In the preceding four articles on fasting in Islam, we have discussed about the four borrowed-from-Pagans fake sacred months of Islam and how Muhammad made Ramadan as the fasting month, also borrowing from the Sabians. In this article, let us analyze the Arab supremacy on sighting the crescent moon, geographical knowledge of Allah concerning the timing of fast, and Muhammad’s dilemma between fasting and looting etc.


Dear innocent Muslim brethren..! Have you ever noticed that the commencement of our holy month, Ramadan, starts every year with the announcement of the sighting of the crescent moon in Saudi Arabia ahead of all other countries? It is an unwritten law that even if the crescent moon is sighted in an Islamic country a day earlier than in Saudi Arabia, it must not start fasting ahead of Muhammad’s birth country.

We Muslims know that our Islamic calendar is based on lunar cycle. We don’t bother much about the sighting of the crescent moon for the eleven Arabic months, except for our holy month of Ramadan. It is very exciting moments for us as we eagerly wait for the appearance of the crescent moon even a day before the actual predictions. And it continues on the next day. Nonetheless, it is a meaningless exercise as the crescent moon must ‘appear’ first in Muhammad’s birth country for the fasting to commence. There is no other country that observes Ramadan fast or Eid, a day prior to Saudi Arabia. It would be an insult to the Prophet birth place Saudi Arabia. It is a sort of recognition of the supremacy of Muhammad’s country, all Muhammadans' holy land, and toward which we bow down to. In sum, it is a consensus among Muslims that observing of the Ramadan fast must not commence until Saudi Arabia declares that it has ‘seen’ the crescent, even if they don’t see it physically.

Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said, "None of you should fast a day or two before the month of Ramadan unless he has the habit of fasting (Nawafil) (and if his fasting coincides with that day) then he can fast that day." (Sahih Al-Bukhari 3:138)

Given Ramadan is a month of the Arabic calendar, followed in Arab countries only, this hadith enables Muhammad’s birth country Saudi Arabia exercise the supremacy of declaring the first day of Ramadan.



Our Mullahs say that there are remedies to all kinds of problems in the Quran and the Quran also testifies it. It also commands not to question or raise doubts in religious matters, because everything is ‘made plain’ in it. Most of us know that our Quran was ‘revealed’ in stages over the last twenty-three years of Muhammad’s life. It is a half-done book, because of the sudden attack of illness and unexpected death of Muhammad. No one, even the Prophet, had not expected that his life would end in such untimely manner. Therefore, revelation of the Quranic verses was supposed to continue longer. Muhammad’s companions, particularly his closest companion Umar, also his father-in-law and granddaughter-in-law, in grieving Muhammad’s untimely death, said, there were still too many problems that need to be resolved by new Quranic verses. If Muhammad’s Allah was all-knowing, He would have revealed His divine book in a single stretch. But that was not the case. Each verse of the Quran was ‘revealed’ after the occurrences of related incident in Muhammad’s life. So was the verse of suhoor (midnight supper) timing:

Narrated Al-Bara: It was the custom among the companions of Muhammad that if any of them was fasting and the food was presented (for breaking his fast), but he slept before eating; he would not eat that night and the following day till sunset. Qais bin Sirma-al-Ansari was fasting and came to his wife at the time of Iftar (breaking one's fast) and asked her whether she had anything to eat. She replied, "No, but I would go and bring some for you." He used to do hard work during the day, so he was overwhelmed by sleep and slept. When his wife came and saw him, she said, "Disappointment for you." When it was midday on the following day, he fainted and the Prophet was informed about the whole matter and the following verses were revealed: "You are permitted to go to your wives (for sexual relation) at the night of fasting." So, they were overjoyed by it. And then Allah also revealed: "And eat and drink until the white thread of dawn appears to you distinct from the black thread (of the night)." (2.187) (Sahih Al-Bukhari 3:139)

Here we see Allah’s incapability of predicting the happenings beforehand. So, He had to wait until the incident occurred, i.e. of one of Muhammad’s companion fainted. Only after that he revealed the necessary verse (verse 2:187). Even after this verse was revealed, Muhammad’s companions were unable to understand what the verse speaks about, as the following hadith illustrates:

Narrated Sahl bin Saud: When the following verses were revealed: 'Eat and drink until the white thread appears to you, distinct from the black thread' and of dawn was not revealed (2:187), some people who intended to fast, tied black and white threads to their legs and went on eating till they differentiated between the two. Allah then revealed the words, 'of dawn', and it became clear that meant night and day. (Sahih Al-Bukhari 3:140–141)

Yet, the Quran boast of being a superior book having ‘clear message’. For example, Allah says, “O Believers! Do not ask questions about things which if made plain and declared to you, may vex you, causing you trouble” (Quran, Al Ma’idah 5:101).  Had the verses of the Quran carried messages that were ‘made plain’, then Muhammad’s companions would not have committed this mistake, and there wouldn’t have the need for Allah to add additional words to His previously revealed verse.

So, we see how Muhammad’s illiterate companions made the all-knowing Allah aware of His mistake and correct it. One should take into consideration that Allah had watched Muhammad’s companions closely for 23 years. So, He was expected of having a thoroughly good understanding of them and any verse revealed to address a situation of their life should have been complete and clear. Yet, Allah, the stupid, revealed incomplete verses and completed it after being made aware of His mistake.



Allah said, “Eat and drink until white thread of dawn appears to you and then complete your fast till the night appears.” (Quran, Sura Baqra 2:187)

As per above verses of Allah, fasting starts before sunrise and continues until sunset. But how will that work out for people living near the Poles of the earth, for example in Alaska. As we get closer to the North or South Pole, the day or night can extend up to several months each. On the North Pole itself, daylight lasts 24 hours during the summer months and darkness lasts for 24 hours during the winter months. If a Muslim has to fast near the North or South poles from sunrise to sunset, he/she will have to starve to death, as the day will last for at least 24 hours (instead of about 12 hours) and up to multiple days, weeks and months.

It is understandable that the desert-dwellers of Arabia could not have any knowledge of the polar areas on the surface of the earth. But, the Creator of the Universe should have known it. Whoever made these rules either believed that the Earth is Flat, or the Earth is in a Perfect perpendicular tilt relative to the Sun. A real Creator would not make such an astronomical blunder in regards to his/her Creation.

This is the message from the all-wise and all-acquainted Allah that shows His sheer ignorance about the earth which He created. Obviously, this verse (2:187) of Allah will not suit to people living in the Polar Regions, such as Alaska, where often the sun doesn’t set for months. Doesn’t Allah want Muslims to conquer these regions?


We saw that in order to distant himself from the Jews, Muhammad reneged on observing the Jewish fasting of Ashura (Yom Kippur), and he was under pressure to substitute it with another fasting. And he rushed on to declare the entire month of Ramadan as the fasting month in Islam by copying the Sabian tradition of month-log fasting during Ramadan. This soon got him into troubles, because after the declaration, Muhammad and his community gradually adopted raiding and looting as the means of earning livelihood. And the long stretch of 30 days of fasting affected Muhammad’s schedules of raids, because of the tiredness his bandits experienced during the 30 days of continuous fasting. And to get around the troubles caused by his mistaken proclamation, he tried his best to discourage his followers from fasting. Minimizing the fasting time is one amongst it. The following few hadiths out of many such are self-explanatory:


Allah's Messenger said: The people will continue to prosper as long as they hasten the breaking of the fast. (Sahih Muslim 6:2417)


Allah's Messenger said: Take meal a little before dawn, for there is a blessing in taking meal at that time. (Sahih Muslim 6:2412)

The above two hadiths makes it obvious that Muhammad was keen on minimizing the duration of fasting and recommended his followers to eat just before the break of dawn and hasten to break the fast immediately after sunset.


Narrated Ibn Abi Aufa: We were in the company of Allah's Apostle on a journey. He said to a man, "Get down and mix Sawiq (powdered barley) with water for me." The man said, "The sun (has not set yet), O Allah's Apostle." The Prophet again said to him, "Get down and mix Sawiq with water for me." The man again said, "O Allah's Apostle! The sun!" The Prophet said to him (for the third time) "Get down and mix Sawiq with water for me." The man dismounted and mixed Sawiq with water for him. The Prophet drank it and then beckoned with his hand (towards the East) and said, "When you see the night falling from this side, then a fasting person should break his fast." (Sahih Al-Bukhari 3:162)

This hadith testifies that Muhammad had broken his fast before sunset and advised his followers to do so.


The Prophet said: You are going to encounter the enemy in the morning and breaking of the fast would give you strength, so break the fast. As it was a point of stress, so we broke the fast. (Sahih Muslim 6:2486)

For engaging in raiding and looting non-Muslims (i.e. doing Jihad, the sixth and the prime pillar of Islam), there is no harm in breaking the fast.


Muhammad has openly recommended his companions to give priority for jihad over fasting and praying.

The Messenger of Allah was asked: What deed could be an equivalent of Jihad in the way of Allah? He answered: You do not have the strength to do that deed. One who goes out for Jihad is like a person who keeps fasts, stands in prayer constantly, obeying Allah's behests contained in the verses of the Qur'an, and does not exhibit any lassitude in fasting and prayer until the Mujihid (Jihadi) returns from Jihad in the way of Allah. (Sahih Muslim 20:4636)



In sum, we saw how Muhammad gave authority of declaring the commencement of the holy month of Ramadan to people of his country of birth, ensuring Arab supremacy over the non-Arab Muslims. We also saw how Muhammad, to deceive his Jewish enemies, hastily declared the Sabian fasting month of Ramadan as the fasting month for his own community, and how that inconvenienced his Jihad raiding and looting that became the modus operandi for earning the livelihood for his community. So, he introduced amendments to prioritize Jihad over fasting and introduced other measures to minimize the impact of fasting on the health of his followers. We have also seen the poor geographical knowledge of our all-knowing Allah.

Dear Muslim brethren..! This is not the end of the embarrassing facts and knowledge of Islam. Please, study our Islam by yourself with open mind that will reveal the truth that Islam was created only to benefit Muhammad and his thuggish companions, and subsequently taken over by the politicians of the Islamic countries to suppress the masses and rule over them.

In the article we, will explore about the RAYYAN, the special gate to paradise and also discuss that why Muhammad separated himself from fasting and put the burden of fasting on Allah’s head.

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