Zakir-NaikZakir Naik, a medical doctor by training, is the founder of the “Islamic Research Foundation”  (IRF ) based in Mumbai, India and is a popular Islamic preacher. His preaching of Islam focuses on the peaceful, noble and scientific nature of Islam. He is very popular among Muslims all over the world.

Faithfreedom.org received the following email as part of a chain message from M. Ali, an Indian Muslim, which exposes Zakir Naik's lies, fallacies, deceptions and greeds:

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This is an excerpt from a letter to Ali Sina from Alan in Sweden, a victim of Muslim assault in Malmo.

In September last year (2012), Muslims demonstrated in Malmö against freedom of speech. I protested and was kicked and beaten by Muslims. And as I ran to police for safety, they arrested me, not my assailants. The assault on me as well as was my detention by police was filmed as can be seen here:

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....years passed on and we were still not able to progress. He wanted to marry me and he even told his whole family that he would marry me, but I just couldn’t take that risk because of numerous reasons. One of them was that I didn’t want my kids to be Muslim. Another reason is that his whole family tried to control me, pressuring me into converting, and I really dislike it when people try to control me.

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Dear Muslim Brothers and Sisters

Greetings in the name of Allah, the beneficent and the Merciful!

Today we are fortunate to watch what is happening in the world on TV from our living rooms – whether it is tsunami, floods, earthquakes, plane crashes, refugee camps, the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan etc. In this panorama of world events, we also watch our Muslim brothers continually involve in unending fights in Palestine, Kashmir, Southern Thailand, Mindanao (Philippines), Nigeria, Chechnya, Burma, Xinxiang province in China etc. We also watch Muslims killing Muslims, or Sunnies fighting against Shiites Ahamadias, Bahais, often attacking their Mosques using suicide bombers.

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