Recently Pakistan banned Malala Yousufzai’s book after Islamists complained about her not mentioning “Peace be upon him” after Prophet Muhammad’s name in the book, which they consider anti-Islamic.

This Muslim tradition of mentioning “Peace be upon him” every time they cite Muhammad in word or writing has confused me for a long time. Does that mean that Muhammad has not achieved salvation yet?

It also appears that Muslims must pray to Allah for forgiving Muhammad for all eternity. Doesn’t this tradition among Muslims give an indication of magnitude of the sins Muhammad has committed? Or is it because he was not a prophet? If he was a real prophet guided by God, then he should be sinless or at least he could not commit so grave a crime that all Muslims of the world must pray for his forgiveness for all eternity?

The most important matter here is that if Muhammad himself is not saved yet, then how will he be able to secure salvation for the billion-plus Muslims, who follow him blindly? To my knowledge, no founder of any other religion has asked his followers to pray to God for granting him peace and salvation. Then why Muhammad is so worried about his salvation? This is the point Muslims must pay attention to. When Muhammad’s own salvation depends on your praying for all eternity, seeking salvation through him is simply foolish, isn’t it? What a fool Muhammad has made of Muslims of the world!

Indeed, Allah himself in the holy Quran does not assure that He will save Muhammad’s soul in the hereafter (Quran 46:9):

“Say: ‘I am not an innovation among the Messengers, and I know not what shall be done with me or with you. I only follow what is revealed to me; I am only a clear warner.’”

So, Allah says it clearly that there is no certainty that Muhammad will be saved in the hereafter. In a hadith, Muhammad also affirms the same (Sahih al-Bukhari 5:58:266):

…“By Allah, though I am the Apostle of Allah, yet I do not know what Allah will do to me," By Allah, I will never assert the piety of anyone after him…

It is, therefore, understandable why Muhammad has asked Muslims to pray to God for granting peace to his departed soul, which Muslims have been doing and will continue doing for all eternity. Nothing can be more utterly foolish than the world’s 1.2 billion Muslims’ believing that they can attain salvation for themselves by following Muhammad, when Muhammad himself is not sure of his own salvation and has asked all Muslims of the world to pray to God to grant him salvation. So, if Muslims will really have to appear before the Lord as they believe, what awaits them is anybody’s guess.

In conclusion, a man who is not sure about his own salvation can’t get you to heaven, can’t get you the promised 72 virgins, neither can he be expected to be able commend you in front of God. Whether or not Muslims admit this fact, this certainly is a strong point that proves what a fake Muhammad was! And his actions – from sexual perversity to extreme criminality and cruelty – would prove that instead of being an anointed prophet of God, he was an evil man par excellence.

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