Muslims say that the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, called Ramadan, is the most sacred for them, especially because of its being the occasion of the month-long fasting in Islam. Many well-meaning and good-hearted non-Muslims too regarded this month with respect as a sign of their respect toward Muslim beliefs. We read stories of how some unaware non-Muslims even keep fast alongside their Muslim neighbors to show their deep respect to the Muslim holy month of fasting. Such instances represent the extent of success Muslims have been able to achieve in fooling well-meaning non-Muslims about their religion. Yet, we must agree that in several aspects, the month of Ramadan is certainly something out of the ordinary – or we must say Muslims have turned it to be so.

In reality, through the month of Ramadan, Muslims have degraded the sacred ancient ritual of ‘Fasting’ by turning it into a child’s play that allows Muslims to fast all day long with a sound sleep, and to feast throughout the night in a festive mood. I was shocked to witness this in Saudi Arabia during my stay there, although the same may not be true for the non-Arab Muslim countries. Please read my previous articles about Ramadan to know the about the entire scenario of the month Ramadan starting from the period of Muhammad until now (see links at the end of this essay). I was astonished to know about the statements of Aisha (Muhammad’s favorite wife) that she never fasted during Ramadan. Likewise, there are a number of shocking information in the hadith about the ‘sacred’ month Ramadan.

Pictures are the simplest way to convey the message. In this series of articles, I try to present the way in which Muslims around the world, except in the poorest Islamic countries, ‘celebrates’ the ‘sacred’ month of Ramadan in order to get the blessings from merciful Allah. To give an idea, the monthly budget on food in every Muslim household jumps several times as compared to other months. Also, growing up a pious Muslim, I myself experienced eating a lot more in this month than in other months. My mother used to cooks as many varieties of foods as she could during the fasting month of Ramadan, which she didn’t cook during the whole year. Ramadan used to be an eagerly awaited month for us because of excessive and delicious feasting and the festive atmosphere it brought along.

Pictures included below are all taken from Islamic sites, many of which were published to encourage fasting and promote faith among Muslims. These pictures will tell the story of how Muslims try to ‘feel the pain’ of starving poor people, especially of their impoverished Muslim brethren in Africa:

1) The following picture tells the purpose of Fasting. Quote: “Fasting is to experience the hunger of the poor Muslims”.

benefit of fasting


2) Poor hungers of Africa:

starving poor in africa


4) Poor hungry children of South Asian country struggling to get few spoons of soup:

hungry children


5) Fasting Muslim from Arab nation struggling to digest the food that he swallowed during Ramadan:

food galore -- breaking fast by arab muslims

6) Endless queue of African children to collect a spoon of food:

hungry children in long queue for little food


7) Arab Muslim brothers breaking their fast with endless varieties of food:

food galore -- fasting or feasting?


8) Three Poor kids of South Asian country sharing a morsel of food amongst them:

hungry children -- give me a little food


9) Food of three persons is being wasted on one person, in the name of Ramadan fasting by the South Asian Muslims:

reading for breaking fast or feasting?


10) Muslim kid from South Asian country is collecting his food from the dust:

poor child break fast. Give me little food!


11) Arab Muslims prepared rich food of at least 200 persons, is getting ready to through in dust:

Fasting with tons of food


12) Poor Muslim children struggling to get their chance of food:

hungry children -- give me a little food

13) South Asian Muslims’ fashion parade, during the ‘Food Festival’ month of Ramadan fasting:

Muslims in west -- feasting in the month of fasting


15) South Asian Muslims are worse than Arab Muslims to waste their food during Ramadan, while hundreds of thousands poor Muslims present in their own country:

Kept fast all day -- let's get into feasting


16) Water collecting point of the African children:

The hungry poor


17) Bottled water kept ready to throw in trash in about minutes:

fas, food and fun


From the above pictures we learned about how Muslims are trying their best to experience the sufferings of the hunger, so that they would support their poor brethren to bring equality in the Muslim society hopefully by the arrival of the next Ramadan.

The next part of this article dealt about the extent of the wastage during Ramadan, according to Muslim’s statistics.

Further reading on fasting:

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