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Aisha & Muhammad

The Dramatic Life of a Little Child Married to the Prophet of Islam

Although radical Islam, the puritanical form of the religion, today affects Muslim nations the most, it is also the biggest threat to the security and stability of almost all non-Islamic nations. Echoing this grave reality, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair in a recent speech at the Bloomberg headquarters in London warned: “…there is not a region of the world not adversely affected by Islamism and the ideology is growingIt is de-stabilising communities and even nations. It is undermining the possibility of peaceful co-existence in an era of globalisation.

While the threat of Islamic violence and terrorism affecting global peace and security grips our mind most, yet women, particularly the Muslim women, are the worst victim of Islam. Touching on the issue, Blair said, “And quite apart from the actual loss of life [in radical Islamic violence], there is the loss of life opportunities for parts of the population mired in backward thinking and reactionary attitudes especially towards girls.

A look into the Afghan, Saudi, Iran and other Islamic societies give us a clear idea about the deprivations, sufferings and abuses women experience under Islam. Across the Muslim world, women face sexual assault and rape in disparate proportions. As concerns non-Muslim women, from Pakistan to Egypt, they regularly face rape, and abduction and forcible conversion to Islam and marriage to Muslim thugs. Nigeria today is struggling for months to free a few hundred mainly Christian school-girls abducted by the Boko Haram Islamic militants, the Christian girls among them forcibly converted to Islam, forced to marry their militant abductors or are being sold into slavery. This incident reverberates with Prophet Muhammad’s attack of the Banu Quraiza Jews, killing of their men and capture of their women, who had to serve as sex-slaves to Prophet Muhammad and his followers. He also sold some of them into slavery.

Non-Muslim women in western countries too are suffering badly at the hands of immigrant Muslims. In the Norwegian capital Oslo, rape of western women are almost exclusively committed by Muslims, while we are well aware of the pedophile Muslim gangs across Great Britain preying on young non-Muslim girls for sexual abuse.

We are also aware of the thousands of little Muslim girls in western countries, who become the victim of horrible genital mutilations that scar their life and destroy their sexuality. Polygamy and pedophilic child-marriages remain common in Muslim societies and communities across the globe.

In order to understand the underlying reasons of these problems related to Islam—whether the mistreatment and abuse of women under Islam, or the extremist Islamic violence and terrorism—we have to understand Prophet Muhammad and his ideals, whose teachings and life-instances as contained in the Quran and in his biographical texts (Hadith and Sirah) constitutes the complete foundation of Islam. It is a common belief among Muslims, also commanded in the Quran, that Prophet Muhammad was the only ideal man ever to be born, and his deeds and teachings should be strictly followed and emulated by them at all times.

Many a commentators on Islam, including Tony Blair, have routinely accused a section of the Muslim populace of having a perverted mind, whose alleged perversion of the peaceful teachings of Islam results in all these problems. But we have seen how some of those so-called perverted Muslims, namely the Boko Haram Jihadists—in their kidnapping and enslaving those girls—are simply emulating an example of Prophet Muhammad. Likewise, the inspiration of the so-called culprit extremist Muslims to cause all the Islam-related problems that we face today can be traced to the teachings and life-instances of Islam’s founder.

Since understanding the life and teachings of Muhammad is of utmost importance in understanding and resolving the serious problems and threats we face from Islam, I have produced an animation movie, entitled “Aisha and Muhammad”, based on the original sacred Islamic texts, namely the Quran, Hadiths and Sirah. It depicts Prophet Muhammad’s treatment of his child-wife Aisha as well as of his other wives. It will give viewers an idea about Muhammad’s treatment of, and attitude toward, women in general, and will help them understand why women face peculiar problems and abuse in Islamic societies and communities.

The movie has been produced solely for the educational purpose of enlightening the viewers, particularly Muslims, about the true personality and teachings of Prophet Muhammad. Given the movie depicts the prophet’s married life, it shows him in fictitious image and also deals with his sexual behavior, based strictly on Islam’s own original sources. I understand the sensitivities Muslims attach to these issues, but hope that they will deal with their hurt feelings, if caused any, with tolerance and in peaceful manner.

The movie, currently being dubbed in multiple languages, will be released in English on the 4th of July 2014, the US Independence Day, on which I had released my last movie, "The Innocence of Islamic Jihad", as a mark of respect to the American victims in the battle against radical Islam, particularly the victims of 9/11 terrorist attacks. For now, the viewers can watch the trailer of the movie in various languages from the links below:

[Youtube seem to be under pressure from Islamists and is deleting the trailers. Viewwers can still search youtube for the traliers uploaded by various persons. They can also find the videos in these LiveLeak and DailyMotion pages:

(1)  Live Leak:

(2)  Daily Motion:]


Finally, I express my gratitude to all the people associated with this project, namely the advisors, the co-producers of the movie in various languages and the excellent technicians, without whose help and dedication I could not accomplish this movie project.

Viewers are requested to take note that Lars Hedegaard and Ingrid Carlqvist did not wish to be part of this movie at the last moment for safety reasons, but I could not remove their names and appearance from it because of time constraints. Therefore, they should not be held responsible for this movie in any way whatsoever.

For more information about the movie, visit website. For queries about the movie, please contact:

Imran Firasat

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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