Acharya S.

How can it continue to be maintained that Islam is peaceful and "good for women?" Not only does the Koran sanction discrimination and bigotry against women, as well as wife-beating, but Islamic or sharia law includes the right to marry females of any age and to have sex with girls as young as nine years old. Women are considered worth one-half of men, if that, and female sexuality is viewed as so perilous that women in fundamentalist areas and families must wear oppressive clothing. Moreover, around 140 million women and girls worldwide have their genitals hacked off or otherwise mutilated, the bulk of which female genital mutilation is justified in the name of Islam.

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Women came to mosque in Sweden to complain about beating by husbands, rape etc., but the Imams advised them not to report the incidents to police and to accept it...

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Canadian anti-Islamist Muslim activist and author Tarek Fatah in a speech claimed that the White House of Obama has been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood. Well, it's all to obvious.

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In addition to engaging in what is generally described as "anti-Semitism" -- usually illegal in Germany -- this Muslim man teaching Islamic supremacy to his all-Muslim class in Germany also suggest: every other book in the world except the Quran should be "burned" in his following claim:

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Jones burned the Koran, he says, because it inspires violence against non-Muslims. Muslim fanatics turned around and proved his point by committing koranically inspired violence against non-Muslims.

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