Mohammad Asghar

Many people have written many books, treatises and articles for the purpose of defining the role that jihad is supposed to play in the lives of Muslims. Most writers have tried, in their own ways, to come up with the “true” meaning of this word, while others took circuitous routes to make us believe that Islam means peace, and also the purpose for which, Allah has made jihad an integral and essential part of Islam.

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Muslims invaded the Capitol Hill on 25th Oct. to say Friday Juma prayer as a symbol of Islamic solidarity. In case you are wondering what it all meant, and what it bodes for the future of liberal-democratic America, this article may help clarify it all.

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While the issue of apostasy in Islam and punishment for it have been widely discussed in recent years, the Islamists would not relent in their lies that there is no punishment for apostasy in Islam. They are making the same claim in the case of latest Ohio apostate, 17-year-old Rifqa Bary, to take her back to Muslim community. This article should put to rest any debate on the issue....

This question was asked by the Economist. Irfan Husain, a respected columnists of one of Pakistanis premier English Dailies, reproduced it at the end of his recently written weekly column liberalism and tolerance with a desire to find out if anybody has a definitive answer to the Economist's most vexing question.

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Taking lessons from our past mistakes, we must catch the Islamic demon by its horns and have it buried forever. Failure to do so may turn out to be the cause of the Armageddon, a possibility that we must avoid by any means to ensure our safety as well as the safety and well being of our future generations...

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