Dear Norway,

In June 2014, I made long and perilous journey passing through five countries to reach your territory. Fleeing from years of persecution in Spain and risk of being sent to my death in an Islamic country, I came to you asking for help, hoping that you—the land of Nobel Peace Prize—will offer me refuge, and mitigate my sufferings that I suffered in Spain during the past few years for expressing my critical views about Islam.

But I was disappointed. I feel cheated by you. On July 8, I appeared in a police station in Oslo and told every about myself with full honesty, including about an Interpol Red Notice against me for extraditing to the Islamic country of Indonesia, where I will be killed for criticizing Islam. I was interviewed and treated well by the police and was sent to a refugee camp as an asylum seeker.

I stayed in the camp for 8 days. Then on July 16, I was arrested by the police as if I was a criminal gangster, not an asylum seeker. I was imprisoned for 12 days before sending back to Spain.

Norway, I feel cheated that you treated me well at the beginning, giving me hope that I will find refuge in your beautiful land and be relieved of the long-lasting persecution that I suffered in Spain. But in the end, you sent me to my death.

Norway, I am still in shock. I am confused about what your true face is. You did not care for my proofs, arguments and well-founded fear of being of sent to an Islamic country where I will be killed for blasphemy and apostasy. You closed your eyes and sent me back on the way to my death.

Norway, the land of Nobel Peace Prize. Is this the way you want to spread peace in the world – by sending innocent people to torture and death.

Norway, you are worldwide known for upholding human rights. Is this the way you uphold human rights – by imprisoning people who committed no crime and handing them to their assassins.

Norway, since you sent me back to Spain, I have been detained in solitary confinement for nearly 4 months, which is a daily physical and mental torture to me.

And just as I had told you, the Spanish judiciary has decided to extradite me to Indonesia where I am sought on a false criminal accusation, and where I am certain to be killed by fanatic Muslims for blasphemy and apostasy.

Norway, all I can now say is: You had the opportunity to save me from death, but you didn't care. And although your government and judiciary showed no mercy to me and hastened to send me back to my death, I nonetheless express my heart-felt gratitude to your generous and kind-hearted people, who gave me lots of love and support during the few days I spent in Norway.



Imran Firasat

From the Spanish prison of Segovia

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