muslim-parade-day-jihad-flag-white-houseEvery year, Muslims organize the "Muslim Parade Day" in New York to project Islam's peaceful image to Americans. This year's event was held yesterday, 23 Sept. 2012.

And a promotional advertisement of the event showed the black flag of Islamic Jihad hoisted on top of the White House.

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libya-us_amdassad-stevens-raped-humiliated-murderedThe Arabic newspaper Lebanon News is reporting that Muslim protesters, who stormed the American Embassy in Libya in reaction to the Muhammad movie, The Innocence of Muslims, actually raped Ambassador Christopher Stevens, before killing him.

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As the United States observed the commemoration of the tragic 9/11 Islamic terrorist attacks that killed nearly 3,000 innocent people in America, a massive mob of Muslims attacked the US Embassy in Egypt – chanting "We are all Osama" – referring to the al-Qaeda leader, who masterminded the 9/11 attacks.

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Petition for Immediate freedom for Hamza Kashgari

Saudi blogger hamza kashgari

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