“The purpose of Education is to give culture to the individual and to develop his capacities to the utmost.” -- Bertrand Russell (Education and the Social Order)

“Education consists in the cultivation of reason and judgment not in maneuvering them.” -- Bertrand Russell (On Education)

The biggest fear Muslims have is the fear of losing their faith (‘Imaan’). This is because of the fear, inculcated in them since childhood, that any information that has no parallel in Islamic theories and laws is false and detrimental to their faith.

This is in fact nurturing their religious superstition, which they cherish and glorify. Truth has no fear. Yet, when they are so afraid of losing their faith, what can be made of that faith? Something that has no strong foundation? No better than stupid superstition?

Since childhood, Muslims are strongly advised to hold their faith tight, strengthen their “imaan”, so that nothing can shake their faith in Islam and on the integrity of Muhammad. This is simply instilling one’s own beliefs and ideas into someone else, not letting them learn based on evidence and reasoning. It is nothing but ‘brainwashing’. This training of the impressionable mind of children is a perfect tool to turn them obstinate against evidence, to turn them blind to reasonable arguments.

Education does not require to be hammered into someone. It is attained by the power of realization and evaluating premises on the basis of integrity and conscience. Once a child has his reasoning elevated, he himself would decide what is right and what is wrong. This is a privilege which Muslim children are deprived of. Muslims live in a kind of sick societal atmosphere where education is censored, knowledge is curbed from acquiring to the fullest extent possible, and real-life approaches and experiences are manipulated to suit Islamic ideologies!

If Allah is so much happy with divine ignorance and godly stupidity, then Satan must be happy with verified knowledge and proven education. Isn't it?

Muhammad taught his followers to believe blindly in all his balderdash instead of teaching the importance of intellect, reason, open-mindedness and doubt. He never encouraged his followers to be great in creativity, art, innovation, knowledge, science, education, discipline and integrity. Instead, he commanded to marry and produce offspring as much as they could. He wanted to see the number of his followers to be large, not the higher quality, so that they can be manipulated and engaged in fighting for achieving his ignoble and ulterior motives. Muslims always say that science is not perfect and does not have all the answers. This is another fallacy they love to commit. Failure of one thing does not make the other victorious. It has to prove its own claims.

Secondly, the reason Muslims blindly believe what is told to them about Islam is because, they have never read the Sunnah--the sayings and deeds of Islam’s self-proclaimed prophet, Muhammad. The Truth about Muhammad is told in the Sunnah. The problem with Muslims is that they are totally incapable of thinking for themselves. No Muslims will ever challenge the Quran or question the integrity of Muhammad. Anything they learn about the Quran and Sunnah is mainly from hearsay. And there lies the cause of all problems in Islam. Muslims are commanded in the Quran to take Muhammad as their model. Muhammad is considered the perfect and divinely-endorsed "role model" in Islam. Since the words and deeds of Muhammad are only found in the Sunnah, it is important that Muslims read the Sunnah. Few Muslims read the Sunnah, even the Quran, in a language they understand. They believe whatever has been told to them by their Imam.

Thirdly, in Islamic culture, children are instructed to believe everything Muhammad said and did, love and respect him more their parents, which Muhammad himself had instructed his followers to do. They are never ever supposed to doubt the messages of the Quran and Hadiths. Suppose a child, since very early age, is taught that two and two makes five, and till his ripe age, every people around him—teacher, preacher, father, mother, brother or uncles sister, aunty friends and foes—confirmed it and said the same thing, then that child, even after coming of age, would never be able to realize that two and two actually makes four. Instead, he/she will deem such a claim as false or illogical.

Muslims find the Quran to be miraculous and inspiring, because it validates and satisfies their preconceived ideas of hate, nonsensical laws and ideas, and stupidities about Allah, Muhammad, believers, non-Believers, Heaven and Hell. Muslims find the Quran to be correct because it confirms whatever the irrationalities, inhuman opinions, and absurdities they have received from their parents, teachers and relatives. This is like a Muslim child told in his green age that Jews are filthy and evil, and after they reach adolescence or adulthood and reads the Quran, it confirms his inculcated-since-tender-age belief that Jews are filthy and evil. Thus that childhood teachings perpetuates in them till death.

This is how Muslims’ unshakable belief in every absurdities and drivels of the Quran in groomed. A person who is sitting in a moving car cannot feel the movement of another car moving in parallel at the same speed. Similarly, when a person groomed with errors since tender age and later finds a scripture filled with the same errors, he/she fails to perceive the error. Even if a book has some wisdom in it, that does not necessarily make it is a divine book, because we have to see the character of the speaker/writer, not the book, because it is easy to plagiarize the wisdom from other books but very difficult to emulate a true saint or prophet. Furthermore, even a bad watch tells you correct time twice a day.

In moderate countries like India or Bangladesh, Muslims are not in as bad a shape as their Muslim brothers of African and Middle East countries. And these less-damaged Muslims think that what they believe and perform as their religion – like the prayer, fasting, and zakat – is the only true form of Islam. Such thoughts are not borne out of knowledge, but of their ignorance about real Islam. They never read Islamic history, never read the Quran thoroughly to understand its messages, and they never read the Sahih Hadiths. Their knowledge and ideas of Islam is predominantly shaped by age-old social tradition. And whatever they read are the works of contemporary scholars and Maulanas that contain pick-and-choose knowledge and ideas of Islam in sugarcoated form, not the undistorted actual message and teachings of Islam. And Muslims never verify or check what has been written in those books to see if it is correct, whether or not they have provided authentic and correct reference. When it comes to books written by the critics of Islam, they, in the first place, refuse to read those books. Then they right-away condemn such writings as ill-intentioned calumny against their beloved religion, instead of reading and checking to verify whatever they have written are true or not. In sum, they blindly believe and praise the writings in favour of their religion, and disbelieve and pour scorns on those, whose writings go against Islam.

Muslims are so fanatic and intolerant about their religion and prophet that whenever there is any criticism of those two subjects, they whole-heartedly come to defend their faith and prophet with their arsenal of ignorance, whether or not they follow even the basic teachings of Islam or have the least bit of knowledge of it. They do so in the hope of earning some reward from Allah by showing their blind and utmost love and reverence toward their prophet and religion. They won’t let go of any such opportunity to earn Allah’s rewards the easy way. Their mind has been shaped in such a way that they would commit any misdemeanor, even outrageous violence, to protect their religion in the hope of earning great divine virtues and rewards, instead of being just and rational. Even the most ignorants amongst Muslims, even little children, harshly attack the critics of Islam and Muhammad, while their greatest of apologists and scholars fail to offer coherent and convincing answer to those critics. Like it is said: “The ignorant blathers on the dense issues, what the enlightened falters to speak about.

Whenever someone tries to show Muslims the truth about Islam, they behave as if he is trying to mislead them and that person is their biggest enemy. Instead of listening and verifying whatever that person has to say and find out if there is any contradictions in what they been told about Islam, they behave like they don’t have the capacity to judge things about their religion—choose between right and wrong, truth and falsehood. Muslims fear questioning Islam and embracing the truth just like a witch is afraid of being exposed to daylight. When one tries to project the light of truth toward their forehead, both their eyes and mind shrink. Just as Oliver Wendell Holmes said:

"The mind of a bigot is like the pupil of the eye. The more light you pour upon it, the more it will contract.

No Muslim understands the Quran but they pretend that they do and understand it satisfactorily. Else, they would be insulted of ignorance and unguidance by fellow Muslims or peers. If mullahs and muffassir have understood it, then there would not be so much contradictions and controversies among Islamic scholars in their interpretations, and there won’t be so many sects in Islam. Every Muslim understands Islam as per his/her whims and wishes. Why the Quran, supposedly a clear guide to life for Muslims of all level of education and intellect and of all ages, leaves so much space for people to understand it as per their desire is a question that needs deeper consideration and analysis.

Every Muslim thinks that he/she is better human being than others; they believe their language ‘Arabic’ is the most preferred by God; they believe that the Quran is the one and completely pure, original and divine book. They also believe that among themselves, those who perform Salah (5 times prayer) are better than those who do not; those who grow beard and do the Salah are better than those without beard but do the Salah; and Muslims who perform the Hajj (pilgrimage) are better than those Muslims who do not. And they often treat fellow Muslims differently as per these considerations. Thus they possess some sorts of ingrained narcissistic traits. One may count such silly thoughts and attitudes of Muslims on and on. But the fact is: Even the worshippers of devil and followers of Satan may make such narcissistic claims about themselves, but it is not THEY, who are supposed to decide the truth about themselves. It is the third party, it is their actions and deeds, that should determine whether or not they are superior to others.

If Muslims are the most adorable creature on earth, then why the Omnipotent Allah fails to make His beloved folks the majority even after 14 centuries; if Arabic is the favourite language of Allah, then why He fails to turn it into a universal language. The answer is simple. These narcissistic claims of Muslims are all lies and complete rubbish. Even if we agree that they are right, then which one among the many Muslim sects is on the right path of God, as every sect among them is accusing others of infidelity, blasphemy, shirk and such? If they are all on the right path, there would be no contradictions among them, so won’t multiple sects. The truth is always one but lies can be many. It is the lies which divide people, truth unites them. There is not a single week that passes without a news of bomb blasts in Muslim countries like Pakistan, Syria, Iran, Iraq or Egypt in which one group of Muslims target another group. The Quran says that non-believers are cursed by Allah. Then, why is there so much curse of Allah in Muslim countries instead of blessings? It is not non-Muslims, but Muslims, who burn most of the Quran by exploding bombs in mosques of the other sects, assuming that they are carrying out the divine plan of Allah. Just as an adage goes, “Live by the sword, die by the sword.

  • Has anyone ever heard of Hindus rioting and burning embassies of other countries or shooting Mullahs when Muslims butcher cows, which sacred to Hindus?
  • Did Buddhists around the world riot and kill Muslims when Muslims destroyed the statues of Buddha in Afghanistan?
  • Did Christians riot and act barbarously when Muslims burned the flag of Denmark which has a cross on it?

All such savagery is unique to Muslims.

Muslims are incapable of even considering the possibility that even the smallest thing written in the Quran and Sunnah can be lie or not right. A Muslim is incapable of proving any criticism of Islam as false. But, he is adamant that Islam is true and anyone disagreeing with it must be wrong. These poor souls are prisoners of intellectual incapacity. They have a mental block from which they can’t break away. They believe that if they defend Islam in whichever way it be, they will get rewarded for it in the afterlife. So, we normally see them blindly try to defend the religion of Allah, no matter how much knowledge they have or how much it works. They just do it, because they believe that being Muslims they have the utmost responsibility to protect Islam from criticism.

Once a Muslim told me that those, who don’t pray to Allah at his home, their home will become a graveyard. I asked him: Is Allah so needy and desperate? He sounds more like a psychopath, despot, narcissist and dependant on our worship.

His reply was: Since Allah has created you and everything in the world, he has the right to do anything he wants. He has the right to destroy his creation.

I said to him, this sums up the insanity of Muslims. They believe in a false postulate without questioning its validity. In fact, they do not dare question it for the fear of hell. And then, once that fallacy is accepted as truth, they shut up their brains and mindlessly do what Muhammad told them to do. This is total madness. Muslims have been reduced to zombies. Nothing can be more dangerous than a brainless killing machine. Who said that Allah created us? How do we know that Allah was not the Satan who picked the vilest man on Earth to fool people and convert this world into hell of lies? There is plenty of evidence that Allah and Muhammad’s deeds are demonic. Where is the proof that he is the real God? Islam is an embodiment of evil.

They are mentally paralyzed by the fear of hell, thus spiritually regressed. At the same time, they are fascinated by the lure of carnal delight of Allah heavenly brothel.

Muslims think that all followers of Islam, after being punished for a period for the evils they commit in the worldly life, will go to heaven to live there for eternity, but those who never accept Islam will burn in Hell endlessly. They can’t even think on their own about what Muslims have done before their birth that Allah would give them such a privilege to kill and curse the non-believers of Islam, and call them filthy and misguided, and why Allah deprives others to be born as Muslim to enjoy all those privileges. And if you can only be saved by believing in Muhammad, what about all those billions of people throughout the period of Islam who lived in vast areas of the world without ever hearing about Muhammad? Will they all be condemned to eternal fire just because of their lack of information about Muhammad’s religion?

Once I asked a Muslim scholar: How would Allah judge a baby who died only a few days after his/her birth before he/she could believe in Islam? Would he go to heaven or hell?

His answer was: It was a profound theological question, and added, either the baby’s soul would go into limbo (until when one wonders?) or it would be judged on the behaviour of the parents.

What staggering nonsense! Thank goodness the baby won’t be judged on the behaviour of the mullahs.

When Muslims are shattered in debates and has no answer, they quickly claim that their faith only gets boosted in course of such arguments. This nothing but fruitless effort on their part to discourage the critics, just like a candle flutters before it blows out. When a person losses his extremely dear object or subject, he initially fails to believe that he has actually lost it. This happens because at the initial stage, he fails to gather enough courage to accept such a most undesirable reality. But as time passes, he eventually has to face the truth and embrace the reality. Our heart can be deceived by its emotions and hopes. Faith and hopes are the most deceptive of human emotions. It will be utterly baffling to a neutral person as to how a Muslim’s faith can become stronger when he/she is shown, citing information from their own sacred texts, that Muhammad was a vile criminal? How can that increase pride instead of causing shame? What Muslims assume as ‘Imaan’ is in fact superstition wrapped in obstinacy and empowered by ignorance and stupidity. Their faith is nothing but a cherished and adored superstition, which they are determined to hold fast and not lose it at any cost.

Whatever Islamic apologists write to defend Islam are nothing but misleading fallacies, irrational arguments, incorrect deductions, erroneous syllogisms and immoral justifications. They present all sorts of delusional and flawed wiles in defense of Islam and Muhammad only to dupe and deceive themselves, but Islam is and will be vulnerable and untenable forever.

Muslims claim that all the wars Muhammad had fought was in self-defense. At the same time, they justify their prophet’s looting the non-believers and making their women concubines and their children slaves. One can claim that he has killed someone in self-defense, but cannot also claim that he has robbed him in self-defense after killing him. Islam’s own scriptures make it obvious that Muhammad never fought in self-defense; instead, he always attacked first and aggressively, and in every attack, he plundered and pillaged those communities and caravans. Had Muhammad fought proper battles with enemies in the battle-field, there won’t be any women and children to enslave them, neither will be wealth for him to plunder as sacred booty other than swords, spears and possibly some horses.

Muslims have distorted and perverted the sense of morality and nobility. The ideas of humanity, enlightenment, and spirituality are missing in Islam. Their morality is only the commands of the Quran, no matter how corrupt, immoral and even barbaric they are; their nobility is what Muhammad did, no matter how repugnant his deeds were; their humanity is limited to Muslim brotherhood, not based on the golden rule; their enlightenment is the mental entrapment in the spells of the Quran; their salvation or moksh starts from Salah (daily prayers) ending in sexual orgy after death.

In Islam, it is halal to beat one’s wife but it is haram for a woman to expose her hair to strangers. It is halal for men to be promiscuous and polygamous, but the same is haram for women. It is halal to own slaves, but it is haram to charge interest on loans. It is halal to deflower a 9-year-old girl but it is haram for girls and boys to mingle. It is halal to rape a boy and have pedophilic relationship with him, but it is haram to have homosexual relationship with another adult. Muhammad and Allah (9:28) claims that non-believers are filthy, but their women’s private parts are pure for the lust of Muhammad and his followers. Islamic Sharia is against human ethics. In short, morality in Islam is what Sharia dictates and not what logic or ethics say.

Let me conclude by saying: “Islam is a sieve of submission which has thousands holes and is woven by the strings of ignorance, stupidity and lies that the fathead and ignorant can’t pass through. And Muslims dig their own grave of ignorance and jump into it to go into sinister slumber to rest on superficial and supercilious contentment.

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