In the previous article, I have discussed how Muhammad designed Islam’s daily five prayers so as to surround himself with his disciples, especially at night hours, fearing possible attacks from the victims of his aggressive violence. In this article, I will analyze how Muhammad used his Medina Mosque for training his Jihadi band of disciples for raiding and plundering the infidels of Arabia.


The real purpose of Muhammad’s Mosque in Medina was a military headquarter and a training center. He ordered each of his male followers to visit his mosque five times a day—no matter how far were their residence from the mosque. He trained them with his military coaching to raid on the neighboring Jewish and other non-Muslim settlements. Once submitted their loyalty to Muhammad, his followers needed not bother about earning their livelihoods, as the looted booty from Muhammad’s raids upon innocents non-Muslim communities took care of it. Following to hadiths makes that clear:


  1. There came to Muhammad a person and Muhammad gave him a large flock and he went back to his people and said: My people embrace Islam, for Muhammad gives charity. (Sahih Muslim 30:5728)
  2. Allah's Messenger said: In case we get wealth from Bahrain (war booty from a raid), I would give you so much and so much; he made an indication of it with both his hands. (Sahih Muslim 30:5731)


Muhammad didn’t always kill all the non-Muslim men, whom he defeated when they resided far away and was not a threat to Muslim in Medina. In such cases, he kept alive some of them to work for the Muslims. As he and his companions were involved in Jihad raids and plundering only, he kept alive some of the skilled men among the captives—farmers, carpenters and artisans—to work for the livelihood of Muslims. This is what happened in Khaibar:

When Allah's Messenger conquered Khaibar he made up his mind to expel the Jews from it because when that land was conquered, it came under the sway of Allah, that of His Messenger and that of the Muslims. The Jews asked Allah's Messenger to let them continue there on the condition that they would work on it, and would get in turn half of the fruit of the trees, whereupon Allah's Messenger said: We would let you continue there so long as we will desire. So they continued to cultivate the lands until 'Umar (the third Caliph) expelled them to Taima' and Ariha. (Sahih Muslim/ Vol 3:522 & 10:3763)


Narrated Anas bin Malik: Allah's Apostle said, "There is none amongst the Muslims who plants a tree or sows seeds, and then a bird, or a person or an animal eats from it, but is regarded as a charitable gift for him." (Sahih Al-Bukhari/ Vol 3:513)

Narrated Abu Umama al-Bahili: I saw some agricultural equipment and said: "I heard the Prophet saying: "There is no house in which these equipment enter except that Allah will cause humiliation to enter it." (Sahih Al-Bukhari/ Vol 3:514)


Fearful of revenge attacks from his victims, Muhammad, to make himself secure, wanted his followers, who came to his mosque for offering the compulsory congregational prayers five times a day, spend in the mosque as much time as possible. So, he engaged them in different military training activities to ensure their presence around him as long as possible, and also to keep them fit for raids. He trained them in horse-riding, archeries and swordplay. Hence, praying was not the real goal for Muhammad.

In his mosque, he discussed and planned with them about raiding innocent non-Muslim settlements. He gave lectures on how to lead lavish life without hardship. He promised them booty, women and lavish life, if they survived in those raids, and he fulfilled those promises too from the loots that included his innocent victims’ wealth, women and slaves. In this way, he become the first-ever “mafia boss” with a religious mask. He also made promises of immediate lavish life in the afterlife, if they are killed while fighting in the cause of (Allah) him (see Quran 9:111). He promised them those things that were beyond their reach in this life as they lived in the desert. They trusted him because he fulfilled his promises of making their life better in this world by distributing a part of his loots among his followers. Similarly, they believed his lavish afterlife promises that included palaces of pearls, verities of food, rivers of wine and virgins etc., if they would be killed while participating in his Jihad raids. As he gradually became powerful and violence became his modus operandi, they don’t have other option but to believe him. Those, who had doubt in him, if noticed by him, were killed—sometimes while fighting for him. He assigns them in the front row during battles with the intention of eliminating them. He even warned killing of those who separate themselves from his gang.


We Muslims never know the hidden agenda of the five time daily prayers. It is actually physical exercise. There are many hadiths that obviate this fact. I quote a few of them here. If we perform our prayers according to Muhammad’s teaching, we will be as strong as soldiers. Just try to pray as Muhammad wished as per the following hadiths:

  • Narrated Abdullah bin malik, “When the Prophet prayed prostrated, he used to separate his arms from his body so widely that the whiteness of his armpits was visible.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari/ Vol 1/ Book 8/ Number 385(B).
  • Narrated Anas bin Malik: The Prophet said, "Be straight in the prostrations and none of you should put his forearms on the ground (in the prostration) like a dog." (Sahih al-Bulhari/ Vol 1:785)

Every Muslim knows, so suggest these hadiths, how important it is to stretch one’s body-parts (for physical fitness) than what Muslims think about God in their mind while praying. Surely every one of us wants to be physically fit. Then why not just go to gym?


Bow & arrows—military drill after prayers:

  1. Narrated Rafi' bin Khadij: We used to offer the Maghrib prayer with the Prophet and after finishing the prayer one of us may go away and could still see as far as the spots where one's arrow might reach when shot by a bow. (Sahih Al-Bukhari/ Vol 1:534)
  2. 2. Narrated 'Amr: I heard Jabir bin 'Abdullah saying, "A man passed through the mosque carrying arrows. Allah's Apostle said to him, 'Hold them by their heads.'" (Sahih Al-Bukhari/ Vol 1:442)
  3. Narrated Abu Burda bin 'Abdulla: (on the authority of his father) The Prophet said, "Whoever passes through our mosques or markets with arrows should hold them by their heads lest he should injure a Muslim." (Sahih Al-Bukhari/ Vol 1:443)
  4. A person entering the mosque with arrows with their iron-ends were exposed, is commanded that he should grasp the pointed heads so that these might not do any harm to a Muslim. (Sahih Muslim 32:6332)

So, these hadiths clearly say that Muslims used to carry arrows and bows to Muhammad’s mosque in Medina.


  • Narrated 'Abdullah bin 'Umar: Allah's Apostle ordered for a horse race; the trained horses were to run from a place called Al-Hafya' to Thaniyat Al-Wada' and the horses which were not trained were to run from Al-Thaniya to the Masjid (mosque of) Bani Zuraiq. The sub narrator added: Ibn Umar was one of those who took part in the race. (Sahih Al-Bukhari/ Vol 1:412)
  • Muhammad also conducted horse races and spear competitions among his companions cum soldiers. (Sahih Al-Bukhari/ Vol 1:442-443)



  1. 1. Narrated 'Aisha: Once I saw Allah's Apostle at the door of my house while some Ethiopians were playing in themosque (displaying their skill with spears). Allah's Apostle was screening me with his Rida' so as to enable me to see their display. ('Urwa said that 'Aisha said, "I saw the Prophet and the Ethiopians were playing with their spears.") (Sahih Al-Bukhari/ Vol 1:445)
  2. Narrated 'Aisha: The Prophet was screening me with his Rida' (garment covering the upper part of the body) while I was looking at the Ethiopians who were playing in the courtyard of the mosque. (I continued watching) till I was satisfied. (Sahih Al-Bukhari/ Vol 7:163)


While attaining his political goals under a religious mask was Muhammad’s prime objectives, some of his pious followers had really believed in Allah and shown more interest towards prayers and spending more time in religious activities. Such a situation was disadvantageous for Muhammad which would cause hurdles to achieve his military goals of attaining power and dominion. So, he advised them to be moderate, not too steadfast, in religious activities. He advised them that the best religion was HANIIFIYA – a moderate religion followed by some Arabs who believe in one God. Muhammad’s first wife Khadija was among those who had faith in Haniifiya, before accepting her husband’s Islam.

“You should not be extremist in religion, but try to be near to perfection. Pray in the mornings, afternoons and during the last hours of the nights. The most beloved religion to Allah is the tolerant HANIIFIYA”. (Sahih Al-Bukhari/ Vol 1:38)

In the above hadith, Muhammad himself admitted that Haniifia was the best religion while Islam was extremist.


Narrated Anas: Some goods came to Allah's Apostle from Bahrain. The Prophet ordered the people to spread them in the mosque --it was the biggest amount of goods Allah's Apostle had ever (looted) received. He left for prayer and did not even look at it. After finishing the prayer, he sat by those goods and gave from those to everybody he saw. Al' Abbas (Muhammad’s uncle – Brother of his father) came to him and said, "O Allah's Apostle! Give me (something) too, because I gave ransom for myself and 'Aqil" Allah's Apostle told him to take. So he stuffed his garment with it and tried to carry it away but he failed to do so. He said, "O Allah's Apostle! Order someone to help me in lifting it." The Prophet refused. He then said to the Prophet: Will you please help me to lift it?" Allah's Apostle refused. Then Al-'Abbas threw some of it and tried to lift it (but failed). He again said, "O Allah's Apostle Order someone to help me to lift it." He refused. Al-'Abbas then said to the Prophet: "Will you please help me to lift it?" He again refused. Then Al-'Abbas threw some of it, and lifted it on his shoulders and went away. Allah's Apostle kept on watching him till he disappeared from his sight and was astonished at his greediness. Allah's Apostle did not get up till the last coin was distributed. (Sahih Al-Bukhari/ Vol 1:413)

The prophet said, “I gave to the Quresh so that they will desire Islam… (Sahih Al-Bukhari/ Vol 4:374)

“…Some Beduin started begging for things so aggressively that they forced Muhammad to go under a Samura tree, where his outer garment was snatched away. On that, Allah’s Apostle stood up and said, “Return my clothes. If I had as many as these trees. I would distribute them among you, and you will not find me miser.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari/ Vol 4:376)

“…A Beduin came upon  Muhammad and pulled his garment so violently that the imprint of the hem on his shoulder caused by the violence of the pull. The Beduin said, “Give me something from Allah’s fortunewhich you have.” The prophet turned, smiled, and ordered that a gift should be given.” (Sahi Al-Bukhari/ Vol 4:377)

From the above hadiths, it is easy to sense that his companions were surrounding him not because of they loved him, but for the booty. It also shows the unfair behavior of Muhammad in booty distributions. He distributed from the booty by himself to others, but allowed his kith and kin to take as much as they could.

The phrase – ‘Muhammad distributed until the last coin he had’ – may sounds very generous of Muhammad. But, remember! He was distributing the booty looted from others after keeping 20% for himself. It was not from Muhammad’s toil. It was from the toil of hundreds or thousands of innocent people whom he raided and plundered. It is the usual practice of Muhammad to take 1/5th of the booty and distributing the rest among his bandit companions. Moreover, his companions should return back the 1/40th portion of the booty, which they received from him, as obligatory Zakat.

We understood the intentions and characteristics of Muhammad’s companions. Let us see what Muhammad says about his ambitions &wishes:

  1. 1. Muhammad himself says, “I have been given the keys of the treasures of the world by Allah.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari/ Vol 4:795)
  2. 2. “….The prophet had their men killed, their children and women taken captive. The captives divided among the Muslims. Then the Messenger began taking the homes and property that were closest to him.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari/ Vol 5:512)
  3. 3. The prophet said, “I have been awarded victory by terror; so the treasures of the earth are mine.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari/ Vol 9:127)

As Muslims, if we heard things that is mentioned in the above hadiths, don’t accept it, due to our inexplicable love towards our prophet. Though the above hadiths are taken from the authentic collection of Sahih Al-Bukhari – a book that is accepted unanimously by all Muslims except Shias across the globe.

Let us see what Allah says in his Quran on booty - the immoral wealth:-

  • “…With Allah are profits and spoils abundant.” (Quran, Sura An-Nisa, 4:94)
  • “They ask you concerning things taken as spoils of war. Say: “such spoils are at the disposal of Allah and the apostle… .” (Quran, Sura Al-Anfal (Booty), 8:1)
  • “And know that out of all the booty that you may acquire a fifth share is assigned to Allah and to the apostle.” (Quran, Sura Al-Anfal (Booty), 8:41)

There are plenty of similar verses in our ‘Holy’ Quran that should make us sick. Now we know the ‘standard’ of our ‘Holy’ Quran. It is not only the companions of Muhammad, but Muhammad himself was longing for the booty that was looted from the innocent people of Arabia. Even the most graceful Allah was greedy for a share of the booty (see verse 8:41). Surely, Allah, even if exist, never came down to Muhammad’s door to collect his share of the booty that was in Muhammad’s custody. Naturally, Muhammad had ‘gobbled’ it all.

My Muslim brethren! Our non-Muslim forefathers had to embrace Islam under the treat of swords of Muslim jihadis and tyrants. Islam was forced upon them, as we know ‘Might was right’ in those days.


In our modern age, we often hear news stories of mosque imams recruiting Jihadis terrorists and of keeping arms and ammunitions in mosque complexes. Very little has changed in the past 14 centuries. Instead of bows, arrows and spears, the modern clones of Muhammad’s disciple keep modern weapons and ammunitions in mosques as their boss did.

Without knowing the history of Islam, the secularists, the left and we moderate Muslims are supporting Islam blindly. This attitude is similar to that of feeding the crocodiles hoping that they will eat us last. We have to understand our historical mistakes before wake up to the danger of perpetuating Islam under various taqiya ploys by one group or another.

The topic of Islamic prayers is vast. There are so many more prayers in Islam that need to be discussed. We will discuss only few of them like Mid-Night prayer (Tahajjud), Friday prayer, Taraavih and Qiyam al-Lail in the next article.


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