Saleem Smith

In Western societies, couples typically choose to get married during the spring and summer months. It is a fun tradition in the West for the friends and family of the about-to-be-married couple to host a bachelor party for the groom and a bachelorette party for the bride.

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Muslims love to claim that Islam is a religion of purity and the one and only perfect religion on earth. We ex-Muslims know better and are not afraid to speak the terrible truth about Muhammad and his Islam. This series of articles will make it obvious that such claims of Islamic purity are purely laughable and utter nonsense.


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Once upon a time there lived a man named Muhammad who claimed that his religion, the Islamic religion, was a perfect religion of absolute purity.


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There is no such thing as a good Muslim. It's a contradiction in terms. There are good people who call themselves Muslims, but there are no good Muslims. Islam is a cruel and dangerous religion that pits Muslim against non-Muslim in an eternal battle. Muslims should be ashamed of their demented prophet and dump his cult of death.

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Many Muslims believe that the prophet Muhammad was a man endowed with super human powers in the realm of sexuality. Muslim males are especially proud of this Islamic tradition and often use it as material for jokes and boasting.