Every human person has the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. The equality of women and men, irrespective of race or religion, to live in democracy and freedom, is the very essence of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Denying equal rights and opportunity to women, the Mothers of the Mankind, is the worst perversion of humanity and justice.

Yet, throughout the 57 Muslim nations, millions of women are being brutalized and subjugated, their humanity robbed. Non-Muslims living in those countries are often relegated to second class citizens, denied of their freedom and right to worship their own religion, or live their lives in equality with Muslims. One hundred thousand Christians are murdered in the Muslim world every year.

After the horrific murder of 25-year-old pregnant woman Farzana Parveen outside Lahore High Court in Pakistan by stoning by her own family members under the guise of honor killing, a coalition of Pakistani religious leaders has issued a religious edict declaring 'honour killings' a "highly condemnable" and "un-Islamic" action.

"[A] daughter is a gift by Allah. And the feeling of being dishonoured by your daughter is forbidden in Islam," reads the edict, issued on Friday.

"Killing one's daughter and humiliating them is a sign of ignorance."

"The act falls outside the ambit of the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, the Quran and Sunnah [Islamic way of life]," he said.

Almost 900 women died of such crimes in Pakistan in 2013, as estimated by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan.

This Fatwa is total Taqiyya (lie/deceit)

Although commendable and well-intentioned, this Fawta of the coalition of Pakistani religious leaders is a complete Taqiyya. In reality, far from being condemnable and un-Islamic, honor killing is a central tenet of Islam. It is an integral part of the Sharia. Honor murder is sanctioned in “Umdat al-Saliq” or “Reliance of the Traveller”, a manual of Islamic law, certified in 1991 as a reliable guide to Sunni Islam by Cairo’s al-Azhar University, the most prestigious and authoritative institute of Sunni Islamic jurisprudence in the world. This 14th-century law-manual states that punishment or “retaliation is obligatory against anyone, who kills a human being purely intentionally and without right”, EXCEPT when “a father or mother (or their fathers or mothers)” kills their “offspring, or offspring’s offspring” (section o1.1-2). In other words, a parent, who murders his/her child for the sake of honor, is not a crime under Islamic law or Shariah.

Consistent with the above-mentioned Islamic law, Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini (1902-1989), the leader the Iranian Islamic revolution (1979) and the supreme authority of Shiite Islam, gave immunity for parents, who murder their children. In his book, “Resaleh Towzih Al-Massael” (“A Clarification of Questions”, 1961), Khomeini specifies under “conditions of retaliation” (section 2.3 of Appendix II) that there is no penalty for a father who kills his child. A killer is punished if: “The slayer is not the father of the slain, nor the parental grandfather (apparently)”.

Also stoning, the means by which Ms Farzana was killed, is integral to Islam. Many Hadiths narrate how Prophet Muhammad ordered the killing of adulterers by stoning. Here’s one story:

And when he had given command over her and she was put in a hole up to her breast, he ordered the people to stone her. Khalid b. al-Walid came forward with a stone which he threw at her head, and when the blood spurted on his face he cursed her…” (Muslim, 4206)

To find out more about the Hadiths on stoning to death, see this page: http://www.islamreform.net/new-page-26.htm

In Saudi Arabia, women are not allowed to work in public places. Restaurants are segregated, some sections are male only. Women are not just ‘second class’ under shariah, they have almost no status at all. Daughters are owned by their fathers, and, when married, by their husbands. They are property to be disposed of at either her father or husbands whim. Nothing more.

Females of all ages are ‘sex toys’ under shariah, they are guilty of ‘tempting’ men just by existing, and if a male is ‘tempted’ it is the woman’s or the child’s fault - and she will be duly punished by a flogging or worse.

At the core of shariah is an appeal to all that is worst in the male psyche.  Women in Saudi Arabia have no ‘spiritual’ footprint, the ‘female’ half of that society is locked in the zenana (inner apartments of a house in which the women of the family live) and only emerge under the close guard of a dominant male. This barbarism must end.

Time for universal application of the ‘life, liberty, pursuit of happiness’ clause of the US Constitution

Although the deprivation and discrimination against women as well as non-Muslims, even their brutal persecution, remains rife in Muslim countries, politicians from the US and other western countries have refused to make a strong pitch in their defense. It can rather be said that, all major western political parties have turned a blind eye to the enslavement of women and the widespread oppression and persecution, including murder, of Christians and other non-Muslims in those countries.

The key to destroying the evils of Islam is the equality of Women, the equality of all humans.

When the UN has great moved away from its original aim of spreading liberal ideals across the globe, and has instead become a pleasure-ground for thugocracy of all of the world’s abusive dictators and violators of human rights, predominantly from Islamic countries, the US and other western nations must stick to liberal ideals and declare that ALL peoples of the world must be granted the Constitutional protection of their life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. And countries that violate the declaration can be sued in courts of the US and other western countries. This means that non-Muslims of Islamic countries can sue for theirs rights against oppression in Muslim countries. Muslim women too can sue for their total equality with Muslim men and so on. Rulings of the courts in such cases, if not complied with, would be enforced against those countries through various means, including denying visas to UN delegations, economic sanctions and arrest warrants. A class action lawsuit can be launched immediately in an US court for all those oppressed in the Muslim lands, which can be a game-changing historical event.


Struggle for the Rights & Equality of Muslim Women: The Civil Liberties Movement of Our Time

Again – in Islam, Muslim women are the property of their men. Muslim men can rape their wives and beat them, even can behead them. Muslim children can be murdered by their fathers in Honor killings. These are not crimes in Islam.

Western nations need to unite in pressing Muslim countries to undertake constitutional amendments to declare the complete equality of Muslim women with their men. And the enforcement of the equality must be carefully scrutinized, and countries that fail to implement the law can be punished by denial of visas to their UN delegations and other state dignitaries, and other forms of economic and diplomatic sanctions. It is also travesty of our time that there is a total lack of support from Western women and feminist organizations in the fight against enslavement, degradation and repression of Muslim women and the sexual abuse of little Muslim girls, thanks to the example of the Prophet Muhammad’s pedophilic sexual abuse of 6-year-old Aisha.

The equality of all human, men or women, is absolutely essential in the 21st century. Civilized people and nations of the world must do their utmost to ensure that every person at every corner of the world enjoys it.

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