Abid Ali

Muslims never read the Quran from start to finish with the unprejudiced mind and intent to understand its message. If they do, it will become clear to them that this so-called holy book is not from God, but a fabrication of an evil person and is filled with absurdities and violent incitements. They live in a blissful garden of ignorance, where all their questions are choked by lack of interest to think hard about it. There, they don’t have to think. All they have to do is just believe.

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Many of you should know the name of Harun Yahya, whose real name is Adnan Oktar. He is a liar of the league as that of Zakir Naik. They just know well how to become rich and famous among Muslims, fooling them by sustaining and conforming what Muslims are eager to believe. If one wishes to see how an Islamic liar looks like, the opportunity is here. He has written a number of books refuting Darwinism, although he doesn’t have the necessary qualification for discussing the theory of Evolution. When I read his book called ‘Atlas of Creation’, I could trace no less than hundreds of fallacies and lies. His works are mostly sensationalism and stand only on the fall of other theories without validating his own proposition.

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Islam is a cult which stands and prospers only by slandering other faiths. Since tender age, Muslims inculcate in their children the ideas that Christians are infidels and have corrupted the Bible; Jews are pigs and apes and have corrupted their holy book even more; Hindus are idol worshippers, a totally false religion, thus they are Kafirs and Mushriks; Buddhists are also idol worshippers, and so on. They keep on finding faults with each and every other religious faith. They label them with various terms and expressions to belittle those religions. At the same time, they exaggerate, embellish and embroider their own cult deceitfully. While most of them do it unwittingly, some do so intentionally in the hope of winning the heart and favors of Allah. They fail to understand such a simple thing that an Omnipotent God would never need any kind of lies or superficial beautification to promote and glorify His religion. Muslims hold an attitude concerning other religions, which is best summed by the famous proverb: "Give a dog a bad name and hang him".

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"Why should we change our religion, it is full of blessing for us. Muhammad and his followers are merciful among themselves and severe against the disbelievers (Surah Fatah); the Quran is here to strike at the root of evil (Surah Tarikh). The disbelievers are filthy (Surah Taubah). Respect is only for Allah, the prophet and the believers (Surah Saaf). The believers have Allah as their protectors. We are in state of truce where we respect the life and property of the Kafirs, but during war if we are killed we go to Jannah, but if we are successful their property and wealth is ours, their women are our concubines, their children are our slaves. That is what you call the atrocities of Muhammad (PBUH). He is fully justified of what he did. The polytheist and the atheist live on the earth, breadth the airs, drink the water and consume the food—all of which belongs to Allah—should be punished. Muhammad (PBUH) is here to establish religion of Allah not to compromise. He may be oppressor for others. So what... So What???"

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“The purpose of Education is to give culture to the individual and to develop his capacities to the utmost.” -- Bertrand Russell (Education and the Social Order)

“Education consists in the cultivation of reason and judgment not in maneuvering them.” -- Bertrand Russell (On Education)

The biggest fear Muslims have is the fear of losing their faith (‘Imaan’). This is because of the fear, inculcated in them since childhood, that any information that has no parallel in Islamic theories and laws is false and detrimental to their faith.

This is in fact nurturing their religious superstition, which they cherish and glorify. Truth has no fear. Yet, when they are so afraid of losing their faith, what can be made of that faith? Something that has no strong foundation? No better than stupid superstition?

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