Farrukh H. Saif

Islam has attempted to conquer Christian Europe since its beginning. In the year 654, Muslims invaded Cyprus. Immediately after that, they started attacking the peaceful Christian communities in the Mediterranean. During 711-788, they conquered the Iberian Peninsula, first Spain, then Portugal and Andorra, followed by the Southern parts of present-day Italy including Malta in 827.

However, Christian Europe prevented the Arab invaders from conquering entire Europe. They fought the Arab invaders tooth and nail, and eventually expelled them from the European continent. Islamic Arab invaders were able to enslave over a million Christian women and girls, who were sold to the Islamic territories. During their campaigns of conquest, they used to rape the enslaved women and girls, and treat them barbarically – the same tradition being followed even today by ISIS militants in Syria and Iraq. Islam, since its birth, has always been a religion of sexual cruelty.

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