Muslims claim that Shahada (Testimony to the faith), Prayer, Fasting, Hajj, and Zakaat are the five primary pillars of Islam. But from dictates of the Quran and the actions of prophet Muhammad as well as actions of Muslims throughout history, the following are true five pillars of Islam:

  1. Jihad Terrorism: Murdering Kafirs Guaranteeing Accession To A Virgin Delight Paradise

  2. Sex Slavery/Rape

  3. Subjugation of Muslim/Kafir Women

  4. Child Molestation

  5. Booty

The 'Five Pillars' of Islam are the foundation of the Muslim life based on the life and actions of Prophet Muhammad. A Muslim is required to submit himself completely to the wishes and commands of Allah, like did Prophet Muhammad. The Quran instructs:

"Say (O Muhammad) my prayer, my sacrifice, my life and my death belong to Allah; He has no partner and I am ordered to be among those who submit, i.e.; Muslims." (6:162, 163)


PILLAR 1: Jihad Terrorism

Jihad Terrorism is the central doctrine in Islam which entails fighting and killing kafirs, which guarantees Muslims an accession to Islam's virgin-delight Paradise. Those who die while participating in Jihad terrorism become martyrs and go straight to the Islamic heaven. The following hadith testifies to the fact that Jihad Terrorism is the most important pillar of Islam:

Bukhari 4/52/53:

Narrated Anas bin Malik:

The Prophet said, "Nobody who dies and finds good from Allah (in the Hereafter) would wish to come back to this world even if he were given the whole world and whatever is in it, except the martyr who, on seeing the superiority of martyrdom, would like to come back to the world and get killed again (in Allah's Cause)."

Narrated Anas: The Prophet said, "A single endeavor (of fighting) in Allah's Cause in the afternoon or in the forenoon is better than all the world and whatever is in it. A place in Paradise as small as the bow or lash of one of you is better than all the world and whatever is in it...


“Lo! Allah hath bought from the believers their lives and their wealth because the Garden will be theirs: they shall fight in the way of Allah and shall slay and be slain. It is a promise which is binding on Him in the Torah and the Gospel and the Qur'an. Who fulfilleth His covenant better than Allah? Rejoice then in your bargain that ye have made, for that is the supreme triumph.”

The verse says that if Muslims slay or are slain (kill or are killed) in the service of God, they are guaranteed accession to a Islam's vulgar sexual paradise. According to the Quran, Islam’s Paradise is filled with whorish virgins possessing voluptuous breasts and lustrous eyes. Muslims, blessed with an access to Paradise, will have 72 such virgins to engage in incessant copulation. A Muslim’s surest way of getting a passport to Paradise, says Allah, is to get slain while trying to kill the kafirs.

Here is what the Paradise of Allah looks like:

  • "As for the righteous (Muslims)... We (Allah) shall wed them to beautiful virgins with lustrous eyes" [Quran 44:51-54]

  • “The righteous (Muslims) they shall triumph... Theirs shall be voluptuous women." [Quran 78:31-33].

Other verses in the Quran—such as 37:40-48, 44:51-55, 52:17-20, 55:56-58, 70-77, 56:7-40 and 78:31 describe the Paradise to be an alluring whorehouse. Additionally, never-molested (virgin) young boys like pearls will be available in abundance in the Muslim paradise (Surat 52:24, 56:17, and 76:19) for the blessed Muslim men to engage in sodomy. For Muhammad who was a master of indulging in carnal pleasures with a dozen wives and at least two concubines in his harem, such a depraved whorehouse would obviously suit his desires in the afterlife. Allah, the alterego of Muhammad, in pliant servitude, provided what Muhammad would love most.

The Quranic verse 9:111 is the most evil, depraved, diabolical, immoral teaching that may have been taught in any ideology in all of human history.


PILLAR 2: Sex Slavery/Slavery


33.50: “O Prophet! surely We have made lawful to you your wives whom you have given their dowries, and those [slaves] whom your right hand possesses out of those whom Allah has given to you as prisoners of war….”.

The term "possessions of the right hand" means 'slaves'. The verse expressly states that Allah Himself gives the war-captives to Muslims as slaves, and also gives Muslims the license to rape the poor slave-girls.

The above verse is only a few out of numerous such verses in the Quran ( see 4.24, 4:3, 4:25, 23:1-6, 24:33, 70:22-30, 70: 29-35). What could be more unethical than owning slaves and raping slave girls? God graciously allowed Muslims to own and rape slave girls. Prophet Muhammad himself and his disciples routinely raped their slave girls. Greed for capturing sex-slaves was the main factors that motivated Muslim men engage in Islam's incessant Jihad wars throughout history, enabling the spread and expansion of Islam. If given consideration to what helped Islam become the second-largest religion on earth, sex slavery deserved to be called the Second Pillar of Islam.


PILLAR 3: Subjugation of Muslim/Kafir Women

Islam is one of the greatest anti-women ideology ever. In Islam, women are nothing more then walking vaginas.

Allah despises women, both Muslim and kafir. In His divine laws, a Muslim woman is worth half a man. Muslim women are dirty, vile, evil creatures that must be kept hidden.

A Muslim woman is first the possession of her father and then her husband. Fathers may offer their baby daughters to Muslim men of any age who are certainly entitled to consummate the union when she turns 9. Subjugation, degradation and oppression of Muslim women, rape and enslavement of kafir women are central to Islam. There is no concept of adultery between a Muslim man and a kafir woman. There is no concept of rape of kafir women or Muslim wives being a crime. If a Muslim woman accuses a Muslim man of rape, she must have 4 male witnesses otherwise she is guilty of adultery and will be stoned to death. Unlimited sex with sex slaves, unlimited sex with Muslim wives, unlimited sex for all eternity with virgins.

Muhammad, a sex-crazed brutal criminal engendered 1,400 years of repression and degradation of billions of Muslim mothers and daughters. Because these Quranic teachings are eternal, this repression and degradation of both Muslim and kafir women will continue as long as Islam exists. (More on Allah’s extreme hatred of Muslim women)

PILLAR 4: Child Molestation

Allah legalizes sex with prepubescent little girls in verse 65.4:

And those of your women as have passed the age of monthly courses, for them the 'Iddah (prescribed divorce period), if you have doubts (about their periods), is three months, and for those who have no courses [(i.e. they are still immature) their 'Iddah (prescribed period) is three months likewise, except in case of death]. And for those who are pregnant (whether they are divorced or their husbands are dead), their 'Iddah (prescribed period) is until they deliver (their burdens) (give birth) and whosoever fears Allah and keeps his duty to Him, He will make his matter easy for him.”

Sex with a child is also a sacred prophetic tradition in Islam as prophet Muhammad had started thighing his child-wife Aisha at the age of six and started having sex with her when she turned 9.

In civilized societies, raising children in a safe environment, caring and educating them to help them progress into responsible adults is considered the prime duty. Sexual abuse and exploitation of little children is considered a horrible crime, because it destroys the child’s self-esteem and condemn them to a life of psychological torment.

But the ethical standpoint of Allah is totally different. In seeking to please the sexual desires of Muslim men, Allah has decreed (65.4) that little girls can be sexually molested, thus condemning them to a life of sexual and mental anguish. Quran 65.4 sets the waiting period for divorced women, among whom can be little girls who have not yet reached the menstruation age. With all that whorish virgins-filled sexual paradise, sex slavery and such, as if Islam was not morally depraved enough. With sanctioning sex with prepubescent little girls, Islam sinks to the true essence of the evil. Allah and his friend Prophet Muhammad are pedophile monsters, as 52-year-old Muhammad, in accordance with Allah's decree, had sexually molested (thighed) little girl Aisha when was only 6 years old and had sex with her when became 9.


PILLAR 5: Booty

In Islam, the greed for wealth and properties of the infidels is so prime that Allah, the Islamic God, makes looting the wealth of infidels as sacred booty a divinely-sanctioned means of earning a livelihood by Muslims. Allah even revealed a one whole chapter in the Quran, Surah Al-Anfal (Surah 5), in order to legalize plundering as sacred booty. Looted booty is so desirable and sacred in Islam that even Allah secures for Himself a share from the booty that Muslims loot from infidels (Quran 8:41):

“And know that out of all the booty that ye may acquire (in war), a fifth share is assigned to Allah, - and to the Messenger, and to near relatives, orphans, the needy, and the wayfarer, - if ye do believe in Allah and in the revelation We sent down to Our servant on the Day of Testing, - the Day of the meeting of the two forces. For Allah hath power over all things.”

After waging aggressive Jihad war and killing the infidels, Allah now declares that Muhammad and his Jihadis can take the defender's land, their homes, their money, and lands. So, Allah is not only a mass-murderer, but also a looter, a robber.

Given even Allah, Who supposedly created everything in the universe, can't desist the greed for a share of the all-important spoils of war, booty certainly deserve to be among the five major pillars of Islam.

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