Egyptian national daily Al-Ahram reported that after gaining absolute power in the post-Mubarak parliamentary election in Egypt, Islamists are trying to bring in two proposals for legislation to the Egyptian Parliament:

  1. Farewell Sex: Allowing spouses to have sex with dead-bodies of their partners;
  2. Underage marriage: Lowering the age-limit for marriage to 14 years.

The "Farewell Sex" legislation proposal was based on a May-2011fatwa by Moroccan cleric Zamzami Abdul Bari. According to Zamzami, marriage contract between husband and wife in Islam remains valid even after one of the spouses die, which makes having sex with a Muslim’s dead spouse legal.

The new proposed law would allow the husband and wife to have sex with the corpse of their dead spouse for up to six hours.

The proposed new Islamic law is another good news for the Muslim men, whom Islam has already heavily blessed in the sexual pleasure department by allowing them to take four wives, unlimited mu'ta wives (temporary wives) and sex-slaves.

But it's not a good news at all for the Muslim women, heavily deprived in sexual gratifications by Islam. Although the law allows them to have sex with the dead husband, but it will be useless for the overwhelming majority of Muslim women, because a dead man cannot have erection. Only in rare instance of a man's death, such as that of Prophet Muhammad, when the person die in a state of what is called "permanent post-mortem erection", that the dead person's penile instrument remains permanently erect after death. Except those rare instances, the new legislation would be of no value to women.



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  2. Al-Arabiya

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