Abdullah Sarh

Abdullah ibn Sarh, the author of thBiography of Prophet Muhammad - Illustrated, presents a new digital comic book, Sex in Islam -- According to Prophet Muhammad.

We scream and scream to them, the British, “Watch out for Islam!! Don’t let Islam take root in your land!! Don’t open your door to invite Islam!”

We know better because we have already EXPERIENCED it in our homelands.

But they don’t believe us. They act like they know better about Islam just by looking at the smiley faces of Muslims.

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A pictorial depiction...


How Prophet Muhammad murdered Asma bte Marwan, a poetess and mother of five, as she slept with her children? (comic illustration)

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Ummu Walad's master murdered her for ridiculing the prophet and she miscarriaged her fetus. And Muhammad approved the barbaric murder.

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