The latest paramount movie ‘Noah’, starring Russell Crowe, that depicts the immense death and destructions as per the “divine will” of God as accounted in the Bible and the Quran are raising protests in Islamic countries. Indonesia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Bahrain have banned the movie, citing its disagreements with the Quran or offence of depicting Allah’s holy prophets in images.

Based on Biblical accounts, well-documented historical events and some math, the Great Flood likely occurred approximately 4,359 years ago in the year 2348 BC. According to some estimates, up to 7 billion human lives probably perished in Great Calamity [Henry M. Morris (1976) The Genesis Record, p. 143-144]

Cruelty of the Great Flood drowning deaths

That is a colossus number of human lives destroyed in the most painful manner by the will of God. Although both the Bible and the Quran agree to the story, we must remember that the Bible was written by as many as 40 human individuals, while the Quran is written by Islamic God Himself, transmitted to Muhammad via Angel Gabriel.

Drowning death is probably the most painful slow death with associated immense amount of sufferings. A drowning person experiences a great amount of panic. This leads to rapid movements and expending a lot of energy, which consumes more oxygen. As the person remains underwater, his body begins to accumulate carbon dioxide, giving the person an urge to breathe, but cannot. Eventually, the victim involuntarily draws in breath. When water reaches the airway, the first response is to cough or swallow the water. This typically results in more water being ingested. As water contacts the lower airways, the throat spasms, trying to seal off the path to the lungs. With nowhere else to go, water frequently finds its way into the stomach. The throat relaxes after the person becomes unconscious. The relaxation allows water to flow into the lungs.

Due to the lack of oxygen in the brain, the victim may look as if he/she is having a convulsion, which is why this stage is called the hypoxic convulsion stage. The victim's skin turns blue, especially in the lips and fingernail beds, and the body may appear rigid. There may be violent jerking of the body and frothing at the mouth.

The final stage in the drowning process is death. Clinical death occurs when both breathing and circulation stop. The victim is in cardiac arrest. The heart stops pumping blood. The vital organs are no longer receiving oxygen rich blood. The lack of oxygen causes the skin to turn blue.

One can imagine how the raging flood waters sweeping children from parents’ arms, the screaming of sheer horror, panicked drowners grabbing onto others drowning to try to save themselves!

God destroyed the world because He became very upset with humans, His hand-made creation, wasn’t working out as He had planned. Therefore, humans had become evil and needed to be destroyed in a cataclysm so as to cleanse the earth of its evil. The reality that God had Himself created this great evil did not stop Him. The wailing and suffering of his creations did not faze him.

Biblical account of the Great Flooding

“Because The Lord saw how great was man’s wickedness on earth. … And the Lord regretted that he had made man on the earth and His heart was saddened.” (Genesis 6:5-6).

The tops of all the high mountains under the entire heavens were at least 20 feet beneath the waters surface (Genesis 7:19-20). A flood that covered the highest mountains of the Middle East would certainly have affected the rest of the world. In addition, the waters remained at this awesome mountain-covering height for five months! (Genesis 7:18-248:1-5).

All Humans Were Killed. The Bible clearly informs that all flesh died… every man (Genesis 7:21). Genesis 9:1 confirms that only Noah's family was saved and that every person living today is descended from his family.

7 billion human beings were massacred. Only 8 people – Noah’s family survived this. Cataclysm. Genesis 7:13

Quranic account of the Great Flooding

Nearly three millennia after this holocaustic destruction, humanity had recovered with Muhammad being born in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Angel Gabriel transmitted the following Quranic verses from God to Muhammad, justifying his colossus murderous rage:

  1. "At length, behold! There came Our Command, and the fountains of the earth gushed forth! We said: ‘Embark therein, of each two, male and female, and your family – except those against whom the Word has already gone forth, - and the believers.' But only a few believed with him."  (Quran 11:40)
  2. "Then the word went forth: ‘O earth! Swallow up thy water, and O sky! withhold (thy rain)! And the water abated, and the matter was ended. The Ark rested on Mount Judi, and the word went forth: ‘Away with those who do wrong!'" (Quran 11:44)
  3. "So We inspired him (with this message): ‘Construct the Ark within Our sight and under Our guidance: then when comes Our command, and the oven gushes forth, take thou on board pairs of every species, male and female, and thy family – except those of whom the Word has already gone forth: and address Me not in favour of the wrong-doers: for they shall be drowned (in the Flood)." (Quran 23:27)
  4. "So We opened the gates of heaven, with water pouring forth. And we caused the earth to gush forth with springs. So the waters met (and rose) to the extent decreed. But We bore him on an (Ark) made of broad planks and caulked with palm-fibre: She floats under Our eyes (and care): a recompense to one who had been rejected (with scorn)!" (Quran 54:11-14)
  5. "And Noah said: ‘O my Lord! Leave not of the Unbelievers, a single one on earth! For if Thou dost leave (any of them), they will but mislead Thy devotees, and they will breed none but wicked ungrateful ones.'" (Quran 71:26-27)

God, the Creator of the Universe, is supposed to be all-merciful, all-loving, of moral perfection. But the above Quranic verses portray Him as an irrational and most cruel mass-murderer of mammoth proportion.


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