Abul Kasem

The story of Badr -- the most glorious Jihad expedition in Islam!

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Recently, the Islamic State (IS) Jihadi group in Iraq and Syria has burnt alive a few prisoners of war and apostates of Islam by gathering them inside a cage before setting it on fire. Many Muslims have expressed shock at such a barbaric practice. They say this is not Islamic. Let us read the Quran, ahadith and Islamic history to find out whether or not Islam allows burning human beings alive.


On the Day of Judgment Allah will sort out the good and the evil; Allah will command to seize and drive the evil-doers into the midst of blazing fire... 44:40

For the unbelievers, garments of fire will be cut out; and boiling water poured over their heads… 22:19

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One can rarely understand the great triumph that can be achieved through freedom and liberty. The case of America is the finest example of this. In our freedom documents (Constitution), we can see secularism, pluralism, recognition of the age-old yearnings of men for liberty and dignity, a set of guarantee for the protection of individual rights against abuse and the reservation in the people of the ultimate power to their form of government by democratic procedures.

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In December 2005 I wrote the essay ‘Muhammad Had Violated the Qur'an’. Since its publication I have received countless hate mails from irate Muslims. Here, I am sharing with the readers one of the latest hate mails.

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The best way to eradicate the Islamic menace is to tell the truth—that Islam is false, barbaric and imperialistic. This illustrated biography of Muhammad tells the truth about Islam in absolute clarity and vividness.

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