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I had a discussion with a Muslim who argued, “Muslims don’t worship black stone of Kaba. They worship only Supreme God, Allah. Black stone is foundation stone of Ka’ba. It is not idol.” He then went on berating Hindus for worshipping animals and statues and called me misguided. Here is my reply.

Every building rest on a foundation and before the invention of concrete all buildings were made of stone and they had at least four corner stones. However no one circumambulates around them touches them and kiss them. The Islamic ritual of hajj is stone worship, the most primitive form of idolatry.

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Who has not heard of taqiyah? But did you know that it is onion shaped? Taqiyah sounds and means the same as the Sanskrit word thugee from the root sthag. They may be related. The idea behind the taqiyah is to deceive the victim and when he is least prepared overpower him and subdue him. This was also the philosophy of the Indian thugs.

Taqiyah has many layers. The most common form is when Muslims deny that certain Islamic behaviors have anything to do with Islam.

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Brunei Darussalam is a small Southeast Asian Muslim nation, extremely rich thanks to its large reserve of oil wealth, about which we have covered little. Here, in a letter of’s Ali Sina, we hear from a secret Brunei apostate about how that country is quietly walking the path of Islamic radicalism and instituting Sharia as the system of governance:

I am from a small, majority Muslim country called Brunei Darussalam. For so long, we have enjoyed tranquility, peace, harmonious and acceptable tolerance towards other religion as well as each other (amongst Muslim). We are a rich country and everything is heavily subsidized by the government, hence, whatever law they impose on us, we have no objection, until now…

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That's certainly doubtful. What's certainly not doubtful is: The Quran is a 'laughing stock'.

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"Love in not enough", advises Ali Sina.

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