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What Outrages Muslims – Burning a Quran, Murdering Infidels or Disfiguring Women with Acid Attacks?

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Murdering a Quran is a capital offence in Islam. In our society, murdering a Quran is now worse then murdering human beings. At both the Republican and Democratic conventions this year, NOT ONE candidate rose up and condemned the carnage against Christians that is sweeping the Middle East. NOT ONE.


Which of the following outrages Muslims most?
quran-burning and muslim outrage

This is the moral depravity we have shrunk to as a people. We have lost our souls – our will to be a free people. This is also evidenced by our pathetic response to the rioting that accompanied the movie "Innocence of Muslims".

While I do not support the burning of any book, even of one as evil as the Quran, there is a great moral difference between burning pages and destroying human beings. The burning of a book, any book, is not even an offence, but is counted as human rights under the Western and UN Human Rights charters. Taking the life of a person is the most grotesque crime.

The movie "Innocence of Muslims", and the Danish cartoons of Muhammad, all led to many people being murdered, countless beaten, and property destroyed.

A book is nothing more then a mass of wood chips that are processed at a paper mill into pulp – a mushy, watery solution, and then turned into paper. A book has no nerve cells, feels no pain and has no brain to control senses (vision, hearing, taste, smell, and touch – senses that can induce fear and horrendous pain.) When a book is burnt flames obliterate the pages turning them into ashes without suffering any pain or distress.

Can you imagine the sheer, raw pain a woman feels when acid is thrown into her face dissolving the skin and flesh to the bone?

Can you imagine burning Christians in their churches – the pain and suffering of being burnt alive?

Look at the following picture of a murdered Christian and a Muslim woman with with figured face by acid. You tell me how 1.6 billion people can believe in this evil – Islam that treats the burning of a book with murderous, mindless, outrage but praises mass murder and torture as holy, divine acts ordered by God.

To utilize Quranic teachings to justify terrorizing, torturing, incinerating, murdering humans is a crime – the ultimate blasphemy against Loving God if one exists.


Some 100 million Christians are being viciously persecuted in Muslim lands. Young Christian girls are being abducted in Egypt, raped and forced to become Muslim and marry Muslim thugs. Christian churches, filled with praying devotees, are often bombed causing many deaths. Where is the outrage against this genocide? Where are the millions marching in the street protesting this mass murder?

Islam is an ideology of hate. Islamic terrorism is of ritualistic nature, evidenced by Quran 47:4, 33:61, 8:12-15, 7:4 to mention just a few of numerous such teachings. The dead kafirs and their blood are human sacrifice: ritual offerings to Allah... To quote the prominent London Imam and Islamic theologian Abu Hamza al-Masri, "There is no liquid loved by Allah more than the liquid of blood…. Whether you do it by the lamb, or you do it by a Serb, you do it by a Jew, you do it by any enemies of Allah," he said. That drop of blood "is very dear."

The moral depravity of Islam is on display. The burning of a Quran is more important than the millions been brutalized by Islam. By our refusing to come to the aid of these oppressed, the moral depravity of our society is on display.


Acid Attack Victim Fakhra Yunus Commits Suicide in Rome

After 3 years of martial abuse, Yunus fled her Muslim husband who then came to her mother’s house while she was sleeping in May 2000 and poured acid all over her in front of her 5-year-old son. Yunus became the face of violence against women in the country after Pakistani activist Tehmina Durrani, author of "My Feudal Lord," helped Yunus escape to Rome and get treatment for her disfigurement. Durrani said, "I have met many acid victims. Never have I seen one as completely disfigured as Fakhra. She had not just become faceless; her body had also melted to the bone. Despite her stark and hopeless condition, the government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan was not in the least God-fearing. She was provided nothing...but disdain...and trashed."

More than 7,000 deliberate burning attacks against women were recorded by the Progressive Women's Association of Pakistan in just two Pakistani towns between 1994 and 2008, mostly the work of husbands, who attack their wives as a form of revenge for refusing sexual advances or other proposals. More than 8,500 acid attacks, forced marriages and other forms of violence against women were reported in Pakistan in 2011, according to The Aurat Foundation, a women’s rights organization. Because the group relied mostly on media reports, the figure is likely an undercount. Yunus is just one of tens of millions of women who have been raped, murdered, tortured, and enslaved by Islam.

Islam is nothing more then "Evil In The Name of God."


Jake Neuman is the author of “Islam and Sharia Law Are Treason: Jihad Is Treason” and “Prophet Muhammad (AKA ALLAH): Monster of History.” free download.

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Quiet day at the office
written by abc , December 17, 2012
Generally utter bullshit, with small crumbs of truth.
Brutality in Islam
written by balam , December 17, 2012
With Mohammad as the ROLE MODEL for Muslims,what else can you expect from his followers?
written by berq , December 17, 2012
nice article,Islam is an inferior culture.It produces nothing but human sacrifice.In more than 1400 years Islam has distreyed every single culture it has infected. It is a long bloody history of violance, hate,madness and distruetion on an unimaginable scale.West is gulity to ignore what is happening to religious monitries in Muslim lands.You can not handle the Muslims with charm you handle them with an iron fist to the face.The Muslims who committed those crimes which jack has mention in his article believed that they were justified in doing so because of various Islamic texts and teaching.
To Muslims
written by Fineliving56 , December 17, 2012
Human life here on earth has the lowest value … lowest then things …

including …. lands … paper books [ Quran ] … wealth … they are welling to shed as many lives as they can and want … it is easy !!

In their minds … Why not ? … if the after life has a life …. why not ?

The thing that they do not comprehend, they have,** not one shred of evidence ** that there IS a life after death … other then words brought from other fallible humen being just like us … hear say and written books.

Not even one … they are willing to kill a precious life here, in order to get to imagined life after death …

Here is the official [ realty is a lot more ] numbers of killings in Syria for the sake of power and owned Land is this :



3704 … WOMEN

The reason this number is THIS high is because they ARE Muslims … the mentality that life on this is not important as they believe, makes stopping is near impossibility .

written by Proud Infidel , December 17, 2012
"Generally utter bullshit, with small crumbs of truth."

You deny truth so much that you wouldn't know it if it was sitting in your lap.
To berq
written by Archpagan , December 17, 2012
You have rightly said -'You can not handle the Muslims with charm you handle them with an iron fist to the face.'
China uses iron fist in dealing with Muslims. But instead of raising the banner of jihad Muslims lick its feet like pet dogs. In erstwhile USSR many mosques in the central Asia were converted into warehouse, but not even a whisper of protest was heard then in the Muslim countries. It was only when America chose to provide military aid and logistic support to the Afghan rebels that the Muslims gathered courage to call for Jihad. So, Muslims will hear us only when we speak and behave like savages.
Proud infidel
written by abc , December 17, 2012
You need help! Ignorance is no excuse.
""Acid violence is a worldwide phenomenon," said the Acid Survivor Trust International, the largest European organization helping the victims of acid attacks, "that is not restricted to a particular race, religion or geographical location." According to estimates, more than 1,500 people in 20 countries are victims of acid attacks every year."

"Take Columbia. A South American Spanish speaking country that recently reported up to 100 acid attacks a year. The country's population is 95 percent Christian and less than 1 percent Muslim. So would you blame the Christian or the Spanish culture?
Proud infidel
written by abc , December 17, 2012
"Consider Cambodia. Located close to Vietnam, it reported approximately 100 acid attacks over a two year period. More than 95 percent of the country practices Buddhism with less than 2 percent Muslims. So much for Nirvana (a state of ultimate peace) I guess.

Or look at India. While actual numbers are much higher, a Cornell University study asserts that there were 153 acid attacks reported just in the Indian media from 1999 to 2010. The country is 80 percent Hindu, 13 percent Muslim and 2 percent Sikh (who are also not immune to such attacks). Many cases have been reported from Hong Kong and China. Even in Israel, a small country, a teacher and two students were burned when a Jewish family decided to bring the feud to school by throwing acid on their faces."
Proud Infidell
written by abc , December 17, 2012
A WHO report remarked: "Apart from Bangladesh, acid violence has been reported in Afghanistan, Cambodia, China, India, Jamaica, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Africa and Uganda. There have also been a few isolated cases in Europe and North America"

Unlike jake Neumann I have given you facts and statistics by reputable non Muslim sources. Why was jake not able to do that?
That would expose his whole article as bullshit!

Old Jake is spinning the tales
written by Malem , December 18, 2012
Jake likes to take a story and then just use 1/10th of it that is to his liking in order to push his own agenda, nothing more. First fact is that these attacks are criminal and not any part of Islam, period. Secondly there are more attacks like this outside the muslim world than anywhere. BUT Jake doesnt want to mention does he now, quite a terrible author if you look at it from a journalism perspective.
written by abc , December 18, 2012
Its great to see that this website heading down the pan.
The authors are regurgitating the same old weak stuff.
Every three four week they come up with the same rubbish and this pattern is on a loop.
Mr khan you need to raise your game. Your articles and videos are weak!
written by abc , December 18, 2012
Spoken like a Hindu fanatic.
By all measures Pakistan is a third world country.
What did the mighty India and its iron fist do after a bunch of terrorists destroyed Bombay?
written by balam , December 18, 2012
Do you forget that on 16th December,India got Pakistan on its knees and split up the country into two.Their forces were even in Lahore but did not keep it under occupation.India knows when and how to react to ISLAMIC TERRORISM OF PAK-SATAN.Land of PURE EVIL.
Muslim barbarianism
written by Duke Indian , December 18, 2012
abc is trying to belittle the acts of oppression and violence the muslims are committing day in and day out in the world. He must understand that acid attack is not the only crime attributed to muslims. Jake also quotes news agencies and social organisations and quotes statistics too. But, abc in his eagerness to whitewash all muslims, deliberately ignores it. If he wants, he may refer to thereligionofpeace.com for an accurate and day to day account of the various barbarian acts committed by muslims all over the world. He must understand that he just cannot defend these muslim savages by any no. of utter lies.
acid in Columbia?????
written by pipo , December 18, 2012
"Take Columbia, A South American Spanish speaking country that recently reported up to 100 acid attacks a year"

Is this domestic violence??? I doubt it, more likely it became fashionable among crime syndicates as an act of terror and revanche.
Just like beheadings came into fashion only in the last decade among Mexican drug cartels.

Male low lives have always been attracted to Islam... many have converted to it or imitated its ways.
Poorly written article
written by Infidel and More Proud , December 18, 2012
Acid attack on women are acts of cowardly men..
Duke Indian
written by abc , December 18, 2012
Read this part slowly and try to get the info past your thick skull.
1.acid survivor trust international
2. Cornell university
3. World health organisation
Are independent sources of information and are verifiable.
So I'm not spinning anything, I am just quoting them.

Your source is seeped in bias and hate.

See the difference or di you need me to draw a picture?
To Duke Indian
written by lw1 , December 18, 2012
You write ....'He must understand that acid attack is not the only crime attributed to muslims' .....
That is great insight which many Muslims do not want to accept.
Muslims kill most Muslims and we not see mass demonstrations against it.
Malala Yousafzai only wants education for girls and she is shot. What is her crime?
Sunnis bomb Shias either in procession or at their mosque and there is virtually no outrage in Pakistan.
Honour crimes including death are supported by many people including police, so some perpetrators do not get punished.
In Colombia and other places acid attack is considered a crime and if perpetrator is caught, is punished, but in Pakistan many do not consider it a crime, and many get away without punishment.
Instead of caring for victims in Pakistan, why point finger at other countries?

The fact is most terrorists in the world are Muslims and Muslims kill most Muslims.
There is no order of acid attack on Muslim women mentioned in Sharia
written by Fineliving56 , December 18, 2012
But…. there IS ** Beating attack and verbal attack ** allowed in Sharia Islamic law

I beg a differ … acid, marks the body permanently, and beating and verbal attacks marks the body temporarily and the soul until death .

Based on Quran 4/34 … sharia law, orders Muslim men to be free to do, first: punish the muslim women when disobeyed, by forsaking her bed, and when that does not work , then, attack her *verbally* and when that does not work, * beat her * until she is subdued then leave her alone … better late then never !!!

As I said … I beg a differ

Marking the soul with verbal attacks is more harmful then beating … it reduces women to nothing .. the mark of beating will eventually fade, but words get stuck in the soul and it will never fade to the last day of women's life.

Quran …should have told, Muslim men, to be GENTAL and to try to be understanding and that, a man could HAVE, the women's cooperation by only being gentle --man

The fact that Allah * failed to know that * THAT is a proof, Allah is no God to speak of … it is proof, Allah is nothing but a figment of Muhammad's imagination.
written by Duke Indian , December 18, 2012

He is trying to bail out the muslims. That will not work, even if he quotes any independent agency. The track records of muslim nations in human right violations is very grave according to human rights watch organisations, amnesty international etc. Most of the muslim countries have not subscribed to the UDHR. The plight of minorities in muslim dominated countries is very pathetic and they suffer inhuman oppression at the hands of the muslim majority. Take for example, the percentage of hindu population in Pakistan at the time of partition. It was a little above 10%, and the same is now below 1% in Pakistan and below 2% in Bangladesh. The muslim population in India then also was around 10%, but that has already grown to 14.6% now. See the difference! Any blind man can see the difference, but not the thick skinned abc. He is accusing that my source is seeped in bias and hate. I challenge him to point out the untruth they are publishing and also the untruth in Jake's article. If he is man enough, let him do it.
written by Kaser , December 19, 2012
abc, you said:

"The authors are regurgitating the same old weak stuff."
"Every three four week they come up with the same rubbish and this pattern is on a loop."

Pretty much sums up Islam for the last 1400 years my friend...
written by vbv , December 19, 2012
abc is a muslim fanatic like Zakir Naik ,and he will stoop to any level to justify all the stone-age barbaric acts of islam. Islam is a death cult, it thrives only in violence and intolerance. That is why muslims are so backward, they are dejected and despondent that they are 150 billion strong and yet have nothing to contribute to human civilisation. They have to depend on others to just get above their barbaric existence. Even their religion is just a robbery of jewish and christian scriptures. If you remove the jewish patriarchs and their stories from koran , they are left with only Muhamad's war-mongering , his lust for women and children , his penchant for robbery and plunder , and his lust for murdering or enslaving those who do not submit to his diktats. And he had a coterie of bandits to do all this dirty work for him with the lure of sharing the loot and slaves. That is , in essence , islam and that is why it is out of place in the civilised world. If you talk of reforming this death cult you will invite only death and destruction. It is an insult to human intelligence and progress.
written by Malem , December 19, 2012
So you proved my point there is no such action like that in the article referred to in the Koran or allowed in the Koran
written by abc , December 20, 2012
Who is justifying acid attacks??
Learn to read, idiot!
No... Malam
written by fineliving56 , December 20, 2012
There is no acid attacks on women allowed in Quran or hadeeth .. THAT only the kind of attacks Muslim use nowa days to abuse muslim womenj .. but, like I said. there IS body and verbal attacks allowance in Quran ... and that is absolutely NOT .. I repeat ... NOT exceptionable ... if it is acceptable by you and other Muslims THAT tells on you and them ...

I do not care what your Allah says or The women collector,Muhammad says ... any husband low enough to lay a hand ON me or my daughter or my sister .. I will make sure he does NOT use his hand for long time ...

The time where Muslims women take this kind of abuse is GONE ... Quran or no Quran .. Islam or no Islam ... Husband or no husband !!!

Only A coward, who hide behind his Quran and allow him self to beat his wife ... only a coward

written by balam , December 20, 2012
Islam is the other name of ACID.It has so many kinds and most of them are LETHAL,depending on its concentration.The WEST is like GLYCEROL which when mixed with Islamic Sulphric and Nitric Acid,turns that society into unstable NITROGLYCERINE which is only useful in minute quantities for heart patients otherwise it is dangerous and lethal.It can't stand friction.
To abc
written by Archpagan , December 20, 2012
Acid attack on women by jilted lovers are very common all over the world. But all those are unorganized crime committed by lone wolf attacker to settle personal score. You cannot mix up those attacks with those committed by terrorist groups to punish women refusing to conform to Islamic dress code or other social norms. You can prevaricate yourself only by your diversionary tactics.

BTW, you appears to be young and ignorant of history. Indian army was on the verge of capturing Lahore in the battle of 1965. But, Some prominent citizens of Lahore begged their old Indian friends not to launch attack on them which they feared,would cause heavy civilian casualties. Z A Bhutto wrote this in his memoirs. India never used iron fist against Pakistan. Rather, Nehru doled out a part of Kashmir to Pakistan in 1948. Legally and constitutionally, entire Kashmir became an integral part of India after Maharaja Hari Singh signed the Instrument of Accession.
written by Rationalist , December 20, 2012
abc doesn't realize the fact that his ancestors were forced to accept a cult called Islam. Once a generation is raped to accept Islam the successive generations become a naturalized citizens of this deadly cult. If you read the history of medieval India the Arabs, Persians, and other Islamists attacked many historic places in India, killed men and took women as right-hand possessions aka sex slaves. A section of subcontinent muslims are the product of Islamic rape on kaffir women.
written by Malem , December 21, 2012
So you stated "Acid attack on women by jilted lovers are very common all over the world. But all those are unorganized crime committed by lone wolf attacker to settle personal score. You cannot mix up those attacks with those committed by terrorist groups to punish women refusing to conform to Islamic dress code or other social norms. " Are you trying to justify the attacks on women by those who are not muslim? are they any less worse? Fact is, this type of behavior is criminal, not allowed or encouraged in Islam. You and other islamophobes will keep trying in ad nauseum to connect such behavior but it doesnt work, never did and never will.
one Book or Human beings MORE valuable?
written by 1proudkaffur4life , December 21, 2012
Well one issue is put aside here, the one about HOW can can a material physical object "a lousy book" be MORE valuable than ONE HUMAN beings. My question is, where in the quran says it so? And if nothing in the Islamic writings indicate this, why do merely human Muslims (or their "leaders) think they can CHANGE their religion to include this notion? This too proofs that over time "stoned-gawd" allahs religion was formed by humans.
To Rationalist
written by Archpagan , December 21, 2012
You have hit the nail right on the head. Some shock therapy is required to exorcize the Arabic ghost from Indian mind.
written by vbv , December 21, 2012
Idiot yourself, I was not talking of acid attack , but generally about the fraud cult called islam which has nothing of its own ,except the dithering of its socalled "prophet" Muhamad , and most of its book called koran is plagiarised stories robbed from the Bible. Remove the distorted tales of the Bible from koran , you have nothing in it but the misadventures of Muhamad , his war with other tribes of Arabia, his justification of immorality like pedophilia, taking sex-slaves, murdering, plundering and such other immoral activities.
This is 100% a jewish website
written by Asad , December 21, 2012
You PIGS may not harm Islam by your cheap & wicked triks
@ Asad
written by Archpagan , December 21, 2012
Why are you so much afraid of the Jews? Jews number just 25 millions whereas you proudly claim to be 1.2 billions! Do you feel insecure against such small number of people? Are you such weaklings? Or, is it because your so-called prophet committed such heinous crime against the Jewish people that you are shy of facing the Jews? Mo was not only a mass murderer but the vilest rapist humanity have ever seen.

Actually,you see the Jewish ghost everywhere, because from the Jewish scriptures it is clear that Islam is just a parody of Judaism and you are not people of the book; rather you are people of the copybook. The bluff of Muhammad as well as his claim for prophet hood is exposed from the Jewish scriptures. That is why you feel existential threat from such small group of people.
written by MinaJoon , December 21, 2012
written by Kaser , December 21, 2012
Spoken like a true Muslim... How pathetic.
written by abc , December 21, 2012
Same old "hot air"
written by abc , December 21, 2012
So some dude does it in south America it's got to be gang related.
Some other dude does it in india, it's a lovers tiff.
Some other dude does it in Afghanistan then it's his religion!
Are you out of your mind.
The only common factor is its a male attack on a female.
There are no religious, communal or any other common factors.

As for India, I know very little about!
written by abc , December 22, 2012
My fathers family may in the ancient past may have been forced to Islam.
They may have converted. The point is that nobody knows.
It's irrelevant here and now!
Please read the Quran and the Biography of the Prophet
written by Islam , December 22, 2012
If all these happennings are true "Burning a Quran, Murdering Infidels or Disfiguring Women with Acid Attacks". There is nothing Islamic about them. Please don't judge Islam by the muslim, find the truth by reading about Islam and the prophets (pbut); may Allah(God) guide everyone to the true path. Before Prophet Mohammad's(pbuh) revelation, Arab was a horrible place to be in (eg: no rights of any kind and women were treated as an object). Please watch the video(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2nhuh167wY). Nowadays, people are using religion to justify they wrong doing...
written by Kaser , December 22, 2012
How can you claim there is nothing islamic about acid attacks? Islam authorizes violence against women through the Quran. Muslim men will use that to justify dispensing this violence. Of course non-Muslim men also dispense violence, but because they are weak, and unable to control themselves.

Judge Islam by Muslims? Of course, and I will also judge Islam by it's scriptures. In both cases, you have bad apples. But Islam itself should be the perfect word of god! Why is the Quran such a jumbled mess?

Lastly you said: "may Allah guide us to the true path". Are you serious??? Have you ever witnessed Allah doing anything?? No, simply because he does not exist.

And people have been using religion to justify their wrongdoings for centuries...
Reason why Islam, like ALL religions need to be dumped in the trash can. Look at the state of the world we are in, and then think about the fact religions were the "moral" framework that led us where we are now...

Need I say more?
To abc
written by Archpagan , December 22, 2012
No delusion, it's all reality. Acid attacks on women in Muslim countries are mostly inspired by the so-called holy scriptures. In Indian part of Kashmir, there is an organization named Dukhtaran-e-Millat which is notorious for attacking women refusing to follow Islamic dress code. So, it is not always men attacking women.
@abc-read this
written by Rationalist , December 22, 2012
abc lad, it is still relevant. I am giving examples here from your own supposed ancestors' court chronicles.

Sultan Mohammed Ghazni's court chronicler, Al-Utbi, writes "Swords flashed like lightening amid the blackness of clouds, and fountains of blood flowed like the fall of setting star. The friends of god defeated their opponents. The Musalmans wreaked their vengeance on the infidel enemies of god killing 15,000 of them, making them food of the beasts and birds of prey. God also bestowed on his friends such an amount of booty as was beyond all bounds and calculations, including 500,000 slaves beautiful men and women."

What happened to those beautiful kaffir women? They were taken to harem, forced to produce Muslims, who in turn waged war against their own kaffir ancestors. Current subcontinent Muslims are lost sheep.
@ abc
written by Rationalist , December 22, 2012
Another example....Sultan Ghayasuddin Balban's (1265-1295 AD) atrocities are described by traveler Ibn Buttuta in his memoirs:

All the infidels found in the jungle were taken prisoners; they had stakes sharpened at both ends and made the prisoners’ carry them on their shoulders. Each was accompanied by his wife and children and they were thus led into the camp....... In the morning, the Hindus who were made prisoners the day before, were divided into four groups, and each of these was led to one of the four gates of the main enclosure. There they were impaled on the posts they had themselves carried. Afterwards their wives were butchered and tied to the stakes by their hair. The children were massacred on the bosoms of their mothers, and their corpses left there. Then they struck camp and started cutting down trees in another forest, and all the Hindus who were made captive were treated in the same manner

Isn't this due to Quran and hadith? All these acts are scripted in your holy books!
Religion of 'Peace'?
written by lw1 , December 23, 2012
Malala Yousafzai only wanted girls to have the freedom to have education. She was shot for her beliefs by followers of religion of 'peace'. Now students have protested at the college to remove Malala's name from the college and revert back to its old name, Saidu Sharif college.They say that they are worried about their own safety if the name is not changed.
No other believers of a religion stop girls from having education.
Pakistan government gave Swat valley to Taliban to rule a few years ago,with the proviso that the Taliban keeps within the area they were given to govern. Taliban did not honour their agreement and started moving towards Islamabad.Only when they were themselves threatened did they act to survive this treacherous
advance. In the meantime Taliban had closed about 800 girls' schools - many were demolished.
Taliban are Muslim and so are Pakistani government. Is there any other example of a government handing power to a terrorist body?
Muslims have to take responsibility for their actions.
written by male m , December 23, 2012
What Scriptures? State them
To malem
written by Archpagan , December 23, 2012
Ask the Taliban for the right answer. Only they can give you the proper lesson on your scriptures.
written by FI , December 23, 2012
You know why muslims are always outrageous? Because they have no self-confidence and real belief in their "religion". Who is really really convinced by his faith, doesnt need to be so intolerant as islam is.
Specially Islamists are brainless loyal dogs...
written by Truthseeker , December 24, 2012
You said

First fact is that these attacks are criminal and not any part of Islam, period.

Good heavens man HOW MANY TIMES do you have to be hit over the head with all the hate filled and murderous passages of the koran and hadith before you actually GET IT? These attacks ARE part of Islam and always have been starting with your precious Muhammad.

Your Muhammad teaches people to hate. There is absolutely no love in Islam for your neighbor whatsoever. For that matter there is no love in Islam even from your god.

Come on now, you are speaking here largely to people who know Islam backwards and forwards and yet still had the sense enough to leave. Stop taking these people for fools.

At least the murdered man is in heaven, and finally at peace.

And I pray for the salvation and healing of that formerly gorgeous young woman.

And as for the other part

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