Pastor Terry Jones burned a copy of the Quran, charging it of promoting violence and terrorism against non-Muslims. And Muslims in Afghanistan reacted in real peaceful manner, quite fitting with the "religion of peace".

Florida Pastor Terry Jones has burned just one little book of Koran and all hell broke among the Muslims in Afghanistan. Afghan Talebans (pure Muslims) showed the world their crazy monkey dance of how peaceful Islam is by chanting "Death to America". In two day’s of Islamic savagery, they killed at least 20 innocent humans (none of them responsible for the Koran burning). They even killed their own kind, out of the jihadi zeal they learned from their sacred books, the Koran and Sunnah (traditions of the Prophet of Islam). Islam survived 1400 years by this kind of threats and savagery. Of course, this time the world was some what fortunate that same jihadi monkey dances were not seen elsewhere in the Arab nations, because they are now busy with their own despotic rulers. Readers can see how much intolerant Muslims are and the degree of their monkey dance in these two videos below:

Click here:

Also here:

In early 2001, right before 9/11, during those good-old days of Islamic Caliphate of Afghanistan, it was the same Taleban Muslims (sub-humans), who gleefully destroyed two-thousand years old Giant Statue of Buddha (Lord of Buddhists) at Bamyan in Afghanistan and there was not a single angry street-protest from the followers of Buddhism. Instead, some Buddhists Monks in Burma and Thailand prayed to Lord Buddha for the forgiveness of those jihadi Talebans. In Egypt, Nigeria, Somalia and many other Islamic nations—churches and temples are destroyed and Bible and Ghita are burnt almost routinely, but world never witnessed any monkey dance from any Christians or Hindus.

How Pastor Jones burned Koran and why?

Florida Pastor Terry Jones considered Koran guilty of violence and hatreds against humanity. He held a self-styled mock trial of the holy book in which he presided from the pulpit as judge. The prosecutor was a Christian who had converted from Islam. Sitting in judgment was a jury of 12 members of Mr. Jones’s church. After listening to evidences and arguments from both sides, the jury pronounced the Koran guilty of five crimes against humanity. And those are:

(1) Promotion of fighting and terrorist acts worldwide against innocent non-Muslims

(2) asking followers to kill people who does not believe in Islam

(3) Encouraging rape and torture slave women and concubines

(4) encouraging hatreds against non-muslims and

(5) promoting to force-conversion to Islam and bring all humans under the fold of Islamic Caliphate by armed Jihad.

Punishment was determined by the results of an online poll. Koran was sentenced to death. Besides burning, the options included shredding, drowning and facing a firing squad. Mr. Jones, an evangelical pastor, announced that voters had chosen to set fire to the Koran, according to a video of the proceedings. This was how Pastor Terry Jones and his Church members burned a copy of the Koran into ashes. Please click to this Video link of Mock trial by Pastor Terry Jones and Koran burning:

Myth of Koran can not be burned is exposed!

There is a well-known myth amongst Muslims that Koran can not be burned, because Koran is the word of Allah and fire is afraid of consuming Allah’s words. Gullible Muslims and mullahs strongly believe this as a fact. They even fearful that if anybody tries to burn the Koran, then his own hands will be burned or paralyzed instead, and holy Koran will remain intact. There are stories in the Muslim world that when whole house was burned to ashes, the only thing that survived was a copy of Koran, which remained unharmed. Why? Because the Koran is the divine tablet from Allah.

Why not jihadi Muslims burn the Bible when Christians burn the Koran?

Indonesian Muslims hold a banner during a protest against the US-led
military attack on Libya in Jakarta, Indonesia, Friday, April 1, 2011.

Muslims can practice ‘tit for tat’ instead of killing innocent people. They can burn 10 or even 100 Bibles for one copy of the Koran to extinguish their Jihadi zeal. Why kill innocent humans? Islamists are reluctant to burn the Bible, probably because they know very well that Christians will just ignore at their Bible-burning hysteria at best. Hence, jihadi Muslims find it meaningless to burn the Bible. They have to surpass all limits in their vengeance. Truly, they are followers of the "religion of peace"!

Now something good for the honorable readers. One picture is worth a thousands Blogs:

Where are those inter-faith jokers and where are those so-called moderate Muslims, or where are the hypocrites of CAIR, ISNA, ICNA, MAS, MSA, etc? Could any of the above-mentioned moderate jokers fiercely rebuke and denounce these Muslims as viciously as they denounce counter jihad fighters? I wonder!

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