Babu Suseelan

Mumbai-based Bollywood Film industry, hijacked by Islamic mafia headed by terrorist financier Dawood Ibrahim, is slated to make a movie glorifying Hitler...

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The planned Mega-Mosque at the 9/11 Ground Zero will not only be a new Islamic hate-center, but is also a bold Islamist challenge to Islamize America. When politicians won't do anything but appeasement of vicious Islamists, citizens must moblize efforts to convince our friends, neighbors and fellow citizens to preserve America's freedom and democracy.

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When our politically-correct leaders, intellectuals and the media won't identify who our real enemy in Jihadi terror assaults are and what motivates them, the citizenry must wake up, identify the enemy, and take united stand against the Jihadis in order to secure our future and our offsrping's...

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Destructive instinct is inherent to humans, but thanks to our intelligence, values, spiritual philosophy and formula of coexisence, we progressed toward civilization. But, thanks to Islamic teachings, some Muslims fail to follow that path, making them terrorists...

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