The title of this article may baffle you. You may be thinking: Has Imran gone crazy? But Islam is indeed exploiting the power and long hand of Interpol in order to advance its agenda. Let me explain.

Islam is an ideology, which sustains and prospers by the modus operandi of eliminating its opponents. And its ultimate goal is to expand its rule over the whole world at any cost. Following that strategy and to achieve that goal, Islamic countries use their diplomatic powers to manipulate international organizations, such as the United Nation and the Interpol. To eliminate or silence someone who may appear a threat to the cult of Muhammad, fabricating false charges against him/her is nothing difficult for them. And they are using such false charges to fool Interpol into apprehending such persons, who happen to be outside the sphere of their power and influence.

Just a year ago, a young Saudi journalist, named "Hamza Kashgari", was accused of blasphemy by the Saudi authorities. He managed to flee Saudi Arabia. But Interpol came to assist the Saudis, arrested him in Malaysia and sent back to Saudi Arabia where he was prosecuted and now faces a serious threat of being killed.

Whats was his fault? He only expressed his personal doubts about certain aspects of Muhammad's character in a twitter post in the internet, which simply is his human rights in International law.

I am another victim. Thanks to my bitter experience with Islam, internet open an opportunity to me to criticize Islam while I was living with my non-Muslim wife in Indonesia. Indonesian police traced me down and arrested me. Somehow they decided to deport me and with the assistance of the Spain diplomatic mission in Indonesia, I came back to Spain where I had refugee status. Indonesian government probably came under pressure from Islamic bodies after my escape to Spain. And within about a week of deporting me, they charged and sentenced me with murder and wanted to extradite me for putting in prison.

Here again, Interpol came to the assistance of the corrupt Islamic authorities of Indonesia, and put me on Interpol's Red Notice without caring to examine the case against me. Responding to Interpol's request, Spanish court wanted to examine the Indonesian authority's evidence for charging and sentencing me for murder. And despite several calls, they never came to present any evidence in court proceedings, except sending a representative in the last hearing to sign some document. In fact, in charging and sentencing me of murder, Indonesian authorities violated several international conventions and lied to Interpol over many facts, specially their claim that I fled Indonesia when they had willingly deported me.

On one hand, western governments are increasing depriving us of our fundamental right to freedom of expression when it comes to speaking or debating about Islam. On the other hand, Interpol is helping Islamic countries to punish those, who dare to make people aware about the danger of Islam.

Where is this world heading to? Interpol, the western governments – everyone is giving in to Islamic pressure, bullying and threats of violence. Are we offering a free ride to Islam to impose its kingdom upon us again?

In conclusion, this is a message for Interpol that as a respected and transparent organization dedicated to advancing human rights and justice, it must work rigorously toward ensuring its respect human rights and international law and be not a lackey of the Islamists in their agenda of violating human rights and perverting justice. Please stay a organization of trust as Interpol has been, not one of distrust as it is becoming. Before you put someone on your “Red Notice” upon receiving requests from authorities that has poor records in respecting human rights and upholding justice, please check the facts and evidence carefully. Rushing to put someone on Red Notice as soon as you receive a request from anybody, thus declaring him or her a criminal, may destroy that person's future, even life, undeservingly.

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