1. The river like shape is river of life coming from the heavens [God] at that time I believed in such thing .. so the river is giving and tranquil but life is not like that on earth, .. 9/11 happened.

  2. If you look you would see a city in the back [ NY ] with the towers on fire ..the city seeping blood where drops of blood showing.

  3. The airplanes the black and yellow shown coming at the towers .... try to make them out

  4. The round circle in the bottom .. represent the American family with white tree in the back ..I meant to be .. clarity and pureness.

  5. The family in riding in a boat-like shape with sails erected as if they are moving in the river of life that God owns.

  6. The face in the middle .. as you can see it has fear and terror and it represent all what American felt at that bad day.

  7. The scattered virus shapes like that is placed all over the canvas, represent the cancer of terrorism that is attached it self to the body of life and eating at it.


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