Saif Rahman

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Limitless wives for me, but only one for you Ali, my son-in-law!

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So how can Islam’s initial accelerated period growth during its first 1400 years be explained?

Dawkins coined the term meme from the Greek word mimema ("something imitated"). It describes the way in which cultural traits and patterns evolve, spread and become the norm. As in the animal kingdom, only the most suited to flourish will survive.

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If many dubious utterances of the Quran are accepted as divinely inspired miraculous science as Muslims claim, then many statements of the ancient Greek philosophers, dating hundreds of years before Muhammad, are even more miraculous, divinely-inspired and accurate science.

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"The Islamist Delusion – From Islamist to Cultural Muslim Humanist" is an insider's look at behind-the-scenes Islam. Written by a prominent anti-Islamist activist over the course of 8 years, detailing his reasons for leaving Islam and becoming an agnostic humanist.

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