Sami Alrabaa

A collection of atrocious and gruesome passages from the Quran (the holy book of Muslims) does not qualify Islam to be called a “religion”.

Actually, the free world doesn’t need to post the so-called Danish caricatures or any fictitious artistic products to express certain views about Islam. There is no need for fiction like the latest movie “Innocence of Muslims,” by Sam Bacile, or the documentary, “Islam: Untold Story” by Tom Holland on BBC channel 4--both of which triggered a violent outcry in the Muslim world.

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In view of the fact that the Quran (the holy book of Muslims) contains atrocious passages (see below) which incite to killing mostly innocent people; Muslims and non-Muslims, and in view of the fact that it’s Muslim extremists who are terrorising their societies and the whole world, in particular in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mali, and in Hamas’s Gaza, one can safely say: there is something wrong with this “religion”.

In addition, wherever Islam rules, also in Iran, Southern Lebanon (where Hizbollah rules) Somalia, and Saudi Arabia, oppression is the rule. There is no freedom of any kind; no religious freedom and no free media. It’s dictatorship per excellence.

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Six Egyptian Christian Copts were killed by Muslims as they were celebrating Christmas on January 7, 2010. Neither President Barack Obama of the USA, nor Gordon Brown of Britain, nor Angela Merkel of Germany, to name a few Western leaders, decried the crime nor condemned it. And have nobody (Christian) taken to the street to protest the killing?

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A German court ruled last week that Muslims have the right to have mosques at German schools. Hence, the series of Muslims infiltrating German courts continues. If things go on like this, Muslims, led by radicals, will, demographically and “democratically-legally”, take over Germany by 2070. They are exploiting religious freedom and terrorism to advance their agenda.

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Muslim countries have signed to the U.N. Charter on Human Rights, but have summarily failed in deliverying it to its non-Muslim populations as well as women. Well, how could the spurn the holy commands of Allah, and sacred examples of Muhammad in order to uphold the UN Human Rights Charter.

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