How Muhammad devised the diabolical idea of Virgins in Paradise to decieve the rash and daring youths, full of emotions, romanticism and craze for opposite sex, for achieving his ends at the risk of their lives....




Muhammad’s evil mission started in 610 CE, when he was approximately 40. He propagated his new version of religion in Mecca for about 12 years before migrating to Medina (Hijra) in 622 CE. It is a well-known fact that before the Hijra, Muhammad was not able to convert many; he had 100-150 converts by then.


After migration to Medina, the situation suddenly changed in his propagation of Islam. In about 7 or 8 years after the Hijra, his mission of converting infidels turned hugely successful. The number of converts were so high that, as history tells us, some 10,000 to 12,000 Muslim fighters joined him, when he went to capture Mecca in 630 CE.

This is a big riddle for many historians as to why the same prophet couldn’t convert the pagans to his religion with the same pace as he was able to do so after emigration to Medina. But soon, we will learn how Muhammad became successful by diabolical tactics.

Psychology of youths

The psychology of human nature tells us that the element of enthusiasm and fervent in youths is very high especially in teenage days. In early teen years, a youth is very emotionally, but lacks wit and maturity. They gamely go through a danger-situation that a person of 25 or above will think twice before going through. Male teenagers are emotionally very romantic for opposite sex. Hence, many teenagers dream of romanticism and are willing to do any heroic action to impress their opposite number. As a result, some of them lose their lives; some get seriously injured. This psychology is not new to us; everyone goes through these experiences, and that is why a youth is usually easier to manipulate than a mature and older person.

72 virgins in heavens

Muhammad knew who can be the easy victims of his snare. With this mentality, he focused on teenagers to enlarge his aggressive force against everything that he feared to come in his way. The concept of 72 or more virgins in Paradise was his major tool to gain his valid and invalid ends. This concept was specially created for the young and teenage males, so that they could fight more gallantly in battles. The bounds on humanity were lifted up; no one had to be blamed to kill anyone, who goes against their master Muhammad. They were allowed to rob the traders and caravans in the name of Allah.

As teenagers are emotionally very romantic, they believed in any story that related to opposite sex. The repetition of the verses of Virgins in Paradise in the Quran made them believe in another ever lasting world with many heavenly Virgins and luxuries. The poor young victims of Muhammad, without probing the veracity of Muhammad’s claim of Virgins in Paradise, embraced death just for the greed of boundless sexual orgies with many Virgins and other luxuries in heaven.

The point to be noted here: During early years in Medina, Muhammad had no well-organized army, but a small band of plunderers and depredators, comprised mostly of youngsters. The story of Islam, no doubt, has been twisted down to us over a long period of time. The cowards have been made heroes, while the names of real heroes have been vanished or discredited. This is the main reason, none of Muhammad’s companions, who later became caliphs, fell into his dangerous trap; that is, they did not take on Muhammad’s most dangerous missions to risk their life, as they were mature.

Usama bin Harith and Muhammad’s last expedition

We can assume now, how Muhammad put his belief in youths and trusted them, because they were rash, adventurous and not selfish for any means. At the same time, those youngsters were dreaming for the Virgins in heaven. Their romantic craze for gaining access into Paradise to be in the company of those Virgins could be raised higher and higher quite easily. And Muhammad was spot on in devising his tactic: Die quickly on the trail of Jihad for Allah, and without delay, get your hand on your lot of Virgins.

Usama bin Harith is an example; Muhammad made him the general of his army for the last mission he was planning. He was only 17. Earlier to mission to Palestinian border territory had failed. And youthful Osama, undoubtedly pumped up by his desire for the Virgins, fought valiantly, and won the battle.


Today, I was reading a Pakistani news-story about a 14 or 15 year-old boy, who blew himself up as he entered a hotel.

I know such news is nothing new; but as I went through it, I started to understand Muhammad’s psychology and his evil tactics of prying on emotions of innocent youths. Modern-day Jihadi masterminds continue the tactic (a sunnah): Like Muhammad, they never put themselves in harm’s way, but send in young boys instead.

I wonder how many more innocent youths will be the victim of satanic-minded Muhammad.

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