of “jihad” in Islam which divides the world into “dar al-Islam” (house of Islam, where Muslims rule) and “dar al harb” (house of war, where “infidels” rule). And like Islam, which seeks the total Islamization of the world, Nazism also sought the total domination of the “Aryan” over the “non-Aryan” and the total extermination of the Jews. As previously alluded to, the wearing of yellow clothing was a Muslim invention, not a Nazi one. And there is also a genocidal Hadith that exists from the 7th century which speaks of a final war between the Muslims and Jews, resulting in the latter’s total annihilation.  This Hadith is quite openly spoken of in the Muslim world to this day, as is the boasting of Muhammad’s “ethnic cleansing” through murder and expulsion of the Jews living in Arabia.

The Final Chapter?

The Muslim attacks of 9/11 should have woken up America and the West to what Islam is – and isn’t.  Instead, the masses received from world leaders nothing but platitudes and compliments for Islam which George W. Bush constantly referred to as a “religion of peace.” And, of course, the words “Islam” and “terrorism” could never be mentioned in the same sentence.

Perhaps the real issue is not Shariah per se, but Islam and the Qur’an as a whole. While the world argues about “moderate” and “radical” Islam, fundamentalist Muslims plan the demise of the Western world and its Judeo-Christian concepts and values. Under the guise of taqiyyah (dissimulation), Muslims either seek the conversion of non-Muslims peacefully through “dawa” (the call), or more likely, through “jihad” (holy war).  In the words of convicted failed Times Square bomber, Faisal Shahzad, “Brace yourselves, because the war with Muslims has just begun. Consider me only a first droplet of the blood that will follow me.” 

In the early 1930’s the 'free world' made the mistake of dismissing Hitler’s words as mere threats and ravings. Will the West make the same mistake when continually confronted with Islamic terror?

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islam is worst than nazism....bcoz it claims that if u kill human beings u get 72 imaginary houries
written by ALLAH'S ETERNAL ERECTION SEX ROBOT , October 13, 2010

nazism just talks abt aryan nation and racial superiority etc something similar
to judaism that they r the chosen one etc...ofcourse both nazism and judaism
r false ideologies.

islam is false ideology but much worst.it says that if u kill human
beings the immediate reward is 72 houries-virgins in imaginary jannat.

chk videos of suicode bombers and learn the truth,they say
as soon as they exlode the bombs and kill humans [ muslims r not
humans they r pigpiss ] they will be immediately in imaginary
jannat and get reward of 72 virgins.

so islam is even more bad and horrible than nazism.
You better brace yourself
written by duh_swami , October 13, 2010
“Brace yourselves, because the war with Muslims has just begun. Consider me only a first droplet of the blood that will follow me.”

He will be sorry he said that after 50 years of living with his cellmate 'Big Bubba'...Shahzad may be interested in Quran, jihad, Allah, but all Bubba is interested in is romance...and lots of it...Allah rewards in strange and mysterious ways...mostly strange and mysterious...
more nazis
written by dead or alive , October 13, 2010
Go to www.serbianna.com In The Blogs and click on,Video of UN unleashing Mujahedeen on Serb infidels.
Commonality of Nazism with Islam and Sharia
written by Reed Wilson , October 13, 2010
Steven Simpson. You have defined Sharia very nicely. It is like that. You have also pointed out the various kinds of shariahs in vogue in various sects of Muslims.
You have also explained that these laws are not essentially from Quran.

The man made laws attributed to God are in all religions. The glaring of which is Mishna and Rabbinic writings. Talmud Mishna and like are followed more than Torah. Lot of material is available on all that.

I understand from Quran that such laws are forbidden and condemned. He almighty knows the limitations of Man created by him. Quran says:

•“Then I have made you follow a course in the affairs, a code of conduct. Therefore follow it, and do not follow the desires of those who do not know”. (45:18)

•“What! Have they associates or partners in godhead, who have prescribed for them some shariah (religion) without the permission of Allah? Had it not been for the Decree of Judgment, the matter would have been decided between them at once. But verily the Wrong-doers will have a grievous Penalty”. (42:21). (The associates here are evidently hadis which are unlawfully associated with Quran).

Steven you will please agree that in above verses, God is condemning the shariah or shariah-like laws and is equating it with shirk which biggest offence in Quran.

I appreciate your article.
Nazism and Islam
written by balam , October 13, 2010
The common denominator between the leaders of these two political ideologies called ISLAM AND NAZISM is that both were EVIL.They both believed in the superemacy of their followers.They were ruthless and cruel.Fortunately,the Nazis were localised and were eliminated at last but the Muslims have spread out like cancer in the whole world.The West is going to suffer more because of their liberal laws and tolerance towards the ungrateful breed called Muslims.How could you ever win the affection and gratitude of poisonous snakes.It is impossible.To live in peace,the only choice, the West has got is to get rid of the Muslims from their lands as soon as possible.I know, It sounds desperate measure but for desperate situation,one has to take desperate mrasures.There is unfortunately, no other choice for the West, in order to protect their future generations from the plague called ISLAM.Peace and ISLAM can never co-exist.
Islamic Nazism
written by S Simpson , October 13, 2010
Hello to all. First let me thank Mr. M A Khan for being so kind to republish my articles on his wonderful site. (Yes, I am the one who has written the above article.) I want to thank the people who have written what they have. I agree with all of what you say except for Mr. Wilson and his quotation from Surah 42. The ayah does not mention the word "Shariah" but the word "al deeni" which of course means "law." I do not agree with you, Reed, that the ayah is referring to Shariah at all. As far as I can deduce from the verse, it is talking about the Christians. Thus I do not see how this can refer to Muslims committing "shirk."

But the question remains: Can Islam exist without Shariah? I for one, cannot see this happening. To use a horrible metaphor, it would be like severing the head of a human and expecting the human to continue to live. In my opinion, if Shariah is excised completely, Islam will die as a religion.


Steven Simpson
written by Reed Wilson , October 13, 2010
Thank you Mr. Steven Simpson. I thank both Mr. Khan and you for the article and to you for the reply.

In both the verses quoted by me the word sharia is used. I normally avoid quoting Arabic, I am doing here for your perusal:

42:21 أَمْ لَهُمْ شُرَكَاءُ شَرَعُوا لَهُم مِّنَ الدِّينِ مَا لَمْ يَأْذَن بِهِ اللَّـهُ ۚ وَلَوْلَا كَلِمَةُ الْفَصْلِ لَقُضِيَ بَيْنَهُمْ ۗ وَإِنَّ الظَّالِمِينَ لَهُمْ عَذَابٌ أَلِيمٌ

45:18 ثُمَّ جَعَلْنَاكَ عَلَىٰ شَرِيعَةٍ مِّنَ الْأَمْرِ فَاتَّبِعْهَا وَلَا تَتَّبِعْ أَهْوَاءَ الَّذِينَ لَا يَعْلَمُون

Irrespective the Arabic word sharia used in the verses, it is evident that such laws are forbidden in Islam.

Since Muslims follow more hadis and avoid Quran and the fiqh is product of hadis, this disbedience of God is going on.

You have mentioned in your erudite articles that there are various shariahs according to sects. Therefore they cannot be imposed in any society of different sects and factions.َ

You write "In my opinion, if Shariah is excised completely, Islam will die as a religion". Yes sir, similar damages are done in other religions also but the religion did not die. Followers of that religion abondon that sharia corrupted religion and seek refuge in secularism.

Followers of such laws are at loss and not the God or religion. They have been repeatedly

written by S Simpson , October 13, 2010
Hi Reed,

Please call me Steven. Thanks for your kind words. And thanks for posting the Arabic. I now see in ayat 21 and 18 the word Shari'ah and shar'aoo. (My reading of Arabic is very bad, and I cannot speak it.) However, I, as a non-Muslim cannot interpret for Muslims what should and should not be their interpretation of Islam. That is for the Sheikh al-Islam from Al-Azhar and other Muslim theologians to decide. Unless, of course, you want to throw them all away. That would be fine for me. It's the same in Judaism and Christianity, as well as some of the Eastern religions. The "clerics" have control over the sheep. But for me, it is enough just to go through the Qur'an and say that there is something seriously wrong and flawed with this religion. It's not only the contradictions. It just seems to me that there are enough ayat in the Qur'an that make it more of a "battlefield manual" (for lack of a better description), than a revealed holy scripture that preaches peace and respects all of mankind. And then there is the character of Muhammad himself. What I am essentially saying is that to make Islam compatible for mankind, many, many verses - as well as chapters - would have to be completely removed. And that would be intolerable even for "nominal" Muslims. Again, it's the same with the Jews and Christians. If you start "cutting and pasting" you wind up with a butchered book. And who is to say what stays and what goes? To me, Islam is flawed from the starting point.



Mr.Reed & Steve
written by RM.Akhtar , October 14, 2010
There are enlightened people and enlightened -like ones in this world in our days...

There are intellectual people and intellectual-like ones in this world...

There are also shepherds along with sheep who long for being steered.

And... There is “ISLAM” and also, there is people's “Muslimism!”

Enlightened is the one who seeks, finds and knows the truth based on his own objective investigations from true sources. However, enlightened -like ones are those who take advantage of the enlightened ones depending on their capacity to understand and try to take the hat round (get the benefit) by selling them to their surroundings.

There are intellectual people in this world... They are free from their cocoons at a certain level, and they try to lead their lives under the guidance of reasonable scientific thought. Also there are intellectual-like ones who like the perspectives of intellectuals' and the way they live. They imitate the intellectuals and take great pains to look like them, trying to wear, eat, drink, speak and act socially like them!..

Enlightened-likes and intellectual-likes are like zircons shining like a diamond to the eyes of suburban people. Their gleam attracts those in the outskirts of towns. But they haven’t seen and cannot tell the difference between zircons and diamonds. Therefore their goal is only zircons. They are ready to sacrifice nearly all they have so that they may be like them, yet they cannot even be “...-like” of them.

There are those who love to shepherd as a result of their constitutional (native -fatri) inclinations and endowment they were created with. They strive to govern and rule people, longing for physical or moral satisfaction. They form groups to rule, they issue orders, bring restrictions and prohibitions so that they may satisfy their unrealized subconscious militarist desires. Moreover, there are those who ardently want to be steered or to be a door servant; who prefer to cover up their weaknesses and feel peaceful, as they find safety and protection in such.

This is the way it is no matter wherever you are, whether in Turkey or elsewhere in the world!(Cont>>)

Mr. Reed &Mr.Steve
written by RM.Akhtar , October 14, 2010
>>>Yet, ALLAH created human beings to be the “most honored” of all creation, to be Hu's own khaliph on earth! But who has a care in that?..

Yes, both intellectual-likes and enlightened-likes in like manner comment on the people’s “Muslimism,” that gets around on the tongue of steered-people and that contradicts with logic, reasoning and science in most ways; and stressing on the underdevelopment of the followers of the religion of Muslimism, compared to other world societies, they assume that they are attacking the “Deen-i ISLAM” in this way.

Since they are never aware and conscious of themselves to be not more than yet intellectual-LIKE or enlightened-LIKE ones, they do not know that the “Deen-i ISLAM” and “Muslimism” are far different concepts from each other. Neither do they know that one should not even touch the religious issues unless one is aware of such a difference.

In point of fact, they leave aside the diamond without recognizing it at all, because of their assumption that the zircon-value perspectives and opinions of those who are desirous either for shepherding or being shepherded, are the fundamental thought system of the “Deen-i ISLAM”.

What else could indeed be expected from such helpless ignorant who consider as the only reference, the melody in the limelight among those who are desirous for steering and who want to be steered!..

Assuming that it is the “Deen-i ISLAM,” they judge the narrow minded people's “Muslimism,” in which melodious recitation of a poem (mawlud) and celebration of holy nights with candles are regarded as religious practices (ibadat), head-scarf is regarded as if it were the primary requirement of becoming Muslim for women, and Salaat and fasting were believed to have been ordered to please the heart's desire of the sky god.

Mr.Reed & Mr. Wilson
written by RM.Akhtar , October 14, 2010
>>>They do not understand that their so-called holy(!) poems were only written by people, (as Mawlud by Suleiman Chelebi) and they have no relation with the practices that the Koran al Karim recommends to humans... They cannot tell that litting candles on graves has no relation with the “Deen,” and only definite nights such as Miraaj, Baraat, Qaadir hide valuable hours within. They have not even heard that there is no such religious festives as Muslim festive of Sugar and Sacrifices, they are only the Eids of Fitr and Hajj! They have not comprehended that such practices mentioned in the Koran al Karim as Salaat, fasting and Hajj (Pilgrimage) have been offered not aimed at pleasing the heart desire of a god in the sky, but were recommended for constructing people's future for their own salvation...

The “Deen-i ISLAM” is a time-free universal System and Order at the sight of ALLAH. It is the origin and the main, and is not distorted by time. The Koran tells this!

However, “Muslimism” is people's interpretation of the “Deen-i ISLAM” within the framework of their personal capacity, their conditioning, the traditions and customs in their social environment and the restrictions brought about by their shepherds.
written by Reed Wilson , October 14, 2010
Hi Steven. Thanks.

We dont have to go to some 'Shaikhul Islam' to know the meanings of Arabic words sharaoo/shariah. Dictionary is best and only judge. It has no religion and is unbiased. Sharia in dictionary is 'an open straight path'.

I have reached to conclusion that these clergies and so called scholars are misguiding for ages. In Quran, or for that matter in any scripture, they have no place. They are rather condemned. I will elaborate when you desire.

"Unless, of course, you want to throw them all away" is right expression. They are already rejected and condemned people.

I appreciate your frankness. If everything was made sacred and every criticism was punishable blasphemy how you can you tell me your view point and how would I learn?

Steven you write, "But for me, it is enough just to go through the Qur'an and say that there is something seriously wrong and flawed with this religion". That is the straight forward way. You have to have some valid logic.

My perspective of religions is rife on this site through my posts. They are true and same, if not adultrated.

They all have same source.Regards:RW

written by duh_swami , October 14, 2010
I agree that sharia and Islam cannot be separated...They are one and the same...Islam and sharia both consist of the words, and will of Allah.
Sharia is the glue that holds Islam and the ummah together...without it, everything falls apart. Reed would deny that sharia actually exists, while at the same time he is sharia compliant in some ways, and in serious violation in others. As long as he claims he is a Muslim, he can't avoid it...
Muslims in a secular land, like the US, will defer 'official' sharia, but push for it until they get enough numbers to achieve it...
The problem with Muslims fully practicing 'freedom of religion' in the US, is sharia. Much of it is already against US law, and opposes the US constitution...
The only way for Islam to be allowed 'freedom of religion', is for Islam to abandon sharia and erase more than half of Quran...Since they are inseparable, that won't happen any time soon...The legal issue of sharia's illegality, has not yet been tested, but when it is, Islam will lose the court battle...In order for Islam to win, the US constitution would have to be abandon as well as long standing established criminal law...I don't see that happening anytime soon either...
written by Reed Wilson , October 14, 2010
To duh-swami, Yes, sharia and Islam cannot be separated because they are different things. Islam is an ideology like any other religion. Islam is a message like all other messages. Ummah or people are receivers of message. They accept or reject it. They might not even receive it. Sharia is within the message like in Quran/Bible. There is no need of extra scriptual sharia.

Man made laws or man made sharia, made according to rabbinic writings or hadis and fiqh are invariably condemned by God’s messengers through respective messages.

You write “Reed would deny that sharia actually exists, while at the same time he is sharia compliant in some ways, and in serious violation in others. As long as he claims he is a Muslim, he can't avoid it...” If he is sharia compliant and he doesn’t know it, it is not sharia compliance. How did you observe that? I don’t deny but challenge it’s bona fide.
written by duh_swami , October 14, 2010
” If he is sharia compliant and he doesn’t know it, it is not sharia compliance.

In America we have a saying, 'ignorance of the law is no excuse'.

Your compliance does not come from this law or that law, but in that you insist on identifying yourself as a Muslim, when you clearly are not...According to sharia law, you are an apostate...I could list some areas of sharia where you are compliant, but it is useless to do so...
Islam and Shariah
written by S Simpson , October 15, 2010
Reed and Duh_Swami,

First let me say that I agree with duh_swami. Shariah and Islam are inseparable. It is like cutting off the head of a person and expecting that person to continue living. But, again, my belief is simple. It is Islam itself and the character of Muhammad. To reform Islam (abandoning Shariah and Hadith, excising Qur'anic verses, etc.,) means the abolition and demolition of Islam. You cannot have a "cut and paste" religion. In this, I hate to say it, but the "extremists" are correct. You either believe in Islam completely, or as some Muslims seem to be doing these days, abandon it completely.
Nazism is a Hindu Cult
written by Scorpio , October 15, 2010
Wrong...Hitler was inspired by Hinduism
1.The Naszi symbol,swastika is also a hindu symbol called svastika in sanskirt
2.Hitler had a Hindu guru called Satrivi Devi as a Spritual advisor
3.The Rig Veda describes lord Indra as being fair-cheeked & yellow hair & beard.Which other religious book has a blonde god,besides hinduism?
Rig Veda10:96:8 the Iron One with yellow beard and yellow hair"
4.Which god in any other religion has white friends?Rig Veda1:C:18The mighty Thunderer with his fair-complexioned friends"
5,Which other religion has the words Aryan color in it?Did Hitler not see himself as an Aryan?Rig veda 3:34:9"..he smote the Dasyus, and gave protection to the Āryan colour."
6.Which other religion speaks of killing black skins?Rig Veda 9:41:1. ACTIVE and bright have they come forth, impetuous in speed like bulls,Driving the BLACK SKIN far away"
7.Which religion is the most racist?RgVda2.020.07 Indra, the slayer of Vr.tra, the destroyer of cities, has scattered the black-sprung servile (hosts); he engendered the earth and the waters for Manu; may he fulfill the entire prayer of the sacrificer.
*This is why Hitler was inspired by Hinduism.

written by Mule , October 15, 2010
To hate, despise and fight the kuffar is shariah law. It's not man-made either. It's Allah made. Or Mohammed made. Whatever you want to believe. You can't get rid of this law by dispensing with the Hadiths because it's written in many verses in the Koran. Mr. Reed Wilson tries his damndest to relativise it by quoting his abrogated or tepid Koran verses but he ain't got a kuffar in hell's chance of being successful at that game.
written by duh_swami , October 15, 2010
1.The Naszi symbol,swastika is also a hindu symbol called svastika in sanskirt'

Th swastika is known as the wheel of life, when it is turning to the right, when it turns to the left it is the wheel of death...If you like look and see which direction the Nazi symbol is turning and which way the Hindu symbol is turning...The position of a symbol often has to do with its qualities...For instance the five pointed star, or pentagram, with the point up represents man in dominion, with his head in heaven and his fee planted firmly on the ground...Put two points up an you have the symbol of man in chaos with his head down and his feet up...

And I hate to break it to you, that Hitler did not set Hindu standards...Your attempt to link Hinduism to Nazism is weak...There are a variety of religions and variations of religions in Hindu India...Some are guilty of having an 'attitude', but not all of them...Hitler had Muslim buddies, primarily the Grand Mufti of Palestine...There were also Muslims who served in Hitlers army...

Which religion is the most racist?

Islam is the most racist...It favors Arabs over other Muslims...
written by Reed Wilson , October 15, 2010
During the WWII Indians, including Hindus and Muslims were fighting a freedom movement against British and their sympathies were with Hitler.

Hitler could not win the war but weakened the opponent so that Indians could win. India owes to Hitler for an early freedom.
written by duh_swami , October 15, 2010
India owes to Hitler for an early freedom.

Well then, there should be monuments to Hitler all over India...His picture should hang proudly in every Indian office, and most homes...Hindu's never forget a friend...So why have they forgotten Hitler and all the wonderful things he did for them?
written by Reed Wilson , October 15, 2010

"Well then, there should be monuments to Hitler all over India..."

written by duh_swami , October 15, 2010
Explain why India has no monuments to Hitler...

You are one of the few people, outside actual Nazi's, that think Hitler deserves thanks...Is there anything else we should be thanking Hitler for?
Hitler was a Hindu god
written by Scorpio , October 16, 2010
duh swami says:Well then, there should be monuments to Hitler all over India...His picture should hang proudly in every Indian office, and most homes..."
I say:That's kinda what happened.Hitler was once worshipped in elite Bengali homes in Kolkata as the last avatar of Vishnu.
According to economictimes.indiatimes.com/ ...Card-flyers were sent across the world announcing the publishing ‘milestone’.It said: ‘Hitler cult revealed! Discovered alive in India: Hitler’s guru. You can now purchase the complete set of tape cassette recorded, live interviews with Hitler’s guru Savitri Devi at her home in India.’
Sifynews.com says:Savitri Devi first "observed pictures of the Fuhrer on the household altars of Indian families". "When she asked Srimat Swami Satyananda, the (then) president of the Hindu Mission in Calcutta, if she might make a reference to Hitler in her official lecture, he replied that Hitler was for them an incarnation of Vishnu".
Hitler's Priestess:Savitri Devi can be purchased at amazon.com
Haha Hitler the Hero...
written by duh_swami , October 16, 2010
Worshipping Hitler...Certainly are a lot of deluded people in India...I don't think Hitlers historians are aware that Hitler had a Hindu guru...Did he ever meet her? Did he prostrate herself at her feet?

None of your claims can actually be substantiated...Anyone can say anything or write anything...It is proof of nothing...Hitler did consult astrologers, but he was a supreme egotist...That he would accept a Hindu Guru, especially a female, is highly doubtful...If he did have such a guru, she did not give him any good advice...
He lost the war and his life...Fine guru she is...
Commonality of Nazism with Islam and Sharia
written by Nurulhuda , October 17, 2010
Whats' the commonality of Nazism with Islam and Sharia/

Nazism = Physical Holocaust
Islam/Sharia = Spiritual Holocaust.

They both advocate holocaust. Should we allow another holocaust to happen?
WW2 and Maroccans
written by Machmoed , October 18, 2010
Did he prostrate himself at her feet?

No he didn't. Since then he is an outcast. He become evil since then.

Historical fact: 10.000 Maroccan (muslims) soldiers fought against hitler's army. After the war thousands of jews went to Marocco and live their since then. So i'm not sure it was an islamic thing only. It's more politics i think. Is islam about God and his creation or about politics. I believe it's rather politics than it has to do with some devinity or some angel and a messenger.

written by duh_swami , October 18, 2010
Historical fact: 10.000 Maroccan (muslims) soldiers fought against hitler's army.

Was Morocco invaded by Nazi's, and fighting for their own country? Or did they voluntarily enter the war because the Moroccan leaders saw Hitler as a threat?
If these soldiers were not fighting under a Moroccan command, who's command were they fighting under...and do you know what battles these were or where they took place?...I'm asking because I'm interested...It is known that the Grand Mufti of Palestine Hussain, I think, was in collaboration with Hitler, it is interesting that other Muslims were fighting against him...Is this a Shia, Sunni thing?
written by Reed Wilson , October 18, 2010
To Machmoed. You write "It is known that the Grand Mufti of Palestine Hussain, ......".

The name of Grand Mufti was Aminul Hussaini. He may be Shia. Those days Shia/sunni were not so discrete.

The Grand Mufti's are no more found in Palestine I think. It was all a political charge.
written by Reed Wilson , October 18, 2010
To Stevensen. You write (14.10) "However, I, as a non-Muslim cannot interpret for Muslims what should and should not be their interpretation of Islam".

You dont have to interpret Quran. It is so simple. Muslim 'scholars' are befooling people by the so called interpretations. The Quran is not addressed to the interpretors. The interpretations make the things complex.

Similarly Bible does not need priest to interpret. Priest will not agree.

Why sir? Why a non Muslim can not interpret. He will better. Because his vies will not be biased due to sects.

Your October 15, post was directed to Reed and Duh_Swami. I could not isolate my portion and could not reply.
from above
written by Machmoed , October 19, 2010
They fought under the allies flag. How do i know this. In the Netherlands there is a graveyard especially for those who died in war against Nazisizm. A lot of americans have also a graveyard in the Netherlands for the same thing. I think Marocco felt the threat seeing Europe taken over by Nazi's. besides what most people do not know is that Marocco was the first country in the world to accept the United States as it is. Marocco has very good relation with the US. In i believe 2006 there was the 400 anniversary of the (cor)relations with Marocco and the Netherlands and in a speech by famous Dutchmen this was announced once again. Most people don't know this and actually i didn't also, but it did happen.
written by duh_swami , October 19, 2010
I think Marocco felt the threat seeing Europe taken over by Nazi's.

A common fear, based on reality, and the reason Hitler was eventually stopped...
written by Rainbowman , October 23, 2010
YES-West is comiting suicide
Spiritual Holocust!
written by Nurulhuda , October 25, 2010
"A common fear, based on reality, and the reason Hitler was eventually stopped... "

Indeed. People did not take Hitler and his nazism propaganda seriously until its too late.....should we do the same too. Like a disease it must be contain and stop before it get out of control.
To Scopio
written by Archpagan , October 26, 2010
Savitri Devi you referred here was not an Indian. Rather, she was a European lady who was attracted to Hinduism, married an Indian immigrant and assumed the name of Savitri Devi Mukherjee. She is almost unknown in India. I don't think she ever lived in Kolkata. She perfectly combined white supremacist ideology of Hitler with the now discredited 'Aryan Invasion Theory' of Maxmuller and other western Indologists. Of the top Nazi leaders she could influence only Alfred Rosenberg who gave up Christianity.
Hitler was not influenced by Hinduism. Rather he tried to found a new Christianity where Jesus Christ was member of a Aryan (German) diaspora living in Galilee and persecuted by the Jews on racist ground.

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