A few days ago, some Islamic State thugs stormed a museum in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul and destroyed its treasures. This action is not peculiar to the Islamic state but is peculiar to Islam. This evil act is not unprecedented in Islamic history, therefore, comes as a no surprise to those who are familiar with Islam. When Mohammed conquered Mecca, the first thing he did was to enter the Ka’aba and destroy all the statues inside, thereby setting his destructive example (sunna) which is being emulated by his followers ever since. “Islam erases the past” Mohammed taught his followers.

In less than two decades later, Caliph Omar ordered his generals to destroy the books found at the library of Alexandria because he believed they were worthless. As a result, hundreds of thousands of scrolls were destroyed. It was the largest collection of books on the planet. The destruction of the Library of Alexandria is a substantial testament of Islam’s contempt of other cultures.

In the nineteenth century, Mohammed Ali, the founder of modern Egypt, ordered his men to strip the great pyramid of its casing stones that gave it a nice smooth surface and used them to build his grand mosque at the citadel in Cairo. A few years prior to that, Napoleon Bonaparte occupied Egypt for a few years. The French expedition included French scientists and archaeologists who discovered the rosetta stone which helped them to decode the hieroglyphics. The difference between both actions speaks volumes.

In 2001, the Taliban sent an army to destroy an old statue of Buddha in Afghanistan. Under international pressure, some Egyptian scholars were dispatched to Kabul to convince the Taliban not proceed with their plan but their request was turned down. Obviously, the Egyptian scholars were unable to support their case from the Quran and Sunna and the Taliban went ahead and destroyed the statue. From the beginning, the Taliban scholars were confidant and knew very well they were emulating Mohammed.

A Muslim in the family

Islam is the only religion that cannot coexist with other religions and cultures. To understand this, you only need to look at the behavior of Muslims as individuals. In the West, it is not unusual for a family to have members who convert to other religions like Buddhism or Hinduism. The family gets on with life as normal and the mutual respect and the existing bonds between the family members are not affected. However, if a member of the family converts to Islam, life becomes impossible. That convert will start making demands such as alcohol and pork should not be consumed in the house and then he will force the others to eat only halal food. Some books, paintings or publications already in the house may have to be destroyed, pets become unwelcome and the female members may be asked to cover up. Eventually, all the family may be put under pressure to convert to Islam. Life with a Muslim in the family is impossible. Even within an all secular Muslim family, the presence of a religious member turns the lives of the others to hell.

On the other hand, if a member of a Muslim family converts to another religion, that member will be killed or at least disowned. The above examples are hypothetical but do happen frequently in our society.

It is the sad reality that the supremacist nature of the ‘Islamic civilization’ makes it a solitary one that has inherent problems with the others. It is an incurable trait and an intrinsic part of the Islamic structure. Islam rejects the others and does not coexist with them just because they are different. Being a good or a bad culture doesn’t make any difference because all that matters to Islam is that the culture is not Islamic, which justifies its rejection. Islam doesn’t only dislike non-Islamic cultures; it also turns against Muslims who follow other sects of Islam. Just consider what the Muslims are doing to other Muslim minorities like the Shia or Ahmadi sects.

Probably it never happened yet, but faced with cultures inferior to its own, Islam would quickly ban them. But things get even worse when Islam is faced with higher civilizations that threaten to eclipse Islam’s own. We do not need to imagine what happens in that case because we are currently witnessing a living example. Just consider current extraordinary hate that Muslims exhibit to Western civilization. They brand it as “Jahiliyah”, or ignorance, as they quickly run out of words on how to describe it. What we all consider as a great civilization is rejected with contempt by the Muslims; they fight it with vengeance and dismiss it as Satanic. Westerners cannot comprehend how a group of people, who got nothing civilized to offer, can look down at the greatest human achievement ever.

In reality, Muslims views are only a reflection of Islam’s own views which are absorbed thoroughly over the years as a result of the effective Islamic brainwashing system. Islam judges others using its own system and parameters. In the ‘Islamic scoring system’, there are no points given towards human rights, freedom of expression, religious tolerance, democracy or scientific achievements. Therefore, this great civilisation ends up earning no points at all. From the Muslims’ perspective it appears as pure evil with only negative points. It is perceived as a barbaric culture that is disrespectful to Islam, the family and honor, all of which earn high points in the Islamic scoring system. Westerners are perceived as individuals with filthy minds because they overindulge in alcohol and sex and allow their women to walk uncovered. They also have filthy bodies because they love, and keep, animals in their houses and do not follow the Islamic toilet rituals. But that is all mere rationalization, in the real world of Muslims’ unusual hatred, because the West’s success highlights Islam’s own failure.

The Early Muslims

To understand Islam’s unusual trait we must look at the birth of Islam. The early Muslims were required to denounce their old culture and traditions and put an end to their family and tribal connections. By converting to Islam, a Muslim was made to believe that he started a new life where all his past becomes void. Muslims were required to have only one allegiance — to Mohammed and Allah. This is still the case today; Muslim converts try to erase their past from their minds. They discard everything that is connected to their previous culture including their names, clothes and styles, to embrace Islamic names and ‘values’. They actually become so intolerant to their past that within months they often turn violently against their own un-Islamic families, society and culture.

It comes as a no surprise that the first culture to fall to Islam was the pre Islamic Arab culture. Mecca was a city of culturally rich and liberal society that tolerated Mohammed’s hateful preaches for thirteen years. This is exactly what is happening today in the multicultural liberal West. Mohammed is no longer with us but his followers are doing his job for him, they brand the society with the same word Mohammed used — Jahiliyyah, or ignorance.

Why we still have ancient ruins standing in Islamic countries

There are many ancient ruins that are still standing in Muslim countries, how come the early Muslims did not destroy them?

When the early Muslims came across those ruins they were not bothered by them. They early Muslims didn’t know the significance of those ruins and knew nothing about the civilizations and the people who built them. If anything, ordinary Muslims probably considered them as evidence that Allah punished the unbelievers, as Muslims often do in such cases. Anyway, those ruins never posed a cultural or intellectual threat to Islam. They were just ruins and Islam is not sensitive to old structures per se. Islam’s sensitivity become manifest only when the civilization behind the ruins starts to become appreciated and glorified, only then Islam strikes. That is of course when the ancient ruins were about standing walls or columns. Statues, called “Asnam”, have no place in Islamic environments, they always get destroyed. God knows how many statues were accidentally excavated and destroyed over the centuries.

Besides, we must keep in mind that current-day Muslims are more Islamists than their ancestors. They are nearly as Islamists as Mohammed and his companions were.

The Muslim invaders came across the ancient Egyptian ruins but did not give them much notice. Only recently, when the ordinary Egyptians became aware of the greatness of the civilization that built them, Islamists started to show some discomfort. The Egyptian Islamists, who were supposed to be very proud of their history, started to preach against their ancestors and dismiss the pharos as ignorant polytheists. Many Islamists actually called for the destruction of their ancient treasures.

Is this of significance to Europe?

Yes it is significant. Europe is like a large Museum that is full of cultural treasures. In addition to museums, European buildings are decorated with statues of humans (often naked), or animals. This is offending to Islam in two ways. First, it reflects a great culture and Islam doesn’t like other cultures to appear great in its presence. Second, they are images of living things, which is prohibited in Islam. Islam sanctions the destruction of all statues and paintings that depict living beings. Islamists will implement their rule as soon as they can.

Many Westerners see this as a very remote and unlikely possibility but so did the fall of Persia and the Romans to the Muslims’ armies. The greatest empires of the time fell in less than two decades after Mohammed’s death. It is true that Muslims are still a minority in the West and it may take them a couple or more generations to become a majority. But an active, motivated minority is far more effective than an idle majority, and it takes only a handful to cause a serious damage. We know Islamists will cause a catastrophic damage to the West once in power but there are many of them who may not be willing to wait. We must be very vigilant in the West because after years of carelessness and open borders, the seeds of destruction are already in the soil.

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